Scout Wheels – Hotchkiss EBR – World of Tanks

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  1. Everyone who comments first is an Arty player.

  2. Thanks Papa Circon

  3. Gareth Fairclough


    (4th, btw)

  4. This thing is sooo much better than the depression inducing tier VI

  5. The Sanity Assassin

    stop seal clubbing in lower tiers…. oh wait… I mean, WG please nerf Circon as he seal clubs in every tier

  6. Ransomware Sucks

    Hi Circon! Missed you Sir.


    hocus pocus arty focus omegalul

  8. Hey Circon, it’s good to see you back at it. Best wishes to you and your family.

  9. Alunita Inghinala

    On the same day i learned my father has cancer, Circon uploads a video. Thank you for the memes, mate, i really needed them.

  10. I must admit I overreacted when they first introduced those wheeled gimmicks. Thank god so far they are: low pen, low view-range “tanks”.
    Given how I drive heavy tanks I cant see any direct danger from them.
    I imagine lights hate them.

    • As a Light Driver, I adds wheelies among the warning list along with T49. Basically I am forced to play a lot more passively since they would win the race to important spots (Mines), or destroying your attempt at area control (like in hills of sand river) by showing out of nowhere, shoots HE, and run.

    • Basically, it is not OP, but it is meta changing to tanks that usually focus at area control and denial (lights, camo TD). And yeah also could blitz arty but that’s a good thing

    • zeroyuki922 exactly especially the arty part. For the light tanks I have nothing but respect. Especially the ones that spot and do their jobs. But anything that will cause the arty to die faster is alright with me.

  11. we have O-I, O-NI and O-Ho, but this moment is an O-No 4:01

  12. I would recommend for IS-6 player to find one by one enemy real address and kill one by one 😀

  13. *NICE MEME*

  14. A great game made so much easier by having a poor friendly team and a clueless enemy. Ideal formula for a great game.

  15. Has the numbers 3 5 7 on his tank. A tip of the hat to the MM most of us hate 3 5 7.

  16. feel sad for the is6

  17. Mabel Ota Anderson

    Hope mom is doing better….

  18. Wheeled Lights, the final nail in the Coffin for other lights. Mediums at higher tiers are just flat better. Now? Despite nerfed view range and no Binocs, with a half skilled crew and a half decent player these will be WAY further forward that your sight nerf doesn’t matter, and you can VERY easily prevent other lights from getting any kind of position or spotting.

  19. welcome back circon!

  20. This replay was for the is6 player right?

  21. does this have Less detectability then the E25?? the ELC, the French TD tier 5???

  22. IS-6 *balanced blyat*

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