Scouting Highway – T92

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Source: Circonflexes

I always thought south spawn was really bad, but the spotting run you can do when your enemy scout is dead is pretty decent. Enjoy!
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  1. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Circon is a OP premium tank himself, cus hes so gut!

  2. ahhh fifty foist

  3. Harshavardhan Raje

    that UDES : i have 60% camo so i can sit in the open lol

  4. Кристиян Митев

    Whats up with the guy in chat saying some stuff about arty at 2:13

  5. Give this thing the same autoloader magazine as the T71 should be nice

  6. Scouting a highway, allllll day long.

  7. circon is OP

  8. Nice. Learned a lot there. Thanks Circon.

  9. Oh look, that’s the map Victors son designed

    • Careful, WG can get butthurt again by that comment 😉

    • Commander Tato by all the crayons?

    • My comment was about Circon making a joke about WG staff family and getting his video removed by wargaming.
      That happened pretty much in the same time they acted so retardedly arrogant with Foch.
      Fochgate was the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people i know included myself.
      Since a year im watching only good youtubers and dont play anymore. The best thing i could do because even if you dont pay anymore and still play you are helping wargmaning in some way.

    • Commander Tato you forgot 1 detail

      Crayon eating kid that Circon mention 😛

    • Oh crap, getting old sucks.

  10. nerf Circon

  11. perfect tea-brewing-time, awesome!

  12. The problem with that bush is if you do get spotted and there’s a guy that gets lucky with his auto loader you are fucked.

  13. If you could buy Circon’s level of skill, how much would you be willing to pay?

  14. I just remembered that B A N T E R when circon said this map could might as well be designed by a crayon eating child or something like that and it was actually drawn by the kid of victor kisly or something like that 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ah man such a N I C E M E M E and now Circ cracked Highway with lights

    • Asif Talpur OH MY GOD THANK YOU! This is such r/iamverysmart material, might just post it a bit later 😀 Go take a look, full of egotistic motherfu kers like you 😀 😀 😀 😀 (here you go, some more emojis because you like em so much)

    • userful1 I’m genuinely curious, not egotistical high iq claiming person, how old are you? Trust me, that would explain a lot. And sure, screenshot this and post it to reddit, man. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself I guess

    • AND HE KEEPS GOING 😀 Unbelievable man, please make it worse by going on! (Please also notice that I don’t want to try and make a serious convo with you at this point, just laughing my ass off and having so much fun 😀 I would advise you to stop making yourself look like a fool but I just can’t :D)

    • userful1 I’m glad you had a laugh bud.

    • Thanks man 🙂 I was kind of hoping you would realise opening by insulting someone and then criticizing how they write on the internet is a bit more childish than my actual writing but oh well, why do I expect people using their brain… (:

  15. RrrrrrEKt! nice plays circ!

  16. Can you upload a good scouting match on this map from the other spawn as well please?

  17. whenautismhitstoohard

    Are you going to commentate to subs’ replays?

  18. how to get that mod? Name or download link pls

  19. Yeah one of my favourite maps for scouts, so easy to get concintenly above 4k spotting if you have one of the lights with good camo- wiew range balance

  20. U D E S O P

  21. S E N D U DE S

  22. to bad that this 1080p is barely a 480p….. why list it as 1080p?

  23. T71 and this T92 are amazing tanks.

  24. Please help. My friends are very meme to me.

  25. Circon what mod are you using to tell you how close you are to your mark? Thanks and good game

  26. People that start off backwards at the start of game are those thinking they are in drive way at home behind the wheel of their Buick.

  27. Hey Circon, how do you deal with the bad turning radius of this thing? It’s foiled me in many attempts to fight heavies.

    • Stark Raven learn to drive and pick the terrain carfully. it works most of the time. no offense just practice and use handbrakes often . heavys hate handbrakes…

  28. What’s the name of that mod for the marks of excellence?

  29. Have you marked the EVEN 90 yet?

  30. Normal person “ why can’t I pen the front of a Lowe at point blank range in my Teir 9 Heavy?”
    Circon “I’ll just lob a shot into the front of a Lowe at 300m in my Teir 8 Light”

  31. *this map will be removed with 1.0*

    all hail the balance gods

  32. Play some of the auto loader since.. Italy ones are making there way in.

  33. Just finished the 3rd mark on my cent 1 with a 9.4k combined game. 4k damage over 5k spotting. It was ridiculous

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