Scouting 46 – AMX 13 57 GF – First Impressions

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Source: osirish

No, I haven’t forgotten this series!

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  1. So glad to see the return of the scouting series. IMO, It is the best WOT
    scouting series on youtube. Good to see you back from the dark side of DERP
    guns too. I will buy this tank when it looses the advertising.

  2. Potatoes

  3. Procrastinator7

    Seem like a pretty disappointing tank to me. The rate of fire of the gun is
    probably fun in some situations but the sluggishness ruins it in the long

  4. I dont see what the big fuss is about….rate of fire don’t make the tank

  5. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    But I’d like to see the game where you get zero xp so I can feel better
    about all my games with zero xp!

    That slow acceleration is a killer for me. Every light tank that shares
    that problem is hard for me to play. It is almost too cruel giving a tank
    really poor armor and hp then not giving it the chance to run away fast.

  6. Procrastinator7

    Quickybaby is planning a TOG II* farewell party at 20.00 CEST tonight on
    EU2. Ready your TOGs!

    • +Procrastinator7 Yes, how I’d love to join the most obnoxious pricks stream
      to TOG with him…

  7. Sam Packinpah was a classical composer

    Thanks for notificating me about this new video. I’m watching it right now.

  8. The thing i hate most about scouting is when ever you go to scout and you
    spot like a lot of people yet no one on your team can shoot them because
    they are still getting into position

    • Dreadshells Gaming

      +mat730ify the trick about scouting, is spotting tanks relative to your
      team’s positions and enemy team’s positions. Not just finding the easiest
      way to spot the most tanks at the start of a game, which is still good for
      knowing how the enemy team is deploying. But finding ways to “keep”
      spotting the enemy consistently throughout the battle will help your team

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      +Dreadshells Gaming Good advice. One issue I have is when rushing to a good
      initial location for spotting, it can be hard to relocate without taking
      tons of damage on many maps because that initial spot is hard to retreat
      from. It really does seem like WG wants to make the job of the light tank
      extra difficult.

    • Dreadshells Gaming

      +NinjaMonkeyPrime I don’t think its a deliberate policy on WG part, I view
      it as more of negligence. Of course the game will never be perfect for
      every tank class. Not a realistic or appropriate expectation. But I would
      like to see more maps made that allow for dynamic play instead of corridor
      maps and city maps where it’s “you shoot, then I shoot” mentality. To
      Wargaming’s credit, I think Overlord will turn out to be a very dynamic map.

      As far as advice on playing for spots in your scouts Ninja, something I
      myself have to be constantly trying to improve is thinking that extra step
      ahead to know to never to go to a place/situation where I will get trapped
      and pinned down against my choice. Which makes the mobility and camo rating
      of a scout meaningless in that situation. Just gotta try to think that
      extra step ahead before it happens.

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      +Dreadshells Gaming What you advise is probably the next level of play that
      I need to develop. I think scouting starts with knowing the maps and how
      far you can push to get a good position. The next level is probably
      planning ahead for what you will do once spotted. I don’t consider that an
      easy skill to learn. Probably one reason why I think light tanks are the
      hardest to play.

    • +mat730ify You are in a great position lighting up the enemy team and a
      retard in a heavy comes up behind you and fires… and you catch every shot
      meant for him while still undetected….

  9. First 🙂 like you vids a lot 

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