Setting a TRAP in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today I’m setting a trap for the enemy in my T9 Swedish heavy tank the Emil II.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Where are the arties

  2. Pls vids more often!

  3. Bro the hair!! Noice!

  4. So when does this premun thing their giving end?

  5. E a frizura mu k’o skolski bukvar

  6. The kranvagn is my first tier 10 tank in the game and I love it 😀

  7. Yo QuickyBaby looking swagger

  8. What did Corona Virus do to Qickybaby ?

    He ran out of his hair gel

  9. I am top 1000 with my kranvagn

  10. Quikybaby: interclip reload always stays the same
    WoT: let’s add a consumable that decreases interclip reload

  11. u dont put out much content anymore….keep em comin when u can tho broseph

  12. lol need gold to pen a ‘weakpoint’

  13. that amx reloaded cause he only had 1 shell after killing your 50tp teammate.

  14. You have to set a REAL trap. Platoon with your whole team on twitch and all camp base

  15. How are you playing world of tanks? On pc? And if so is it WoT:blitz or WoT: Valor

  16. Harry kane hair style 🙂

  17. I play all 3 of the Swedish heavies often, they are fun.

  18. Ah, the Emil II. I am very much looking forward to my Emil II once I’ve researched it. I am in no rush though because I am really enjoying my Emil I.

    Thanks for the video QB. Top quality as always.

  19. Q: what is going to be the next Top of the Tree? 😀

  20. the 66 dislikes are people who played against QB

  21. Howd u get the galaxy style

  22. Is it me or is that anytime I watch quickybaby I feel motivated to play world of tanks and be a god

  23. Wojciech Pachulski

    It hurts when you see that 2/3 of your team goes line 1, 2

  24. Haven’t played WOT for a long time but due to coronavirus lock down started playing again. Just reminded me how broken this game is and the greed of WG. So many one sided games, due to MM and RNG predetermining the outcome. We’ll aim shots in a row hit the dirt against the same tank from less than 100metres away while they snap shot you, knocking out modules and crew nearly every game. Wheeled vehicles snap shot you while travelling 50kph. Multiple arty in game, everyone spamming gold and Russian bias with ultra Hull down bounce monsters. Just glad I’ve not given a single dollar to WG.

  25. Brinzescu Alexandru

    OMG….. :))) WAT IS WITH THIS HAIR STYLE :)))))) SO FUNNY :))))

  26. Comments And Likes

    stop calling tanks “gods”
    its disrespectful and blasphemous

  27. A high tier light tank player that goes valley on this map is like worst of the worst

  28. It’s funny when you feign a reload and back off, only to shut them down when they round the corner.

  29. i like your hairstyle 😀

  30. Joonatan Malmgren

    Wot is pretty fucked right now
    i don’t want to be that one boomer but old wot was better
    t67 is gone hetzer is gone like 50% of the tech trees are gone

  31. YAAAAAASSSSSS FINALLY ! Idk why i stopped watching you but now i have like 2months of AWESOME content im truly thankfull about you work! Thanks!

  32. Even if on Emil II I have one of my best WN8 ratings among high tires still hate it because of how its gun can miss from 50m and it can do it 3 times in 6sec.

  33. Sometimes when I’m loaded I fake like I’m not, and often when I’m reloading I’ll push a little forward

  34. Anyone else eating a bagaute?

  35. Unless i have absolutely no alternative i wouldn’t fire heat. It is generally easier to hit lower plates, since even prammo missed 3/6 shots at that mauschen.

  36. can’t pen “weak point” with standard rounds…

  37. @QB how did you get “ad astra” camo style for free? So far i know, it costs real money🤔

  38. why no comments on the 10 year anniversary?

  39. Very good pronounciation of “Mäuschen” – I’m impressed.

  40. I should buy Guard or Patriot for bonds?

  41. QB…. Your Hair…. its weird…. nah… its long thats all.

  42. I actually press enter to curse at the 50tp…

  43. Emil 2 wasn’t good for me. Well let’s say it might be good when it meet 2 things. First is good map for Emil. And second you need mm with tiers 8 and below. And if you don’t… which happens in 85% times… then you are not that stronk 😀

  44. QB can you do a video on the Udes 14 5. You’ve done the Swedish tier 9 and 10 mediums but left the tier 8?

  45. A weak point should be weak enough so you can pen it with standard rounds.

  46. Why does it only have 3 shells? Yet on console it has 4

  47. The wink at the beginning tho

  48. I’m waiting for the AMX 50B to be buffed

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