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  1. Late upload gang!!! Enjoy phellas

  2. I hope you have the shits for shooting throw the Brazilian Air Force star twice >:c

  3. 5,000,000 golden eagles per person if he bounces. That’s gotta hurt the bank account

  4. 6:16, that shot wasn’t a bounce, it just detonated before the shell could penetrate. 6:32 was technically a bounce, but it still penetrated. 9:04 wasn’t a bounce either, but a non pen. 13:20, those 2 shots were legit riocets

    • 13:22 wasn’t legit ricochet, the long 88 shell hit the 75mm plate almost dead on, from close range, in an armor area that is all-green in Protection Analysis.

      It should not have bounced – either the T-34-85 armor model or the Nashorn shell model is buggy.

  5. Okay phlydad your phlyboys want their golden eagles. Lol I’m just kidding have a good new years

  6. Give me my F-money!! HNY y’all

  7. @PhlyDaily my account for my 5mil golden eagles for your bounce is Dirtdueler

  8. Please phly, I don’t want the 4 gajillion golden eagles, i will settle for the Tiger P! =D

  9. 6:22 ok when
    renember, never say anything that you know that you’ll regret

  10. And where do be my 5000000 GE?

  11. Had a Tam2 bounce 1 shot on me after they hit my gepard’s gun elevator, proceeded to ram me after a brief chase, only to end up being pushed up into my gunbarrels and Brrrrrrrttt!!

  12. I think i should give you my wt name

  13. Can’t wait to count my lions, lol, great vid! Kill_Switch73

  14. No GE for me, i just want free Parts and FPE…

  15. Sooo… how do we redeem? XD

  16. Nothing will stop your round? Volumetric will always troll.

  17. Phly when will I get my 5 million GE

  18. Man I wouldn’t know what to do with 5 million eagles lol. Premium account for life

  19. this game is awesomme and incredeblie stupid at the same time , that shot on that t34 85 defenently had killed that tank. wtf warthunder

  20. Was hoping for a return of “LRY by PhlyDaily” montage

  21. Wouldn’t know. PS4 doesn’t sound this way when firing the 88

  22. Anything shot at russian will bounce or no pen. Period.

  23. uncletigger McLaren

    In the dictionary, under Glass Cannon, is a picture of the Nashorn.

  24. Run me my 5 mil 😂

  25. Great video as usual, Sir! Been a while since we’ve seen a video with you, Odd, Benny, and Jean Claud. Love watching you guys having a ball together. The laughing is just so contagious I find myself almost in tears as I laugh right along with all of you. Anyway Keep up the great videos and Happy New Year to you and yours! And Happy New Year to everyone in the chat as well!

  26. how do I collect my 5 mill golden eagle?

  27. Hey Phly you owe me 5M GE

  28. Day 1 of asking for the magach 3

  29. LoL get Gaijined

  30. Is that golden eagle thing true

  31. Nevermind but great videos tho

  32. Where 5 mil ye phly, love ur vids keep going

  33. After a long day of grinding war thunder it is very therapeutic to watch Steve effortlessly kill tank after tank

  34. It is a Joy to watch you work…!…Best of the New Year to You & Yours’…!…

  35. @20:43 This guys telling his wife about this one…fer sure…!…lol…

  36. So … about the 30 million eagles you owe me …

  37. That tank gave me 2.2km kill

  38. Vehicles like this would shine if gaijin would make a real ground rb mode. Planes just ruin all open tops

  39. Still waiting for my 5 million Golden Eagles, Phly!

  40. Day 76 : *(CHINA)* ZTZ-99 III, PGZ-04A and PGZ-09 gameplay?

  41. I’m still waiting on my 5 million golden eagles phly but I’ll accept a cheeky breeky episode instead

  42. When do i get my 5m ge

  43. I want my 5.000.000 Golden Eagles

  44. “Balance is always key in War Thunder”. Let’s go over to the Swedish tree shall we. Talk about balance.

  45. and another cheater level 40: – KAID – SnooopDogg …… cant be damaged at all and runs through the game and killing everybody without hiding took many shots but didnt even got a scratch impossible scm cheater bstrd

  46. Love the Nashorn, great vid!
    Day 36:
    Phly, play the Panther F in Combo with the Amerikabomber and show the allies how real War Thunder Suffering feels

  47. Hey phly, how do you change your rangefinder like that

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