SEKRIT & RARE TANKS (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. First

  2. Second like FTW

  3. can you play the t92 light tank keep up the good work

  4. Kill me

  5. Second

  6. i would like to see the t26-4 as its basically a tier 1 deep gun

  7. 1st dislike

  8. xaxaxa very stronk such historikal accurate xaxxa rip kapitalist dog

  9. Le sekrit dokuments :)

  10. IS-3 = 1936. MAUS= 2003

  11. AA Guner

  12. Fourth

  13. 397th :p

  14. :3

  15. tiger 2 (p)

  16. Super Hellcat

  17. Please take out the Kv 2 mod 1940.

  18. notification squad!

  19. You don’t see the ZUT-37 (Soviet premium AAA tank) very often. I own it and
    its quite challenging yet fun to play :)

  20. I was about to make a joke about YouTube comment section but its too stupid

  21. M46 Tiger, try using HEAT shells. Destroyed an IS-3 from the front.

  22. Baron please play the Zis-30 at around 6.0-6.7 BR, its so funny to kill a
    Tiger 2 with it!

  23. tier 1 derp T-26-4!

  24. how about the Boomerang mk.II? I haven’t seen those in ages.

  25. Arcadie Condurachi

    Now, as you have mentioned it: play the T-80.

  26. Holy shit that fragmentation is op

  27. T-126’s reload time is insane

  28. Calliope 😀
    For relax :)

  29. Play the T-34 Proto if you have it.

  30. Po-2

  31. Baron drive out the t-35

  32. 7/11 never forget

  33. Infamous Revenant

    I love War Thunders attention to detail when it comes to the tanks, thanks
    to War Thunder I now know that most tank destroyers have tin foil plating!

  34. m18 GMC (with bush’s?)

  35. take out the m36 Jackson please

  36. take out the Tiger E pleases

  37. Tiger 2 P

  38. M3 Grant if you still have it

  39. King Tiger für das fater Land.??

  40. T126 has better armor than T50, and slower. T126=T50M

  41. it would be nice to see the Tiger 1 P (VK4501 (p))

  42. Isu- 152 and pe-8!!! Big Boom Combo!!


  44. The Chieftain MK.5. For the Queen.

  45. do sekrit T-80 light tenk

  46. play the t92 light tank…. very rare

    but im not sure if you already played it…

  47. Every nation has some form of bias except the Brits (with the T17E2 as an

  48. Any non-soviet tonk

  49. NotWorldWarthunder

    premium jagdpanzer IV for the reich

  50. TheIrishlepercon TheIrishlepercon

    hey baron

  51. TheIrishlepercon TheIrishlepercon

    panzer 2 F

  52. The rare ones to me are the M26 T99, SU-57, T-III, T-34E, Sd. Kfz. 140/1,
    and the Pz. Bfw. VI (P)

  53. Premium Panzer IV 70/A is pretty rare …. and looks pretty cool.

  54. Alexis bob13 (Alexisbob13)

    I want to see more bush tanks

  55. i wanna see the Achilles from the Brits of course

  56. cool ive never seen one of them in a match before.

  57. Please play the Tiger H1 and/or the Panther A, für die Reich!

  58. M8A1! The baby hellcat!

  59. Panther 2

  60. Play sekrit stronk tanks.

  61. that 20mm tank in the pz38(t)

  62. holy smokes, that T-126 is better protected than the T-34s…

  63. pls play the t92. Rare Tanks are the best ones

  64. M8A1 ? American tank destroyer

  65. Mist Tacticalairsoftops

    Play the light American tank with the .50 cal main gun

  66. Play the M60 with the sabre with the 4 cannons

  67. Panzer 4. G

  68. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy


    Baron, c’mon mate! There is the flash of smoke to your right, and you see
    the guy in front of you get hit! Situational awareness man.

  69. panzerbefehlswagen VI (P)

  70. do the Jagdtiger again with standard ammo for führer :D

  71. What tank should we play next?

  72. baby slav tank

  73. Not a whole lot of content on the chiefton….so….pls


  75. rare? play out the german sherman

  76. hey please play the elephant its the dig body tiger

  77. Baron Baron… German Churchills vs British Churchills… which will win?
    (also slowest custom battle ever?..)

  78. play the kv-6 #thundermemes #gaijined

  79. from Russia with like for RB

  80. T-28 Baby turtle

  81. Tiger p

  82. The tank with torps

  83. m103

  84. BaRooN vrom whair u got dis GoLdEn EagLes BRO?

  85. sd kfz 140/1. Only one I have ever seen in a match is mine


  87. sam Graaf van den Bergh

    Tiger pls

  88. The T160 is the mini T34.

  89. Sherman with the rockets:D

  90. Play the M36

  91. 1941: the Third Reich’s borders are expanding ever deeper into the baking
    sands of North Africa. Now, the Crown relies on you, the most experienced
    and cunning tank commander in the Royal Armored Corps as well as the
    greatest ace in the RAF’s ranks. The RAC has given you access to the
    Valentine Mk1, both Crusader Mk II and Mk III, and just for a bit of spice,
    the Armored Car Mk II AA. The RAF has given you access any or all
    modifications of the Hurricane, the Typhoon Mk 1a, and a fighter or bomber
    of your choice. Save the Crown and the war!

  92. SU-100Y

  93. Sherman(105) for FREEDOM

  94. the beast FV4004 Conway or the is 4m

  95. play something American

  96. Play something American like an M4a2

  97. kv2 1940 mod pls

  98. Baron can you play the T-35 it’s very rare (4th time trying)

  99. Oh right 2.7. Pretty OP actually. Only the Marder III can pen it’s frontal
    armor and the turret is small and well protected. Should be at least 3.0
    and even then it would be better than the Matilda.

  100. kv2+il28= damn bruh

  101. wen u cant spel

  102. Tamo TheGermanShepherd

    E-100 please

  103. Jagdpanther, any one

  104. M4A2 Sherman

  105. M4A2 Sherman

  106. Su 122

  107. T-95 / E-100

  108. SU-122-54

  109. the T-44-100 we should fight for Stalin an for the Motherland

  110. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    I don’t think I’ve seen a video on the Nashorn recently, so, how about the

  111. Tiger h1

  112. BT7 with Phly and Slick ultimate flank and spank squad

  113. Bum-8-24 and the pe8 with the 5000lb bomb and bring the the fatherland down
    to its knees!

  114. ze german sherman!

  115. Gepard with AP rounds.

  116. Is-1 or SU-152

  117. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    KV-2 mod 1940 please!

  118. M10 wolverine for MERICA

  119. 420 views ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    blaze it, you fucking faggots ‎( ͡0 ͜ʖ ͡0)

  120. i just saw a t126 a little while ago

  121. There was only one secret rare tank

  122. Baron I think you should post a list of either the rare tanks you have or
    the rare tanks in general so we can know what to choose from.

  123. M13 SPAA

  124. Play the untimely rare German Kv-1 with the modified gun and turret.

  125. Love the vids Baron, keep it up!

  126. M8A1 one shot wonder!

  127. JPz 4-5 (a.k.a “Sadpanzer”)

  128. 3 inch gun carrier

  129. Play the jpz 4-5 stand up to Russian post war tanks

  130. play the JPZ 4-5 or whatever its called :P

  131. secret*

  132. Su 100 y

  133. Plz play the tiger1H with the ME262 with the 50mm as a backup

  134. PLAY THE E-100

  135. dude use the 3 inch gun carrier and sterling combo

  136. Does russian country tanks is good? For a noob?

  137. Does russian country tanks is good? For a noob?

  138. i deleted this game a few days ago. it is unplayable and has wayyyyyy too
    much fucking cock sucking retarded and complete fucking bullshit, i fully
    regret downloading it and paying money to buy shit in the game to find out
    that it fucking sucks

  139. Anyone remember back in the tanks beta, when the T-50 was the OP-50?

  140. The German KV-1B?

  141. M18, because 1 degs

  142. I want to see Phly run with the RBT-5 and actually get a kill with the
    rockets. Or several kills. IMPOSSIBRU

  143. challenger 2. where is our world of warship s

  144. the panzder 5

  145. Baron Play ze Sd.Kfz. 181 Ausf. B (H) mit 105mm KwK

  146. I got the T-126 and I know why people don’t play it much there are just too
    many instances when you come up against stuff that are just frustrating to
    try and pen. I much prefer the SU-57 I got as well, might just be because I
    find tank destroyers to be more fun at low BR though.

  147. baron play the russian FW 190 D12 or the russian spitfire mk 9 i will send
    you the sekrit documents with there stats and weapons

  148. Please play Valentine MK.II

  149. Did they remove this tank from the game?

  150. that was me in the grant I and the m3 Lee :D. I uploaded it on my channel
    if any of u want to see it from my perspective

  151. M5A1 STUART

  152. Tiger h1 plz baron

  153. jagdpanther or hetz?

    play the tiger H1 again!!!

  154. you spelled tenk wrong

  155. Tiger H1 for der Führer


  157. TB-3 and T-60, air dropped tank load out (sorta)

  158. 3-inch gun carrier

  159. Thegaminggeek Twopointzero

    Do the Russian T-III Baron!

  160. PanzerBefehlswagen Jagdpanther

  161. TheJessecarpenter

    I would say use the P-51A

  162. baron if ya so obsessed with calling ru bias just go and play, this is a
    suggestion btw, play tge IS 1 the dickermax or the t34 57

  163. Ha-Go and A6M5 Zero. Oh wait no Jap tanks yet. Oops.

  164. Baron need a new maus

  165. Roshan Rajbhandari

    the video is not so clear in details, maybe increasing the data rate may
    help? can’t really read the texts in he videos.

  166. M103 yo!

  167. play the tiger 2 with the diesel engine

  168. Stug with the bush kemp

  169. Tiger H1 for ze Father Land!!

  170. Vizeweltmeister 1945

    Tiger h1 e and me410 b1 do it for adolf hitler! ; )

  171. The awesome Asian Tanker

    t80 is the most used low teir tank in world of tanks

  172. Baron, u made a video on it, it isnt sekrut anymore, u had one job

  173. Nathanielzimmerman78

    Russian M2A4 Sherman

  174. Su100 y and pe8

  175. 3 inch gun carrier or easy 8

  176. Maybe you should stop using stuff from Dynex. lol.

  177. Is-3 or gulag

  178. AwsomeGermanKing88


  179. The TigerP for the fatherland!

  180. M8A1 plz

  181. the kv-1b for the fatherland? no motherland?

  182. KV-1B

  183. Tiger H1

  184. Hmm. Its more of a challenge. But you should take an RBT-5. Stick a ton of
    bushes on it. And take it against tigers and such

  185. Why can’t I

  186. nice shirt

  187. I’ve never played War Thunder Ground Forces before. Played with my
    airplanes for awhile, but at the time there wasn’t enough people online to
    fill in the tiers. So my tier 6-7’s were always going up against teams full
    of jets and I got tired of getting nailed every time. Has things gotten
    better on War Thunder Baron? Should I give Ground Forces a try? I use to
    play WoT, but I never want to go back there again.

  188. KV-2 or death

  189. chance stephenson

    please play the M60

  190. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    How about you take out the Panzer II H premium tank.

  191. play doom turtle and the b 29

  192. Play the IS 3

  193. Panzer 3 L

  194. Play the m8 mate

  195. cheiftin

  196. I said bring us the Dicker mad Max!

  197. I would like you to drive out the SU-152 with bushes.

  198. It’s 1947 and operation unthinkable is now in action. The western allies
    are trying to invade the motherland! You must stop them in your La-9 and
    T-34-85(D-5T) and push ben back farther than they started from! Honor the
    father of the Union; Vladimir Lenin.

  199. No sea turtles were harmed in the making of this tank video. Good work
    Baron. :)

  200. T. Maximilian Waechter

    I have a T-80 and use it from time to time, but I think the turret traverse
    is just too slow and the engine is vastly underpowered

  201. ze doom turtle

  202. su-100Y

  203. for Stalin

  204. Whats the status on the xb-85 goblin?

  205. I really think you should play the T34 prototype, in my opinion one of the
    rarest and unknown tanks in game.

  206. Baron play with IS-2 Revenge

  207. Play the Finnish Kv-1

  208. Just play the Jagdtiger man , it has been ages … JUST DERP THE # OUT OF
    THEM !!!

  209. M46 Tiger, FOR THE BURGER KING !!!!!

  210. take out the BM-8-28 and shot down a plane :)

  211. M28 pershing

  212. Maybe Tiger II please

  213. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    your sensitivity probable is not due to the mouse baron, the sensitivity
    options in warthunder are very complicated for tank aiming, there are 3
    different sliders, one of which is not in the same page as the others…
    and they are in the controls option: view page and tank page

  214. I just bought this tank yesterday!

  215. Hi Baron. In the same BR of the T-126 you could play the ZUT-37.

  216. play as the tiger E

  217. The Fighter Royal

    tier 5 jadgpaner

  218. do the m8a1 never sall it in combat

  219. Play aircraft

  220. Panzers

  221. The Hetzers gonna Hetz Baron,simple and chekoslovakian,thats this weeks

  222. crusader

  223. mbr-2 hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype

  224. Why dont you go ahead and take out the SU-122-54 Tier V Russian Tank
    Destroyer with the 400 mm heat round! I’ve only seen it one time while
    playing… A pretty rare tank

  225. M8A1 GMC

  226. Su-57 is tricky but rewarding, I wanna see you get an ace in that one! :)

  227. my 17 pounder once bounced a shot point plank of one of these things

  228. I think that you should play with the t-III and the su 57 m3 half truck

  229. Hi Baron!

    I have a question, why the majority of pro players just play realistic?
    I’m starting in War Thunder and I just played arcade mode, I tried the
    realistic, but have too much campers.

  230. Kristoffer Laursen

    blackprince do to the 90 years birthday of the queen of GB!

  231. WhyDoYouEvenWantToReadMyEntireName

    German M4 sherman?

  232. T-126 = one of the best tank in the game

  233. Rb t60…….. Or kv1 zis5

  234. play the tiger I Porsche

  235. panzer II H

  236. panzer II H

  237. You should play some heroes and generals with a panzershrek and a luger

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