Scouting Loses games on Malinovka

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Source: LemmingRush

This what I’ve found, obviously there are exceptions to everything, but in my opinion the team who sends a scout field on this map basically gives up the hill.

Curious to know what everyone else thinks.


  1. I read the title of this video and thought it was a troll title or you were crazy. Watching this video made me feel like a fool because I would NEVER have thought about it the way you do strategically. Very good video and I will no longer scout on Malinovka. The logic of your advice is sound and very reasonable. I will try to think more outside the box with other maps strategically from now on as well and try to think of more effective strats.

  2. The mission barriers that require people to get absurd amounts of spotting damage don’t really help this map. If a light rolls this map with this kind of mission activated, it will probably be camping in a forward bush to get completed.

    e: Also, what do you make of camping along A3/4-ish when their tanks are pushing over? Playing C5 seems to stick me in a crossfire.

  3. Lol your an idiot

  4. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I disagree. The entire point is based on “when a player sees a tank they will stop to shoot at it”. This applies to poor players. A decent HT player knows the hill is needed and knows the speed of their tank. You can argue that you won’t find many decent HT players even in tier 10 but that just ignores what is the correct play.

    More importantly I think this totally ignores the potential of the TDs on your team. If the TDs are ready and you have a good LT then you stand a chance to not only take down enemy HP but maybe even a tank in the first 30 seconds. Map position is important but most games are won by doing more damage than the other guy. If you don’t have an LT make that scout run then you guarantee your TDs cannot do that initial burst damage. It’s potential damage that you can’t get just because you don’t think you can trust the HTs to ignore and climb.

    To me the worst part of this map is that it seems like the NW spawn (that you had) cannot reach the critical point of A0 before the south spawn if both teams drive at full speed. If the south spawn HT reaches A0 it has a huge advantage since the A line slopes down to the west. What typically seems to happen is the NW spawn tanks then lose health as they retreat back down the A line slope. Arty can change this a bit but getting to that A0 corner first seems like the key and one spawn seems to be able to do that easily.

    I think the real lesson is HTs need to not stop on the way up the hill, which I agree with. All tanks also need to hug the edge of the map and avoid getting sniped/spotted as they drive up. I’m amazed how many people keep making that mistake.

  5. This map is cancer in so many ways and it is the classic WG cluster fuck as there is so little choice as to how to play it. Rather have North West and Perl River back than play this map. I even hate playing TDs on this as one side has good hard cover and some bushes while the other has two rocks where there is usually like eight tomatoes fighting over who gets to hump the rock. I despise the hill with a passion!

  6. Winning games depends more on enemy teams having more bot like players than anything else. Of course player skill helps but player skill only really means you win 6 matches out of 10 instead of 5 out of 10.

  7. Ingvar Rodmasson

    I’m just an average player but it seems to me that scouting is very important on this map, you want those early spots, TD’s and arty can take full advantage, the number and types of vehicles going to the hill are important to know. what I feel you should be saying here is “if you’re playing a heavy or a brawler medium do not waste any time getting your ass to the hill” don’t blame the scouts for doing their job well, blame the short attention span guys that see something shiny and go brain dead.

  8. Marshall Allshouse

    This map definitely has many issues, and this video illustrates one of the biggest. When your team camps the base on this map, you give up the win, most times.

  9. m89 i got 8k spotting dmg kemping push in the south west field

  10. Legit I thought the title was sarcastic. I always wondered how sometimes I can either lose or win by a landslide on this map, and now it all makes sense. I never put 2 and 2 together before.

  11. dude. I’m in the replay!!! I changed my name recently, but that’s me.
    I’m just glad I didn’t do bad lol

  12. can you do this for other maps?

  13. This has been my same exact thought about this map. I used to scout the field to give my team the information of what they would fight on the hill. I would hope they would use my spotting as a guide on what they need to do to win hill. Eventually I learned that my team would stop and try to shoot and end up loosing the hill exactly like you show. I’ve argued with my clan mates about this a lot and 9 times out of 10 I’m right.

  14. You’re totally tight. Ive seen this so many times where your heavy’s just reflexively stop and camp to shoot at targets and totally blow the match. Its good that you did this.

  15. As usual, very good video. My comments are: 1) If a scout lights fast enough the enemy approaching hill, then they should not be able to take hill because they are lit and being shot at. 2) Hill might not be as important, even in the video you share to explain your interpretation, you lose the hill and yet win the game. 3) If you go to hill in your light tank to spot their heavies before they can get to the hill, well, then you are actually scouting, just from the hill. My two cents. 🙂

  16. I am kind of surprised that Lemming trashes the hill on Tundra but then acts like the hill on Malinovka is key… also the title is pretty misleading because it makes it sound like it is the fault of the light tank when its really the fault of the slow heavy that stops for a shot when the only people who can get away with that are TDs mediums and fast heavies… imo the middle of the map is the most important.

  17. lol..what a load of BS. scouting and spotting is very critical in EVERY games, you will lose if your heavies a bunch of stupids.

  18. This happens on lakeville ALL the time as well… Scout spots mid, EVERONE stops to shoot.

  19. Too many players will stop and take a shot when they shouldn’t . Shoot on the move if you want to . You may also light yourself firing.
    Freezing a lemming train is funny .  Smart player won’t stop .
    Oh and speaking of a lemming rush . Where are the Reds,

  20. I dont leike skouting on dis map cuz evry1 just gets luchy and hitz me i just dye evry teim i trie 2 and den peple r meen 2 me 🙁

  21. As a scout I couldn’t agree more. You spot right off the bat & your team loses the hill simply by trying to kill the red team instead of moving up to the hill. I think we might have to wait to scout for at least a minute until our team is off the base.
    As for the salt… Venting never helps it always makes things worse so don’t do it, & basically when you look at it, you will never fix stupid by bitching at it. & the sooner I understand this fact the better off I will be.
    Love your work Lemming, please don’t stop for long it has taught me a TON.

  22. Can’t agree more on a early spots. Maybe a good spotter would wait for the game to develop before spotting.

  23. evemitchellanderson

    I agree and disagree with you. This map is one of the great scouting maps that allows you to complete scouting missions

  24. Dawned on me too, but my assisted dmg is more important to me than wins

  25. I found your channel yesterday 🙂 and the content is really good! Keep it up 🙂

  26. Henri Liimatainen

    sure it does…

  27. @LemmingRush Idk if you want to use this, but it’s just me in a KV-2 one shotting a bunch of tanks.

  28. Nice video, another thing that would be interesting to cover is dealing with Russian gun depression. I just got the A-43 as I am going down the Russian medium line, and gun depression is a major issue

  29. Another great video, I 100% agree with your strategy on the hill and on the whole team stopping to take shots lit up by a scout, I call that “Chasing the Rabbit”.
    Great videos, keep them coming!

  30. cameron trevena

    when im on malinovka, i just rush the west and get to cover, tryin to spot for base campers and shooting the sides of their base campers

  31. Steve Mc. Gregory

    Hopefully I will never get scouts like you in my TDs. Scouting is the key for victory on malinovka, getting early shots. specially from that base, you have much much much shorter distance to travel for hill. Your teammates must take few crossfiring shots. I have shitload amount of replays where my team won, because of me scouting. From the hill, you CAN NOT DEFEND base. It gives you advantage, if enemies are on 0 line. If they are contesting the hill, you lose hp, you are stuck there and plus can not defend base. Hill is pretty useless on Malinovka, in my opinion at least.

  32. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    This makes a lot of sense, when I was trying to do my light tank spotting missions I would camp the bushes F2ish area in my WZ-132. Sure I would get 5-6k spotting some games but we would almost always end up losing.

  33. I think this depends on whether you have a realistic chance to win hill or not. If you have mobile HTs like E5 and such, as a scout it’s better to help contest the hill or control the vision at center hill instead to prevent their med/light to take your own center hill. However, if you’re TD heavy/have very slow heavies which can’t contest with 3 spg anyway, it’s better to farm early game, don’t commit anything to the hill and win vision game to make hill pointless in the end.

  34. To say, “don’t scout on Malinovka” (or any map for that reason), is an ignorant statement IMO. What you should say is, “Scout smarter!” There are good scouts and bad scouts. At the same time there are good team mates and bad team mates.  Your 1st video shows bad scouting. The 2nd one, shows bad team work. It also makes a big difference if it’s an encounter or standard battle.

  35. It depends on the tanks supporting you. Often even first run racks up around 5k spotting dmg.

  36. On Xbox sometimes top tier heavy tanks go fucking yolo on this map when the lights spot shit

  37. Great video man! Keep up the good work! I really enjoy those map tactic videos, they helped me a lot.

  38. Dear LemmingRush,
    – very impressiv thinking – txs for sharing your ideas and the work you put in!
    – and you are right – you beeing salty(disrespectful), sometimes reduces the great enjoyment of your videos.

  39. You should make one titled Scouting Loses games on Mountain Pass as well.

    I hate when the braindead cunts stop in the middle to try to snipe the crossing enemies or stay there to fight off a random scout while the enemy team grabs the bottom brawling part of the map and then they can push easily.

    Edit: Same applies to Lakeville mid scout yolo as well

  40. Frederick Burkert

    It’s often the scouting problem
    I did 4K spot in 2 mins on Siegfriege. With a cdc and scorpion poking the hell out of them during encounter. Unfortunately our HTs threw themselves in front of auto loaders in town and we lost too much health pool to win. Apparently I let the whole team down despite sitting nervously 50m from enemy

  41. Great gameplay and video. Seems unreasonable to blame the scouting though. Heavies and mediums should not try to play like TDs or arty in most cases.

  42. Finally someone said that out loud. I wouldn’t be so strongly agains early scouting as You are, but at the end there are 14 other people on our team and good players have to think about managing teammates. I always thought that early, PASSIVE scoting is bad because everyone stops and stays in the middle of nowhere. But if scout just spots and go this gives team a vision and don’t slow teammates down to much.

    That is also an argument to install xvm for advanced crowd control – if team looks like ketchup You don’t spot, but if there are better players You can ask in chat to get to hill quick.

    Great material and QB was wrong on the other one ;P

  43. Why do You crap on scout for spotting and not on other tanks for stopping? Maybe he is trying to make some dumb personal mission… The scout scouting is a problem here… seriously dude ty for “improving” wot community. What about reading team lineups? What if Your team refuses to contest the hill and setup hard camp? YOU CANT TELL PLAYERS TO ALWAYS GO AND DO SAME THING They need to use their own brains and react to situation….

  44. Looking forward on the Vid on how to bait shots into your tracks, especially which tanks can do it… I use it sometimes, but dont really know why or how it works xD

  45. you and circonflexes the only ones who talked about this he said it in a general way you with more details .like its so creticale to take the hill first on that map its kinda decide the game before it even start i personally press W from the start of the game up to the hill not even looking at my team or what the other team is doing . and when i get close i take a look if i have support i go for the windmill if not i say gg guys its was close
    you forget to add something that map is unbalaced like you can get to that cretical terain a lot faster from the south base so if both teams go for the hill at the same time with relatively the same amount of tanks the south base team will win more time out of 10 and you can see it on your replay like you didn’t stop pressing W in a 907 and still found a t57 a relatively slow tank in front of you

  46. Luc Koekelkoren

    I completely agree

  47. I knew exactly what this video was about just by the title. Most times on this map I will say in chat about how not everyone needs to stop to snipe…..sadly, no matter how polite you are, no matter how much sense you make, 99% of the time you just get ignored.  In ANY match, if some one says something that makes sense, even if I hadn’t thought of it, I have no qualms following/assisting etc.(REGARDLESS OF WHAT XVM SAYS)  because that’s what any REASONABLE person WOULD do…but this is WoT and it is full of fucking idiots and they’re not ALL red/yellow/’only green’…..

  48. Excellent explanation on map strategics, would love to see more on other maps!!!

  49. Georgios Trivelis

    change the title and upload a new one with title how a purple teemate farm your hp and enemys hp as well!!!

  50. Lemming, to be honest, if you do this on an EU server, you would be blamed, reported, and even team-killed many times. Teams expect scouting from scouts. My opinion, this could work, or not work depending on the situation. On the other hand what is most annoying for me in this game, if the opponent team can see us, and shooting us, and we cannot see even 1 tank… Especially, if your team can only reach that hill on low HP, or cannot reach it at all. This video gave me another option to play on this map with scout, but I have doubts about it I will play this strategy too often.

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