Self-Aware HUMAN KILLING ANTI-AIR | M247 Sergeant York (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Self-Aware HUMAN KILLING ANTI-AIR | M247 Sergeant York (War Thunder)


  1. *Have a good Sunday fellas! Thanks for the support on the stream on Friday as well as blowing up my Merch store. Thanks making everything possible. Here is the article about the M247 a very interesting read*
    See you fellas tomorrow! o7

    • *2nd attempt* Take out the M48A2 G A2 with the L7A3 gun

    • M103/ah1g or uh 1 vietnam combo

    • You know which AA should benefit from proximity fuses? Crudader AA Mk I, It has a single bofors 40 mm gun, slow rof, slow turn rate, low ammo count…. It is quite the challenge to get planes with this little guy. It is one of the best AAs to kill ground forces though, I even managed to pen KV-1s with it on the side (the Sport variant as I like to call and the 85 variant), so it’s like a ZSU-57, but for brits and on lower RB, with lower ammo count.

    • Cuntboy Slicous Fuccboy Sluttious

      Do the Hellcat video’s of killing some Serbian tanks and add a *204* *Teslićka* *Brigada*

    • Hey – ure not alone with the opinion that Planes without Payload should be lowered in Spawnpoints. Its very crucial to counter Helicopters (imagine when more players get the Mi-35 and AH-1Z)

  2. U should play the original modern tanks to War Thunder again: chieftain MK. 10, t-64A, kpz-70, mbt-70

  3. There must be a pretty big hole in all their wings now

  4. isn’t tunguska 2K22 instead of ZSU30?

  5. one story (IIRC) is that the system saw a portapotty with a wind powered vent fan, mistook the turbine for rotor blades and shot the crap out of it (pun intended).

  6. Have you seen War Thunder’s twitter? They posted out a question, asking about what people want to see that is helicopter related, and they had to say “(except parts and FPE, we’ve addressed that)”. I think it’s hilarious how many of us broke out and used our voices, and got them to legitimately say something in another tweet. Great job, everyone.

  7. Speaking of special fuses, please make a video with the timed fuse testbed vehicle 29-K!

  8. Ki-109 Japanese duck game play #1

  9. Throwing billions of dollars at useless projects is the governments specialty.

  10. The problem was they took the Radar from an F-16 and tried to change it with software alone. Problem is that radar is meant to be very sensitive and find targets at 60 nautical miles. When placed on the ground it hyper reacted to everything because it was performing as designed and to the radar it looked like everything was a contact because unlike properly designed ground based radars it was unable to remove clutter

  11. poly play asu-57 top tier

  12. With the M247 the muricans were like: you got a hole in your budget

  13. I don’t want to see your privates, Phly

  14. Ground pounding with the HE 111 and fritz-x?

  15. phly can you use my accunt and get some stuff

  16. Kind of a 50/50 split between Americans and Germans right now in War Thunder cuz either the American spawn Camp the Germans or the Germans spawn Camp The Americans and the Russians are just all around pain in everybody’s ass

  17. They should add the XM246. It was actually a decent design that did better in trials, and mounted the dual 35mm.


  19. I like the casts where Phly has been hittin’ the sauce more than the ones where he’s sober.

  20. HurricaneWanderer

    I would love to have the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog with it’s almighty BRRRRRRRT Gun!

  21. “Phly to me”
    I see what you did there.


    Fucking idiots.

  23. Blyatiful

  24. How long did it take you to grind out the late Tier vehicles and how often do you play a day?

  25. Run the M3 GMC please, it’s a monster 75mm field gun mounted in a halftrack at 1.7
    Attempt #1

  26. zombbiedestoryer9

    We have found a irl meme tank

  27. Wings Of Stupidity

    I can’t find an M41 Walker Bulldog video by you within the past 2 years,

    We need to change that!
    Attempt 1

  28. katyushof the Dutch german gopnik

    My warthunder stopped doing anything

  29. Can someone tell me is the XM-1 a good tank before i buy it ??‍♂️ and do you think they’ll nerf it

  30. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Top tier spaa is so broke right now

  31. kinglone123 kinglone123

    Phly can u face reveal thing in every videos

  32. Sir PhlyDaily good day, I was hoping if you can provide a lesson about how to use the angle defense of the tank. Looking forward if it happens…
    Thank you…

  33. its a failure uhh

  34. can play a failure t80b pls

  35. Wow it’s like a coellion on crack…
    I wish I had time to research it :/

    Too many nations to work on 🙁

  36. They should knock 100 sp of the cost of fighters, and just add it on to the cost for bombs

  37. Ah, the machine spirit of this venerable creation of Omnissia is vicious and bloodthirsty.
    Let’s put a commissar on it for added “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!”.

  38. Looking forward to the implementation of the Bradley and your video… ?

  39. Hey Phly, can you try T80Bias, But ONLY using HE.

  40. Can you do the Conway and your favorite non jet powerd bomber

  41. the glorius beard

  42. phlydaily please next time use zsu-23 is my favourite steel rain system

  43. The fight aircraft can kill soft targets with no problem so , let the aircraft be as expensive as possible

  44. The xm1 should be at least 9.3 & is it wasn’t a premium it would be definitely be 9.7

  45. pls gaijin give more aircraft target to phyl~~

  46. Live the StuG life with the StuG III ausf G
    Attempt 2

  47. play t80b with only HE

  48. a money pit? so it was a ground based F-35 project eh?

  49. those who have watched the Movie “Pentagon Wars” would understand, especially the remark “14 Billions, with the B” when they (the head chief that was responsible for overseeing and handling the Bradley IFV) were asked how much money spent on the Bradley.

    The movie also hints the Sergeant York’s failure in the scene in this movie, stating that the targeting system is so shitty, the radar locked on to a ventilation fan of a latrine mistaking it for a helicopter rotor.

  50. 15:57 Phly to me hahahah

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