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  1. Waiting to see if WarThunder adds the Terminator.

  2. Phly plz do a video on AH 64A

  3. For real, need russia at every patch a new toy? They have allready 2 good radar-AA systems, and they have good tank-killing autocannons with the BMPs. They dont need a new tank-killing AA. It’s just my opinion, but please stop to give russia every patch new OP toys.

  4. William Benedict Alava

    Baby bmpt72 terminator

  5. oh no this thing is like the high tier Pz.2

  6. Error: Name Not Found

    A falcon but bigger,less pen and has radar

  7. It is so broken it will one shot anything it looks at.

  8. I’m just waiting for the merch channel to come back so I can get the “Go Away” and “got a hole in your left wing”

  9. Day 2: Play the HMS Invincible because I have not seen a single British boat video also Battle Cruiser gameplay

  10. The turret on that thing looks like a Star Wars Ion Cannon

  11. 4:37 he sneaks right past XD

  12. I can infact confirm, that my Bombs were Infact complete luck, not skill

  13. Any of you call me

  14. Lol sergeant Ivan

  15. 6:30 you act just like those NPC squad in HL2: “Let me get out of your way” while staying still just on my way=)

  16. That a dumb name. It’s not like the sargent york, you get no proximity fuse ammo. And somehow it’s higher in tech tree than shilka lol

  17. Phly you should phly the new German F-84 jet at 8.7 during ground RB.

  18. Prostě mi jenom říkejte Trukso

    Hey phly it Is spaa (self-prep anti-all)

  19. Welp new falcon guys

  20. Thats a problem with small maps. In reality IFVs arent even comparable to MBTs but in this you can yolo around a corner and put 800 rounds of autocannon through the side of a Abrams.

  21. It Sunday mate

  22. dunno if it was on purpose. but the title ” Ivan Twin ” sorta reads I want win in a russian accent 🙂

  23. Front of ZSU-37-2 turret looks abit like Tiger 1 XD

  24. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 140 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  25. Is there a way how i get premium vehicles for free

  26. 4:22 Phly is that for my 😊

  27. Phly can an Italian boi see the 104S in a capable hand, its got radar missiles now and I’m getting close to getting it. I need a moral boost.
    Attempt 2

  28. i was raging at this map to friends earlier as when you are on the cap point you are highlighted on their map. Second Battle of El Alamein with 2 caps.
    i remember way back people used to play the coelian like this

  29. Phly: “okay they’re clearing the route”


  30. “We shot down some tanks”

  31. Warthunder:adds russian vehicle

  32. 8:50 Minecraft Enderman

  33. T-34E on BR. 8. something. This should be forbidden.

  34. Most WALI vehicle in WT so far

  35. Semper FI!!

  36. 8:48 is that the salty fart ???

  37. It’s been a couple months since I’ve watched one of your vids and it’s such a great return
    Keep it up👍

  38. hey just a thought since the brits have a Canadian adats should they by right get the C2A1 since its a Canadian tank to @PhlyDaily

  39. Disrespectful! 🤣😵

  40. Hmm ,towards the end of the video did that plane put out that fire ?because it looked like you didn’t get credit for that kill!

  41. This thing looks like an ugly selfshooting-hardware from the gulags

  42. A Pz.IV 70/a can be anti-air if you try hard enough….so I see no reason this can’t work in reverse

  43. I like how my real name is just in the title “Sergeant Ivan”

  44. That little boink on 17:13 is so funny

  45. 8:50 man is sounding like a Minecraft enderman

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