SEND IN THE CLOWNS! World of Tanks

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Today theKSA is going to have a joke of a game in as the enemy team spare no expense in sending in the clowns!



  1. I dedicated almost 10 years to this game and unfortunately I know longer have any desire to play. the only thing that keeps me here watching is the support for content creators like you and jingles

  2. No controversary here! Seeing tier 6 and 7 puppies stomped by BZ into the ground, that ending was sooooo satisfying!

  3. Yea sorry lost some cred when you promote a massively OP pay to win tank…

  4. I guess the best way to “Balance” the game is to intro more toxic tanks. Fight toxic with toxic..

  5. Happy New Year all of you !

  6. Not a SPG player, but I love seeing broken tanks like BZ and gold spammers like this clown here getting SQUASHED

  7. Koala storenfri is swedish and means koala bigone free

  8. Catriona Colville

    Crappy ending. Was rooting for the player.

  9. the adventures of zora the kitten savannah

    Just report the bz176 every game I see one hoop wargaming nerf it

  10. Wait till boxes sale is over and then play with it, shells flying left right up dwn,wont be hitting targets anymore 😛

  11. Too overpowered tank.

  12. QB, if you read this, then you can read. x)

  13. Was this April fools omg you got us so damn good you sent us clowns into this video omg

  14. WZ/Pay to win driving players out of the game. Always enjoy your clips QB, though – and hope they correct the game imbalance.

  15. This tank is absolutely toxic. I refuse to play mine. Wargaming should be ashamed. The only “clowns” i see are wargaming thinking this is ok

  16. All tanks can have great games. It boils down to the players skill as well as a bit of the luck and rng that goes on.
    Props to both arty players for doing what they could in this match though.

  17. I’ve been saying it for years, arty shouldn’t be able to fire unless it’s in ‘seige mode’. Too much recoil on those big guns for it to fire unless anchored.

  18. Hi QB. It was a pleasure to meet you at Tankfest back in 2018. Ive been watching your videos since you first started making youtube content, alongside Jingles when he was a main youtuber in the early days. Happy New Year to yourself and your good lady wife. Thanks for the content and keep it going. It would be nice to see you play some of the older tanks in the game that used to be great but have suffered extreme powercreep ie. IS-3, T-34, T-44, Cromwell etc.

  19. This tank made me stop playing tier 8 and it should be nerfed so hard..

  20. QB remember back in the day the T40 was very OP, now days no one plays it. This OP tank will get nerfed … and don’t forget your stats at end are false negative as the BZ is a reward tank and only in box gifts

  21. I shit on these things in my super conqueror.

  22. It’s really at this point, having played in 2012, before the introduction of the Czech tanks, the Japanese heavy tree, that you really can only sit and laugh in a sad, pained way about what this game has become. Power creep turned power sprinting, gimmicks everywhere, pay to win, and fantasy tanks that are absolutely Main Battle Tanks in denial. Pretty much none of the original concepts from the early game are intact or relevant at all now.

  23. I absolutely hate this tank, it is toxic, overpowered, annoying to play against and it ruins the match making. There is at least one in every battle and they rip true the battle without giving a crap about anything.. I would love to see it nerfed.

  24. Its disgusting that the tier X japanese derp has less pen in its premium rounds…. Nerfed HE for all tech tree, introduce op HE for premiums, well done wg. Nobody can kill this game except your greed

  25. I saw a player with only 32 games on his account do over 6k combined damage with his BZ 176. WG had no clue what they were doing when they released this tank. Or maybe they used it as bait to sell stacks of loot boxes. They just do not care about the health of their game. I refuse to play any tier 8 heavy until this thing is removed from the game as you can do buggerall damage to this tank’s front if it is hull down. You cannot even overmatch it’s roof with a 122mm and 120mm gun, wich most tier 8 heavies have access to.

  26. qb ruined 2023. it should be common knowledge to not say “it can’t get any worse”. if u say it, you will be always proven other way

  27. rustedniddleslinger

    When it first came out the bz 176 turret was penable by tier 10 prem rounds now it’s no longer penable cause wg thought it wasn’t op enough. Tier 10’s don’t have any advantage against this tank anymore.

  28. Thanx for your efforts mate, well done

  29. When does 13.1 come out?

  30. The thumbnail “Send in the clowns” reminds me of funny moments #4 when QB was in a Ferrari (EBR vehicle) on ABBY and he crashed into the river then covers his face with his hands saying the same thing, so funny!

  31. stellan andersson

    Like ur vids QB but seriusly, rocket boosted tanks, whats next UFO? I remember when this game was about having fun not who payed the most.

  32. We just had a game with three of these BZ-176 things on enemy team, none on ours. I now desert any time there is more than on on either team.

  33. This tank has killed tier 8. I’m not playing it anymore. Games are won and lost on how many BZ players a team has. It is ridiculous that they can sit on a ridge line and pound all tanks into oblivion. I hate it.

  34. i do not play arty but i absolutely loved the bz dying to arty truly unbalanced tank, you have a platoon of even just two of these at tier 8 and theyll just remove another top tier heavy from the game in seconds

  35. Goanță Sebastian

    the kranvagen there lost because he was stupid, kran is still a very good tank

    but the bz has almost rigged rng as it almost always hits in the middle even unaimed

  36. QB do you still learn new strategies and tatacitcs for wot or do you know them all.

  37. Not only did the arty kill him, it killed him with AP.

  38. Can we talk about the fact, that the T92 penned the hulldown BZ with a AP Round while MOVING…? 😀

  39. Tier 8 skirmishes are full of the BZ now. Some players are very good with it, some are horrible.

  40. this tank is stupidly OP, I have played a few rounds in this, but it makes no sense that you can just sit in front of your opponents farm 800 hp of dmg and there is nothing the can do about it. Also the gun is WAY to accurate, it makes no sense that this gun is more accurate (or even with) the Iron arnie… I really hope they will nerf this thing cause it is breaking the game….

  41. To be honest: If I was in that T-30, I would have done the same. Everytime I’m in one of these big ass american tanks, I get the impression, that I can crush everything under my weight. With some exceptions of course. But I would have underestimated that little chinese tank aswell. xD

  42. charles ockholmes

    Yay! Yay! Glorious! Down the BZ-176!

  43. Those rocket tanks are as bad as clown cars. The game is shit with them in it.

  44. se necesitan buenos cojones xDD

  45. Hey QB thanks for all the videos the past two months really enjoyed them as always, hae a good 2023

  46. Happy New Year Quaky, ya sexy beast. Even without daily uploads we love watching. Keep ’em coming Baby.

  47. WhT this shows is one of two things either WG unlike most large game houses does not have a dedicated dept who playtest new items because if they did this BZ would not have entered the game with the stas it has. Or that the playtest dept is not a dedicated paid role and as such those doing it are just messing around having fun and not taking the job serious because it is not their main job.

    The one thing it does clearly show is that the wargaming devs are utter and complete retards with zero clue and every single one of them is not fit to do the job and need removing immediatly. 800 damage a shot with fast speed and extremely strong frontal armour is not a joke it is a criminal act of gross incompetence and stupidity.
    I can only conclude either the top management are mentally incompetent or are intentionally trying to destroy the game.

  48. WG: We can’t have Arty derping people with HE it does too much damage, (nerfs arty and HE rounds)…. Also WG: We now introduce the BZ-176……

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