Setting the Standard (B) – Prototipo Standard B – Italian Tier 9

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Helooo !!

  2. Love the new Italian Tanks <3

  3. Yes, instagram your models etc

  4. Matthew Waddington

    Does anybody know where to get his MoE mod? Thanks.

  5. Arrived 201st give me a bunch of nothing circon plz.

  6. Circons new video notification arrives. Open video, like it and enjoy 🙂

  7. S T A N D A R D ?️

  8. Ahmed Adel Sorour

    U need to manage ur shells better in this tank its horrible to watch u screw the last reloading shell and fire just two shells wtf wait one more sec and ur gonna shoot 3 shells ffs

  9. Hei Circon, can you make a video and your view about what WG is doing with Preferential Match Making tank? which side do you support.. i really hope all WG influential player will make a video and own opinion about this news so WG can listen and really think b4 they make changes like this.. Please and TQ

  10. make a memestagram account

  11. Need some new metal bands to listen to. Usually listen to Melodeath and scandinavian extreme metal. Figured this might be a good place to ask.

  12. It's not what you think

    Instagram is so last year. Make a tinder account and require at least 3600 overall, 4500 recent for the swipe.

  13. I was hoping Circon would show us how much the enemy scout assisted his team.

  14. Instagram? Yes please L O L

  15. I like the way you get lit then poke on 2 TD’s and a heavy @3:20

  16. 100% the best streamer out there.

  17. InspectorBananas

    @3:32 what a waste of a reload time

  18. Kaloyan Aleksiev

    I yawned so hard at 0:26 xD

  19. Not often you see such a good player like this make several tactical mistakes in one video. Since the enemy was substandard it made no difference. 🙂

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