^^| Schedule Week 10 – Memes inc!

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  1. Henning Horn Galtung

    Works great for me

  2. Mingles with Circles? 😀
    No, no just joking, don’t kill me! What about Circonference? Yeah I know, it’s worse and it sound like circumstance or circumsised but better than nothing.

  3. Charlie Cheesecake

    How about a nice and simple, Circ Chats?

  4. Bobb Ross Chanel 🙂

  5. Hey Circon, i really enjoyed the WoT Console Version. So i really hope that you at some Point take a look again at it or maybe do it even once a month ( maybe like the first three hours on the last frieday of the month idk ? ) I play only on Pc but it was really funny and very entertaining. Greetings.

  6. get jingles in when you and foch are streaming to bring back some memories

  7. TheJediStarrLord SkyNetisReal

    Do you play WOTB Because we have French Tanks finaly.


  9. Yes,circon/foch toon again

  10. How about….Circoncisions…:stands up and runs away in a zigzag fashion:

  11. So I need to take two afternoons off work! Fair enough.

  12. The Beard Bible?

  13. Not only do i get meme of memes with foch, but also slave 1. All rejoice, our savior is here.

  14. You look like a bearded Stirner in that graphic! Wicked

  15. Mingles with Circon ?

  16. Red Dead Revolver I have never tried, I demand that you don’t stream it until I get home from work. :3

  17. Stolen Memes Weekly


  18. A stream with jingles as a guest maybe?

  19. GMT+1, so you live near the netherlands?

  20. so 90% win rate on Tuesday?

  21. Q+A could be called CirconReflexes? Maybe?

  22. Nice idea! I’m usually at work or looking after my daughter when you stream (or playing WoT on my 2 evenings off) but it’s good to know when you’re on and worse case I catch up with the replays. All the best, Circon!

  23. Yay Mingels with Circon xD

  24. As many already said, Q&A should be called “Ask uncle Circon” or something like that.
    Keep up the great work, meme lord! 🙂

  25. Tovarisch Hardbassow

    Let’s name th Q&A Mingles with Cicrcon for the lols

  26. Good to know especially when it early.

  27. Robin Lortie-Lafontaine

    I made the most unmanly shriek of happiness upon seeing that you’ll play with Foch.

  28. Meming with Circon!!

  29. Fairy GoodMüller

    yay! now I can know I definitely won’t be able to see the LEGO stream! :'(

  30. Chicken Permission

    Circon and Foch back together on stream!? brace yourself sick memes are coming!


  32. It’s always great to see you two playing.

  33. Name idea for the Q&A, Meme & A?

  34. Circon, try to drag jingles into one of the w/ foch streams, for the old school memes Circon/foch/jingles !!!

  35. How about Blather with The Beard for the name of your Q&A video?

  36. Duel stream beard against salt = 10 / 10
    The greatest awesomeness!!!!

  37. Circon and Foch dual stream ? Oh my god i cant wait 🙂

  38. Yo, Circon. What’s your relationship with Norway? I’ve caught on that you’ve mentioned this country quite a few times in stream, and I know you’re here every so often, but is there some reason other than “just going here”?

  39. Admiral Anderson

    Circon: The bearded pathfinder;)

  40. I like it, I want to see some LEGO!!

  41. I still like what you said in one of your other videos “mingles with circon”

  42. Can we have a Sir Foch vs. Sir Cricon training room battle?

  43. Not sure the Tuesday stream is a great idea Circon, 3 days of WoT in a row is rough. unless this a once a month type thing, in which case it’s probably ok

  44. Alexander Addison

    did nobody suggest Circonference? although maybe that name would lend itself more to a monthly podcast where you talk about the state of the game. the meta progression etc. preferably with a guest.

  45. colter whitehouse

    Thank you Circon for not bashing console WoT as hard as every other PC player does, we make do with what we’re given.

  46. Foch and Circon are on the red team….just exit ? Or try to be epic and kill them both ?

  47. Themes and Memes… 😉

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