Saw End Credits After Winning With The Worst Tier 10 Tank | World of Tanks IS-4

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(-4) Stock Gun Gameplay, Dez Suffers. World of Tanks IS-4, Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Battles, Best Replays.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but it really helps channel out!

In my previous episode of “Dez Suffers”, I played with a tier 10 French autoloading TD B and with full HE rounds. I though that was a painful experience, but turns out I have seen nothing! 😀

What my friends over here on YouTube wanted to see next was IS-4 with stock tier 8 gun and premium rounds!

What next?!

Enjoy the show!


  1. Have an absolutely fantastic day, my friends!
    And I actually saw the credits at the end, watch out! 🙂
    What next?

  2. :))) best move on map is-4 like a SWAN

  3. Can you find another game so I can watch / enjoy all your videos again to the end / in there entirety.

    As my WOT interest died years ago, yet I still cling on to your channel with hope 🤣👍🏻

    No hate, Stay safe everyone!

  4. that udes piggy-back i laughed long and hard

  5. Didn’t the piggy back ride make it all worth it?

  6. that was nice

  7. Great, now wargaming sees this and they will cancel the IS-4 buffs.

  8. Honestly, you should’ve just done full HE with this loadout. Tracking AND damage.

  9. Is4 is good tank.

  10. There are two options: One, stop DROPPING! 😛 Two, ask Skill4ltu for some dropping lesson! 😛

  11. HA is4 the worst tier 10 tank you must be drunk. It might be underperforming but its far from the worst itsstill a good tank. Ppl dont play it because its not broken

  12. Dez your real name is ali ?

  13. And yeahhh used stock gun that for a long time.Imagine a new player playing t10 game with that freaking gun damn that taught me how to aim for nonexistent weak spots…… IS4 is my very first t10 tank (i just loved how it looked againt the is7)…. I just hate the roof gahahahahahah

  14. Well done, sir! I was highly amused, especially by the end credits! Kudos!

  15. I did play 2 matches today after 2 months of brake and no money invested in premium time
    What can i say is that wot is dead
    Do not play it if u manage to quit and play other games
    Wot is still shit and even worse than that
    This game will die in WG’s hands
    For me its already dead ( uninstaled) cya

  16. Jajajajaja your best vid my friend

  17. james the handsome

    Try the
    *E50 with 75 L70*

  18. It’s hard to remember that this is a Tier X when you’re getting excited about 390 rolls. Sad IS-4 noises

  19. Dez, you sound really hyped in this setup. I see you’re enjoying yourself very much 😀

  20. Design…….. your mom, lol,

  21. Laughed like crazy Dez.Thank you

  22. This is the hardest I have laughed in a month!

  23. Fucking click bait

  24. Dez sounds like some single dude too frustrated being unmarried and finds fun in an arcade game lmao

  25. Games been over for a while for me. VK28:01, remove derp. End of game really.

  26. Anyone remember QB’s got trolled with this tank 🙂

  27. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    Rly impressed with first he if I wasn ‘t already sub I would instantly sub

  28. Haha awesome video man, epic

  29. “Double-barreled IS-4!!!” 😀 😀 😀

  30. Play batchat 25t with stock gun and no prem rounds, or amx 30b with full he

  31. You outdid yourself again with that meme video. I enjoyed it.

  32. 2:33 RIP

  33. Those end credits… Nice vid Dez!

  34. 6:08 uncle DezGamez in 2051 after his 5195th World of Tanks video

  35. hahaha nice one. Although maps should have been Tunnel Bear 🙂

  36. 0:46 I heard this sound and immediately thought my phone was letting me of some kind of emergent danger.

  37. “Doublebarrel IS-4” Well I would rather call it “tank mating season”

  38. This is one for all the gold noobs that have to spam gold at tier 10. Look, you don’t need to.
    Be like Dez.

  39. Absolutely loved this episode, Dez. Kudos. 🙂 Also, you inspired me how to play with stock tanks and I am forever grateful 🙂

  40. Mission Passed

  41. Who is using this gun that made wg go ahead and buff it

  42. seems like struggling on the first minute of the battle😅 with a tier 8 gun..

  43. Giovanni Pomarico

    Next challenge : Batchat 25t with the stock 90mm gun? ^^

  44. there is no end in wot, u lier.
    like if u agree.

  45. True story: I recently unlocked and purchased the IS-4. I’ve wanted it for the whole 6 years I’ve played WoT, but never bought it. My first few matches I was doing horribly, and literally yelled out loud at my monitor when I failed to pen shot after shot at the lower front plate of every tank I was fighting. About 5 battles in I checked to see how much better the premium rounds would be, and noticed that I had a tier 8 gun equipped. I mean, who does that? Who sells a tier 10 tank with a tier 8 gun on it???

  46. Remember when this was thought of as one of the top tanks to grind to

  47. Nikola Joksimovic

    This is mine 5000th liked video lol

  48. Epic video. Slight correction on the credits though- wheeled vehicles …. Mario karts

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