^^| Scorpion Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. So we got this paper TD with a big gun… I know, let’s make it faster,
    buff the gun handling and even make the armor profile a tiny bit better so
    it trolls people’s HE rounds more often! Yeah, that’ll make the players

  2. wait a minute? that Skorpion looks more bad ass than the one they are

  3. E5 is balanced ( we can see it on enemy team list bottom at 7:00)

  4. how the fuck he manage to do that.

  5. Its a sKorpion. K K K K K K K K. I really hate when everyone think it is
    the same tank.

  6. RIP T110E5, your heroic deeds will not be forgotten ;_;

  7. Could someone give me a link to the “everyone hates artillery”

  8. Eyyy Milkymans skin :D

  9. WISH I could justify getting this, but then I’d never play my E25 :(

  10. I like how he takes peoples kills but when other people takes a youtuber’s
    kills they get butt hurt lmao nice, 3 kills he shouldn’t have gotten.

  11. “Trying to get used to it” he say’s……. 7 kills, Ace Tanker….. Yeah
    Right!!!! :)

  12. Skorpion is not balanced at all…
    …Kanonenjagdpanzer and JT8.8 are better for sure …
    and its worse than standard T8 TDs as well, cuz Ferdinand is a lot faster
    than this one …
    GJ WG for introducing this pay to win tank …

  13. how did you get a black scorpion?

  14. At least give credit to Milkym4n for the skin. Great game as always!

  15. Never worried. GG.

  16. 3 damage off a High Calibre…lel.

  17. why is it black?

  18. ok i want the black skorpion… mine is a sandy colour

  19. Circle I hear you got a grillefriend?

  20. Ugh! Why this skorpion is nigga?

  21. I am loving this tank.

  22. Does Circon not use a mod pack anymore? I’ve been looking for his
    pack everywhere, can’t find it tho.

  23. This tank is totally not broken guys.

  24. why is this one black everyone i see is like a sandcolour

  25. Almost as good as the Kanonenmemepanzer …..

  26. guys is t110e5 op?

  27. i have seen this i and almost every other stream Highlight live feels bad

  28. Mmmm that camo. Hi circon <3

  29. Tasty memes! Hey Circon, Where did you get the black camo? Must needs….

  30. its not overpriced. the scorpions on it make it worth it

  31. supremeoveralskaters

    Oh yeah baby

  32. 211 views in 9 mins. WAT

  33. Minecraft Bulgaria

    so OP….


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