Sending some UDES – UDES 14 Alt 5 – World of Tanks

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Sending you guys some UDES gameplay, the UDES 14 ALT 5, tier 8 swedish medium!


  1. Hey guys! I flew back to Norway, but then my PC in Norway died, so sorry for the missing vids last 2 days.
    Todays replay is pretty neat tho, so enjoy! <3

  2. 1st comment ??

  3. 69 months subbed… I think the journey ends here.

  4. Title is epic

  5. Arty needs a credit buff at higher tiers. Without prem acc u lose money nearly every game by playing arty above t7/8 is just charity. Or have a prem t8 arty for credits!

  6. I love it when Circon uploads new UDES

  7. I love this tank, three marked it when it came out and forgot about it when I moved the crew up to the t9. Recently re-discovered it and I’m having a great time in it again.

  8. Wait, what, this isn’t a tier 7?

  9. at 5:00 there is a guy in chat laughing at the conway using the 120mm gun. While not a common sight for sure, it actually isn’t a bad choice. The gun is comparable to the derp cannon, and it also unconstrains the turret. IE, the 120mm allows the turret to have full 360 rotation versus the derp cannon’s 180 degree limitation.

    • It isn’t bad, but most times with a platform that BIG I’d rather minimize my exposure time with the big badabum gun. It’s a gun more suitable for Tortoise

  10. Sebastien van Tiggele

    Is this thing considered good? the gun seems awesome imo.

    • It is very good but I find it hard to play. You have no armour unlike the T9 and T10 and the suspension needs some time to get used to. But the gun and mobility are great.

  11. This tank seems great on paper, but stock… Eh… I mean, it’s eh.

  12. this tank is blast to play but oh my god when it is stock its worst tank in game

  13. wait, T8? T7 3markathon alrdy finished?

  14. *Circon!*
    Centurion 7/1 #HESHMEMES please!!!

  15. Circon can you please talk about tier based Alfa for gold rounds ie doing less damage for shooting same and lower tier tanks. Doing same Alfa damage on higher tier tanks.

  16. Why is no one talking about tier based Alfa for gold rounds or removing module damage from gold rounds. Why the fuck is war gaming thinking of completely changing the hp and Alfa damage in this game

  17. May I suggest playing Type5 with HE on the AP gun?

  18. I swear I’ve seen this before and not on stream.

  19. He sent us UDES

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