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  1. What is with live oaks and good games?

  2. Send to Jingles he would be pleased to se this after his vacation.

  3. I am a Strv S1 and I find this offensive

  4. Circon, are you sure you don’t need to see a chiropractor after that, you’re back must be ruined after that carry!

  5. Mother of god^^

  6. Ok… No more live oaks memes. Too easy lmao

  7. Disappointing… should have been firing HE.

  8. Should I watch this now or wait for jingles to post it?

  9. Tharaka Wijerathne


  10. Today on “Carry the Stupids”….

  11. First of his vids I’ve seen where he doesn’t have food in his beard. Lotsa whining, though.

  12. 4 players 0 damage and a team killer, makes it even better.

  13. Ik at the t6 of zwedish td Line almost enough XP foto t7

  14. i am gonna kill myself

  15. Futuristic Tutorials

    well played , as per 😉

  16. “I’m going to run the fuck away”……that phrase sounds oddly familiar, almost like I’ve used that phrase in 8/10 battles lol

  17. I thought he hated these TDs XD

  18. S-tank fact, the camo rate is worse than Chi-Ri

  19. That lure was unreal.

  20. snowisthebestweather

    I really want to know who kept pinging circon and the Leo, just so I can check their stats and see how bad they are.

  21. now try to do this with a panther 2…….oh…ya cant

  22. Where you get all these dumb enemy???

  23. 1 video that really illustrates the stupid that is pub matches… well played though

  24. well played sir

  25. One of the best games I’ve seen you play. Absolutely genius title as well

  26. Send to jingles

  27. Jorgos papadopoulos

    That title is such a meme, got Em

  28. When you are a tier 8 in a tier 9 game and do more damage than you all team combined. Still Swedish tanks are crap and I hate them. I like how WG say they want to diss camping as much and then that add TDs that are really only good for camping. I hate these more than Japanese heavies to be frank.

  29. maild a bunch of nudes but no respons ! whats up with that !

  30. Hexagram Photography

    briliant title =P proper circon style

  31. 10 out of 10 😀

  32. Udes is so fking broken, if u cant play with it doesnt mean it sucks xD
    Also, you just beat my carry record ;-;

  33. Wow, what a game, but that Type 4 though. If Aliens came to the planet and met that Type 4 driver they would think there was no intelligent lifer here.

  34. very nice title ?

  35. Poor type 4 needs some buff 🙁

  36. Really nice gameplay there Circ ! well done

  37. Never worried !

  38. Dat mega explosion in chat doe. Put even the Tsar Bomb to shame. So many words, so fast, it was a blur.

  39. Rainbow Assassin

    i dont know why you didnt TK your arty for kolobanovs. KAPPA.

  40. anyone else instantly read it as send nudes XD

  41. I saw this live! Damn this was one hella game; absolutely insane!

  42. wait what i tought it said send nudes


  43. Jemmy Christianto

    play german heavy tank sir
    Like This comment for play German heavy

  44. Jagdtiger is apparently too fast for that guy to handle

  45. “inb1st”

  46. My god! What a World of Memes! teamkillers, sleepy jg88, st emil RNG and that ending… Love the chat spam 😀

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