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  1. Yeeeeee boiiiii

  2. Heya Circ!

  3. haha 0 views go brrr

  4. Well hello there circon.. fancy watching in in the first minute uploaded

  5. Hippity hoppity your hp is circon’s property

    Also, can someone tell me why is the 252U and super persh are *behind* circon?


  7. the games got some hidden gem potential in it. like the Toaster. should have a turret mode. hit x the sides flap down allowing its gun to traverse 360Deg as it did by design and in life. but no you get a gun surrounded by useless sheet metal that when hit acts as if it hit a critical part..when in reality.. its just sheet metal with nothing behind it but another piece of non structural sheet metal. but we have is a td bus marsh mellow hybrid with a traction device glued to its gun so it doesn’t flex left or right too much. i know theres a mod out there to model that feature but the hitbox stays in the bus form so hitting air on the mod model still produces damage.

  8. one upon a time water was addictive humanity couldn’t stop drinking it. so they invented wine and beers. so we had some choice. lol and don’t me started on the milk junkies. damn kids

  9. lmao funny circon brings prem ammo in that tank. pretty sad to see.

  10. Nothing to be concerned about

    That is a player that never plays light tanks but needs to do mission for the campaign tanks.

  11. Missed opportunity to title this video ‘Send udes!’

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Hey Circon why didn’t you load HE on that tree outside the border at 1:01 just shoot at the tree bark and it will fall on your spot to completely conceal your tank

    I’ve done that in the SEA server cause is meta for me

  13. Great TD tier for tier.. Basically went No ‘siege ‘ mode in Himmelsdorf in a recent game. Got like 2.5k

  14. Literally 70% of the games on HK in tier 8-10 lasts around 5 mins and the score is basically 10-1 by the 3 min mark.

  15. A tip not many people seem to know btw. To the left of that position at the start of the game, outside the map, if you load HE and shoot to the left of the tree there, you can make a double bush position that is OP as fuck.

  16. As long as the enemy have no large caliber guns, the Udes can just roll forward with near impunity. Sloped armour is king in this game.

  17. Beaumont The Frenchie

    A wonderful machine. I two-marked it in 70 battles like nothing until I researched the tier 9 strv and I’m no unicum. It was super fun to play.

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