Sd.Kfz.234/2 – Adventures With The Puma!

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There is a favorite big reason why this thing is a player favorite in War Thunder. I hope you enjoy these crazy fights and moments with this armored car that always seems deliver.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)


  1. Sorry for the small and unplanned break in content. We are back and I will be taking suggestions for what vehicles or even what challenges you guys would like to see in the next couple of weeks. I would like to apologize, this video was supposed to be the Object 120 that I kinda promised but a circumstance made us delay that for a bit. I promise soon! I hear you!

  2. D4GFF your dog is cute

  3. In the beginning of the video when Bo is boasting that he is a fast puma, it would’ve been hilarious if landing sideways like that had caused the vehicle to then go tumbling.

    Your physics engine missed an opportunity there Gaijin!

  4. 9:30 “At any moment the enemy team is going to be here” as a tank drives right behind them. Look all the way back there

  5. amazing video and that kill with the 20 mm was just amazing flying and shooting

  6. You guys are great I love your content.. even playing low tier you don’t completely stomp the new players giving them a somewhat of a chance.. so sick of seal clubbers. Im pretty new at the game, it’s so stressful to constantly die to a spawn camper in the start of match or lvl 100 player who knows everything about the game vehicles map etc at 3.7 lower.. I can barely play the game. I used to think there was a chance but ik better now

  7. Finally went and used your affiliate link so I could get your decal. I absolutely love it

  8. Strv m/42 the channel
  9. I have been watching Boe and friends for years, and I want to say a big thank you.

    You’re a great content creator and your videos have gotten me through some tough times.

    Thank you very much.

  10. I Member the KFC double down….

  11. Such a fun Video! It was fantastic

  12. That opening, getting that air time and killing the sherman! Absolutely epic!

  13. You are a brilliant Puma commander! Had that C point on lock down on that second to last battle lol

  14. Really glad there was a video today, really needed it. Was a great way to decompress. Thank you for the work in putting it together! 🙂

  15. Thank you Stick and Dgaff for helping with this video!
    Dgaff, your doggo is so cute!!!!

  16. 2:37 maybe earthquakes, maybe lava
    9:20 “I’m driving off with pride now” lol

  17. Can you do more snow runner content?

  18. Lemmings do not jump off cliffs. Disney throws them off. Biggest scandal in documentary history.

  19. You ended the video with a kill. Good job!

  20. spj fm 43/44 and tips of br 1.0 bomb plaines video please.

  21. i have been waiting for a puma video, bo thank you for making me happy with this video, i love the puma and you always do an amazing job at making us laugh and feel awesome, keep up your amazing work.

  22. More Churchill Gun Carrier please!

  23. love how the stug at 17:50 survived the bomb with the only panels left on his tank saying luck

  24. would have loved if you had included the start of match at 15:00 where I bodied both of you 😛 , you are incredibly good in those Puma’s !

  25. It would be fun to see you guys play the sd.kfz.234/4

  26. Bo did you know I’m a goose

  27. Hey bo do you think german are going to get a mog 29 next update

  28. New game show: “Dancing with the StuGs.”

  29. ur so good im getting better tho u make my day as watching ur content its amazing bro keep it up.

  30. more clips of gaff’s dog pls

  31. Stick Boops 😀

  32. I always thought baby tanks came from grown-up tanks that are in love. I had no idea they came from buildings.



  34. B-17G! Also Belgian Malinois are favorite dog.

  35. 8:45 Padme & a clone trooper just fell out

  36. The doubeldown was the only thing from KFC I’ve ever had and actually liked. I’ll never understand how they manage to butcher mashed potatoes that badly.

  37. Please us the bf-110 g-4

  38. KrafnaMLoloGaming XD

    Would you consider playing: We were here o stream or for youtube
    Its a fun puzzle game with a story (and there will be a lot of panic involved)

  39. Bo Pumas bring all the boys to the yard

  40. Gonna ask this cause i wanna fly out the Bf-109 either G-6 or G-2 under Finnish colors cause they have a 109 that is not in the german tree called the G-6 Erla ik its the same as normal but manufactured in a different location but still its cool

  41. Dgaff’s dog looks like Scrappy Doo.

  42. Fun Fact about Lemmings, They don’t suicide off cliffs. Disney chased them off a cliff to film that documentary.

  43. Do one in the AMX -50 surbasse pls

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