Scorpion Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Aced the scorpion shortly after the “first impressions” video. Sod’s Law!

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  1. Welcome to Noobsland…….. again and again…

  2. Great game, I have notice lately some players sits in corner of map and
    pushing others to spot spot spot…. And last night in my last game in
    luchs some nice guy was constantly raging about my game play that he end up
    requesting others to team kill me and spamming my position to enemy. On the
    end we have won and I ended up with ace tanker so don’t worry about
    frustrated players.

  3. Thanks Osirish one more Ace under your belt, and a nice idea to do, I’ve
    played 265 tanks but only have only 75 masters, time to re buy some tanks.
    Thumbs up

  4. WP
    I take bouts with that dragging the team down kind of talk, some days I
    can’t stand it, others I might even agree.
    Especially when a team neglects a side, which happens all the time,
    sometimes, after a day of losses, you just get fed up and go off on
    I catch myself every now and then doing that, because it is just game after
    Sometimes I can flex and make up for it, but I think earlier in my career,
    I felt it was more team dependent, or if I am in a tank I can’t flex well
    in, I feel the pressure, and go off sometimes, but never that early.
    You seem to understand morale, or tone of a match, and how that one black
    hole on your team just can suck any of the desire to do good that match out
    of people real quick.
    One of those self fullfilling prophecies, often make people play against
    him, as noone wants to help an ass like that.
    Last game I just had a Ferdi announce to everyone (including enemies) that
    his 29% WR that day wasn’t looking like it was going to get better that
    match, and just kept Eeyore-ing and we crumbled early while he camped base
    and I was going to tear into him about it but I just blacklisted.
    Its like pubbies will always be pubbies and no-matter how many times we
    help out people or even try to offer advice, there just is only so much
    they will ever be capable of.
    Hopefully we just get better at carrying…
    But i agree with you there dude. That scorpion is real team dependent,
    though you have the speed to flex, and often should, more like a light. I
    saw you did that with the E1 spot, which was great, but not having 6th
    sense you can’t do that.
    Which reminds me, why are you not using a better American TD crew in that
    and training them up? Do you do that with every premium tank, just run the
    crew that comes with it?
    Because that is why I buy premium tanks, to better my already existing
    I know it came with a 100% crew, but who cares really? If anything, I would
    train the crew to something like the T40 or T67 and then double the Xp in
    both tanks until I had some 6th sense at the very least because at tier 7
    you just can’t do with out it, and that isn’t a tank that can handle it, as
    you can’t get spotted or you are dead, often in two shots.
    Or you can do like I have been doing as of late. Lets say you have an
    American tanker Radio operator with two skills. You change them to
    commander, it resets the skills, and you add sixth sense and then you are
    I have about a 48% WR in 75 battles so far, though varied in crews, clutch
    braking is nice and snapshot, I run gas, which also helps turn that gun,
    and it makes for a pretty decent Td that I can flow around with the battle.
    Best of luck dude!

  5. He’s Ramon Vega…..THFC
    *Was a nice guy….not a great
    pity IS2 didn’t borrow some of the former.

  6. that asshat is2, he still win that game. he can even get kolobanovs out of

  7. Your gun let you down, fair enough. Is/was any of that based on the crew
    skills or lack thereof? I’m not completely sure of the skills effect on

  8. lol. Scorpion is such a funny tank, even more unusual than the E-25. Rammed
    one for most of it’s hp the other day. Don’t get rammed in the scorpion,
    aluminum doesn’t make for good armor 🙂

    How often do you find yourself readjusting your aim with that gun traverse

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