SD Client memes, you should try it! – World of Tanks

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  1. SD: where your ping is as low as the fps of other players and the fps as high as other peoples‘s ping…

  2. Turn Vegetation quality to Max to fix a lot of your bush problems.

  3. I play like this on my laptop hehe, my pc is a potato now

  4. competitively. sd clients what you want theirs less screen clutter and distractions fps remains more solid.. its really more function over form.

  5. You have a strange taste regarding lighting…it’s garbage in sd, i don’t think you can even call that lighting.

  6. Hey now get whole game chat back, that’s something I definitely miss, I mean I know why they got rid of it but still fun talking to other team aswell

  7. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    I get the nostalgia but I personally LOVE the new ultra-setting graphics since 1.0…. kinda makes me cringe to see current games in what looks like 2013 WoT but I love watching you anyway Circon so even if you switch to this I’ll still watch religiously on YouTube lol

  8. I do like the lighting better. I also like how there are fewer fake bushes and crap on the ground that you would think would conceal you.

  9. I do this for CW battles and tournaments. Game loads faster and I just feel more relaxed playing it this way for some reason. Maybe its the nostalgia for me as well (been playing since Closed Beta), or maybe its just easier to stay calm and shoot stuff while the Caller is screaming bloody murder if I can see enough pixels to remember its just a game. :-p

  10. I play like that too. Im broke af and f2p, but yeah the game is way more clear. I feel like my reflexes are faster with the sd client

  11. There has been this long-standing War Thunder meme about Ultra Low Settings xD
    To some degree they gave you an advantage 😀 They used to stop rendering bushes on tanks or just normal ones when exceeding some distance. Was really bad actually 😛 But its way smoother and easier, because less grass, etc. 😛

  12. This is a hard pass for me. But great replay, as usual.

  13. If you have an old PC, just buy a 128 GB (pretty cheap) SSD card and you will have high FPS even with bad PC. Switch it with CD rom.

  14. mattea spennachio

    I like these settings it brings back the old wot vibe like you said I wouldn’t mind if you kept playing on this

  15. Circon this is how I play… then again I don’t play so often anymore 😀

  16. Vaidotas Marcinkevicius

    You mean this is normal graphics circon? Ive played wot on SD for 8 years now, dont know about what good graphics your tanking about, never seen ’em.

  17. I wonder if the awesome old anime skins will still work on the SD client models?

  18. Play with the no fog mod circon makes thing even better

  19. that’s what I think most of SEA server players play in

  20. Once playing, you tend to concentrate on the match rather than the graphics, so it really doesn’t bother me paying in SD. The main thing I miss in SD is the detail in the far distance when sniping, as it’s easier to differentiate between rocks/trees/bushes in HD. The long distance features can look a bit muddy/fuzzy in SD.

  21. I was going to get the HD client one day then I saw how large the download was and went nope that is too many tanks per minute being wasted.

    I play on standard high setting with grass and bullshit turned off, got 80-100 FPS.

  22. Thats how I play…

  23. Meh I guess your eyes may be different to mine but it looks rubbish but each to their own.

  24. The quake effect where you turn everything way down to improve visibility.

  25. Benedic Justine Velasco

    I like SD because it is all I can render right now.

  26. Try out the “Deep” colour adjustment. My personal opinion; it makes the shrubs, trees, and foliage a little more tame colour wise. It’s my preference while using the SD client.

  27. Yeah, this reminds me of what the game looked like when I started playing in 2013.

  28. In the SD client, you never hear, “WTF, I’m in the meddle of a rain forrest, how was I spotted? In SD client, if you see a bush it’s actually there. Not so in HD.

  29. i do it, too, cause it’s much easier on the eyes

  30. This is how I play all the time due to my rural internet

  31. Looks like old WoT!!

  32. Until about a month ago when I finally got a gaming laptop, that’s how I played for 5 years

  33. SD client 4 lyfe, dude.
    Remember Circon, comparing any conventional T8 light tank to the Not-A-T-64/skateboard is not a fair comparison.

  34. WoT Classic

  35. Nice!By the way,have you tried to see that,in the SD client,there are,still,”fake” bushes?

  36. Lol plays SD cliënt even on highest settings. Unfortunately since the upgrade to Windows 10 my laptop can’t run the dedicated graphic card anymore so the internal gpu takes quite a beating.

  37. Playing on sd on the lowest settings with 40-70 fps, i wish it looks like this.

  38. I can’t see the appeal, looks horrible

  39. what a blast from the past

  40. I’m still mad about classic wot not working last year for april fools.

  41. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    It looks like the old day wot

  42. Percy Walt Platinum

    Cool gameplay

  43. I tried it and HOLY SHIT the visibility is insanely better, there is so much clutter in the normal client

  44. i wish you could turn off some of the visual clutter on hd

  45. Lol i already playing on SD for 2 years 😅 feel nice to see HD players like this old SD

  46. Alexander Stoyanov

    It’s actually easier to play with low quality cause a lot less objects are obscuring the view. Still playing on lowest quality with SD client cause of that

  47. Иван Средојевић

    It reminds me on old wot and i like the feeling. I like darker sky so SD is nice for me. 😀

  48. This is how I play wot on my super potato pc

  49. this is how I play the game everyday of my life, seems fantastic too me, yet my Gtx1660ti gaming laptop is on its way 😀

  50. I play this way, Circon. Only annoying thing is the texture hitboxes.

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