SHERMAN 105MM – The American KV-2 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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105MM – The (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Do the KV2 – it is like the Russian version of the KV2 and the Yak-9T FOR

  2. Heres your missioin Phly, Play the One Shot M10 and kill 6 tanks, because
    its easy but with all 1 round or You will be terminated:)

  3. is that DevilDogGamer i here

  4. You’ve finally found the beast of the 105

  5. The Red Wings Ihab Nouidjem

    la 5fn pls

  6. Niko and Ante Gaming

    do the big boy combo PE-8 AND KV-2 BOOOIIIIIII

  7. god dammit 105 and the kv-2

  8. 14:53 that laugh though! :D

  9. i Shot down an aircraft with My KV-2 2000 meters away in the next game same
    happened with My SU-152

  10. why dont play with baron anymore?

  11. I killed a tiger from the front with HE with this tank XD

  12. please play t10m

  13. M5 Stuart because why the fuck not

  14. Can you take M18 next time?!

  15. NDG7 Productions

    Hey phly, can u plz take out the m4a3e8 using the fury skin and with extra

  16. I requested this and the f6f a few days ago and I thought i got it and i
    lost my mind

    It wasnt me ;-; * unsubs*

    Jk ur cool

  17. AFellowReptilian

    Just putting this out there, fuckin hate the unsub thing that youtube did.
    Made me unsub from Phly tho I was a daily watcher. Fucking retarded.

  18. oh he was devildoggamer no baron

  19. Take out the M48A1!!!!

  20. I just shot my first airplane down with a tank yesterday, shot down a
    beaufighter with a hetzer

  21. T-34-85 For the Motherland! Для Сталина!

  22. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    great game

  23. Dimitri Molovik

    Fucking love that tank…

  24. xToy_Soldier 808

    Phly I see u did not buy the German Kv2. Now buy it and drive it out to
    only kill ur brother Kv2

  25. A True Wisconsinite

    I like these collabs.

  26. Name of the beginning song?

  27. Benjamin Butter

    dude,plz more cross out

  28. We need baron and slick back! Please phly


    in war thunder they see a m4a3(75) 1 t-34 shows up! they see a m4a3(105) 5
    t-34’s show up! X2 LOL

  30. SU 100Y Box tenk must rise again!

  31. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    PhlyDaily, Master of Derp Gun Skill shot XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. hi, plz play more World of warships ,let’s make NIPPON GREAT AGAIN THIS

  34. That intro shot was boss!

  35. ur supposed to shoot HE and hit front of turret(s) or underneath tank

  36. Vere za fak ist Krossaut?!!
    Ze Reich ist angered as hell!!,

  37. Alexander Daniel

    Time to be russian seacret agent Panther tv

  38. T-54 1951. For mother Russia komrad))))

  39. Nguyễn Hải Dương

    Use the IL-2 in fighter mode and T-34 1942 in AA mode to fuck with the

  40. Can you fly the P-63 Russian tier 4 ( last video was 3 years ago )

  41. Jennyfer Sinnaco

    try the american derp gun t49 pls

  42. stefan talpalaru

    Play the Tiger 2 105mm

  43. That 2nd battle is a great example of how all the flanking in the world can
    be useless if your team is *ignoring the objective*….

  44. I love this tank.

  45. use .50 on those light tank will be a good choice.

  46. how about the american bias M551 Sheridan i think thats how you spell it.
    and AD 2 Skyraider

  47. mahadisal ahadani

    this game looks easy but when I play it in RB………just so hard.

  48. i love using this tank it is really good i personally think it is well
    balanced i play on the ps4 though i also have a youtube channel but its bad
    its called audioslavers only 1 video and it sucks i still dont really know
    on how to do the editing like the pic and a lil tag at top or have the
    words o the pic editing stuff

  49. but this weekend u should do some sorta mini game with the 105mm sherman
    this weekend cus i know u can do a crossplatform thingy cus i really want
    to play with u guys

  50. hey phly there’s a event called the road of the brave u should do it for
    stream to day for hyped Friday its so derby let me know on twitch and I
    could may be bomb u or shoot u down XD gl mate have fun

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