SCAMMERS | Char mle 75, A JOKE? | DezGamez Commander | Halloween 2022 | World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

Watch out for Scammers in World of Tanks. World of Tanks DezGamez Commander for Free and Char Mle 75, New Tier 9 Premium Gameplay. World of Tanks Halloween 2022 Event.

Commander Packages + Code for Returning Players: 7GQTDEZGAMEZ (No Log-in last 30 days)

Commander Drops article:

Today I have some big and juicy news to share with you, including DezGamez commander, Scammers, Char mle 75 and Halloween 2022.

What do you think?


  1. My theory about the Halloween mode says that wg will be try the night battles

  2. Man this cod is bot activity whyy

  3. Ah yes, only interesting bonuses for inactive players…

  4. the code is a cool offer, its exclusivity really sucks though.

  5. 3-shot premium autoloader in high tiers ?

    **sweats in blitz player* *

  6. so basically reward players who arnt active wheras those who have been active have to grind a twitch drop to get it. Ok, bizare. Also the haloween event looks beyond shit, didnt understand it at all.

  7. Will miss the Miervne or what ever its called event…was so much fun…listening to a bunch of woman is going to suck.

  8. today I saw Bz 176 in battles 2 times in a row Player name was maybe vagrrr

  9. 2:30 same hapend to me….i check acc…one day old xD.
    Btw you can open link…you need log in your acc …i think i dont need say more.

  10. If I’ll be able to get you as commander Dez, I would put you on my obj268v4 or on my gwe100

  11. thanks dez for all these years

  12. Congratulations reader you have won the ability to gift me a premium tank. Message me to claim reward xD

  13. just got char mle 75 in my game

  14. I don’t want to play as witches. I want to burn witches and heretics.

  15. I got Dez as a commander during the event when it happened. I use him for my full HE FOCH 155

  16. I have reported every one of these Dez, happening to Claus too. Total scumbags.

  17. Anyone else immedietley think of Christmas loot boxes for that tier 9 premium XD

  18. Isn’t it weird to hear your own voice on the commander?

  19. I had the Char in my Team, where do i send replay?

  20. We think you’re the best Dez !

  21. 0:58 wtf is that?

  22. Why only the inactive account is important?

  23. Why are you hiding their names?

  24. Put the memes in the bag Nii-chan

    Hey Dez congrats on making this far and I love your content, whenever I need wot news and updates I tuned in on your channel. Thanks for staying with us!!!

  25. I always knew you were a lady woman. Called it.

  26. The links to the packages in the premium shop lead to a page stating “Item Unavailable.” It’s the same message for every link.

  27. 5 portals 5 crew members. looks like rng determines which portal/world/crew member you get.
    _May Everyone’s rng be what they want_ – Good Luck

  28. Dez, I call BS on this set up. I refuse to buy anything War Gaming. You and all your CC friends, in cahoots with WG are screwing the faithful players who stick by you, like me and many more. No thanks on getting your commander. Just not worth it.

  29. Yet another reason this game is nearly dead to me to focused on getting new suckers to punish for trying to play the game to try to retain current players

  30. Any new commander i would get, i would put into the new chinese heavy tank line!

  31. hey! thats my replay with the char gameplay 😀

  32. If I can get you as a commander, you are going in the obj 244 since you used my replay for your tank review!!

  33. Alex Jackson-Smith

    So what that means is you are better off not playing WOT and watching your videos until offers like this come along… they are fools. I may as well stop playing and use the time for something more productive. A.,

  34. hey Dez, great vid as always- 11 years and going strong 🙂 in this vid, at timestamp 0:57 there is an outline of a vehicle that the doom-turtle shoots – WTF is it? looks like a rocket launcher! :O

  35. So Mirny-13 isn’t returning for Halloween this year? Sorry if I’m wrong, as of writing this comment, I’m in a rush and skimmed through the video

  36. If you haven’t logged in for 30 days you get a reward. If you play everyday, you don’t. Wargaming did this so that all the regular gamers who really want this will purchase it. The people that don’t play, have incentive to come back. This is not a gift for players, but a way for wargaming to increase revenue. Revenue is all wargaming cares about.

  37. Je me suis désabonné

    When will we have reward tank like super hellczt, t50-2 etc?

  38. Buffing, nerfing, constant powercreep, Russian bias, camo nerf, accuracy nerf, premium tanks far superior to tech line tanks, wheeled nonsense…….
    After playing for 7 years I quit this game and this bonus for players who haven’t played for 30 days is not going to bring me back.

  39. such a goofy Halloween event

  40. Dez you are great guy!!! Pleasure to watch your streams and yt content

  41. So the best version of your commander is only available through the Twitch drop? I’m curious since i just bought it from the Wot store to support your work that you do in the community Dez.

  42. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bro, can you explain me how it is possible to someone have acces to account where YOU CAN PICK MAP, exactly all.
    I saw that on Stanlox stream, he has account where he can choose map. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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