^^| Scorpion Tier 2 Armored Warfare HYPE.

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Source: SirCircon

Enjoy! Armored HYYYYYYPE
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  1. Hey I was wondering, will Foch upload his AW gameplay vids as well?

  2. The Queen of England


  3. The scorpion is pretty rubbish. The tier 2 for the other arms merchant is
    the LAV 150 and it’s much better.

    • Wow the scorpion is soo funny its great

    • +Baxter well ive had some good games in it. granted the shell velocity is
      bad but its a howitzer after all and the Armour is non existent but the
      speed is grate getting out of trouble in this thing is quite easy (as well
      as getting into trouble XD)

      its a definite keep for me but its both the experience and my opinion.
      everyone has there own thoughts and feelings for the vehicles in the game.

    • I have a better opinion of the scorpion after today’s test.

    • +Baxter I played both and I enjoy to play both but the Scorpion is in my
      opinion better 😉 just because it is faster

  4. Maybe WoT does not look so good like AW, but in my opinion it still has
    much better gameplay

  5. So this is how AMX 12 t looks like in AW. Interesting…

  6. Here’s a little titbit about the Scorpion, it has more or less the same
    ground pressure as an infantryman carrying full kit.

  7. If you get any spare time will you be making a 9.8 xvm ?

  8. Circon man, when are you going to post your modpack on your channel?

  9. love how tanks are always rendered even when not spotted

  10. Excellent work and nice Team Spt :)

  11. Wot copy with Jimbos reticle as default…

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