SAWED OFF – 122MM Derp – KV-13

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  1. KV13 worth it? ? fuck yes for the RNG

    • Yeah the T43 is pretty much a t34-85 a tier higher, where the kv13 at least has something going for it in comparison

    • the kv-13 has armour and the t34-85 gun stats

    • It is possibly the best tier 7 medium. The 85mm is almost German in handling. It is the precursor to the IS, so it is almost an IS on steroids.

    • 122 derp w/BIA, food, rammer and vents and you’re pushing 3000 dpm.

    • snowisthebestweather

      The only thing the T-43 has over the KV-13 is a bit of gun depression. Of course, the KV-13 doesn’t really go anywhere, so if you actually want the 62A or 140, you have to go through T-43 anyways, so it’s kinda pointless comparing the KV-13 to other tanks.

  2. World of Derps.

  3. that bias bounced with the ravioliiiii

  4. reload on that troll is not bad hmmmmm…

  5. Another kv-13 game? You’re just playing an underpowered medium with your try hard consumables and 50 million fucking heat lol

  6. I like how much better this tank performs compares to T-43 but still no one plays it.

    • A44 is life though. that tank is so underrated IMO

    • Mark van Eldik ik haat die gun depression

    • Dont go dutch on me now 😛
      BUt yeah it can be annoying, that tank actually taught me how to deal with it, at times it really screws you over, but in exchange you get a fast, well armoured, punchy and decent camo/view range medium. Like its only real weakness is that gun depression and the gun handling. But its a brawler, so gun handling dont matter too much. (Oh forgot another weakness the ammorack is oneshotable for 120mm guns which REALLY sucks, sometimes you are sidescraping just too much and yeah it would suck taking damage, but instead you get oneshot, cause while sidescraping they will quite often hit the ammorack)

    • Mark van Eldik and the accuarcy is awful

    • The problem is the KV-13 doesn’t really lead anywhere, and while it’s better than the T-43, tier 7 mediums in general suck donkey balls while being shat on by the higher tiers so getting a tier 7 medium “just to play it” instead of simply grinding through it to get further is really stupid. Unless you’re Circon, then you do whatever the fuck you want and somehow it’ll work lol 😛

  7. Playing a derp gun every now and then really takes some of my salt away when playing wot

    • Biased_ Nemesis Not fun at the receiving end tho

      I got 1 shot by a shitbarn going full speed down hill and pen me with HESH in my complete hulldown Patriot
      It went right through my roof

    • My Hentai Girl theres give and take when playing derp guns you must be killed by one in order to play one which is why im grinding for the shitbarn

    • Biased_ Nemesis For me, M4 Sherman derp is good enough

      M44 “derp gun” to fuck people day up

      and especially my troll T49 152mm gun, when you get an enemy ass…..PENETRATION

    • Biased_ Nemesis heck the KV-1S with 122mm derp is much more fun, it impact on enemy hp much bigger than higher tier (still doesn’t compare to shitbarn 1 shot xD)

  8. “200 base pen motherfucker… Get him out of here haha!”-Circon 2018

  9. If i was that T71 i would rather die

    Why stay and cost extra just to repair all the broken shits xD?

    • same, unless I got away

    • snowisthebestweather

      Forgot to mention I was completely ignoring the damaged radio since the radio is pretty much useless anyways.
      Fix engine and commander (13:20)
      Fix gun and driver (11:50)
      fix turret (10:20)
      Still had half his health. Could still have an impact.

    • snowisthebestweather True.
      There could be a chance.

    • snowisthebestweather A LT without engine/driver + turret/gunner is dreadful

      By the time he recover, you see that his team is completely fucked anyway

      Wait, i don’t see him still have an impact while driving around like headless chicken

    • snowisthebestweather

      Again, damaged turret is really not a big deal. He’ll still have 24 deg/s turret rotation speed. For 13:20 to 11:50, he could easily just go sit in a bush, which is why I said to heal commander first. After 11:50 he’s fine as long as he doesn’t get into a dogfight with another light.

      My point is not whether or not this guy in particular had an impact, my point is that it is still entirely possible to have an impact after taking all those crits.

  10. Laser accuracy is in War Thunder, which KV-2 takes advantage of

  11. kristijan20091990

    Rasha blyet

  12. Кристиян Митев

    Please tell me whats up with the guy in chat spamming click, arty fired, debug etc.How’s he not banned for spamming.I see him in every video.

  13. I get that circon is good, but come on a t71 that’s sits right in front of u the whole time? This don’t happen every game. For once I would like to see what his average game looks like instead of one that’s hand picked.

  14. what is this percentage at the bottom?

  15. finally, the KV-13 in all its glory

  16. KV-2 is already laser accurate ! I have one of my best accuracy stats in the KV-2 !

    • +Nathan Devos
      Yeah sure every single gun in WoT can be laser accurate, just drive so close to the enemy that you just can’t miss. The trouble is in the getting close part.

  17. Circon likes to cum across scouts lol

  18. sweet jebus

  19. Dude! He need some MILK!

  20. The Sanity Assassin

    Don’t give Circon a Derp… do you even know… the power of the Derp… Let Circon show you Da Wei

  21. Send this to Jingles! 😀

  22. Love the kv-13. Always played it, so much fun!

  23. hi twitch!

  24. If you go through the e2, you should play the pretty awesome t20 first, cause that is kinda playable with the 76mm, where the t29 just makes you want to end your life with the 76mm.

  25. Hans-Johan Fleischer

    lttb is russian, there is your answer 🙂

  26. Haha Circ should try the Vk. 30.02D out with the derp gun. QB himself has done that. I played it with the 8.8 and had a lot of fun tho.

  27. Too bad i didnt see this live 🙁

  28. t71 DAaa

  29. Circon is being overly critical.

  30. Fuck yaaaaassss, derp KV-13. One of my favorite tanks ever. Thought it’d be shit and was blown away by the capabilities
    Especially when top tier, oh lord you feast on some tears

  31. War thunder got the M1 Abrams and Leopard 2K meanwhile I’m still grinding for the top gun on my Is3 and making a loss in every other match that we win. Gg wg gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

  32. Damnit circon. Now i have to buy back my KV-13 for this gun ??

  33. You need a nerf

  34. What is the MOE mod? Is there any links for it?

  35. I got 6 criticals once, but that was me in the KV-2 dumping my load on a Hellcat.
    Impressive shot, you are.

  36. WTF is that???

  37. KV-13! with the 122mm gun?! FUCK YEAH!!!

  38. Griffin Faulkner

    I think the most criticals I’ve gotten was 7, with a penetrating hit from my M12 on a panther. Came within an inch of killing him outright, both from dead crew and raw damage.

  39. gee bill 5 crits?

  40. Fisherman’s memes

  41. Whenever circon plays a tank with a derp gun, I just call refer to it as the Circon special

  42. Hehe, went thru the E2 and had the 90mm because its the same gun on the T20 and i think the T25 AT

  43. Uganda Warrior Knuckles

    1:50 The five criticals were
    1. Commander
    2. Ammorack
    3. Gun
    4. Gunner
    5. His will to live

  44. but Circon KV-2 already has Laserpointer accuracy 😀

  45. Circon, stop making this game look fun. I might relapse after two years of break and I know where that path will lead me.

  46. This seems like the best tank to use with a derp gun. That speed is really good and the ROF.

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