Sherman Firefly, Brotherhood of Steel – War Thunder 1.53

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.53 Sherman – Brotherhood of Steel!
War Thunder – NEW British Tanks, Firefly/!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Dam, watched this 24 seconds after he released it. xD

  2. Woot firefly is one of the best tanks I’ve used

  3. When are you going to upload another fallout 4 episode Baron?


  4. Gg wheres Sherman D:

  5. I don’t like the QF 17 pounder’s APCBC it doesn’t have any explosive charge
    and I didn’t noticed it at first so i didn’t knew why my shot weren’t
    killing anymore then I switches to APDS and it rekt everything from the

  6. I still prefer the Sherman 76’s. Idk why

  7. What tank should I drive out next from 1.53? And check out my second
    channel for the Fallout 4 Let’s Play:

  8. Plz play from the depth

  9. Baron, just wanted to say that you’re my fav YouTuber and I’m sure there
    are a lot of other people on here that think the same! I love you man, and
    that’s weird coming from a 21 year old man…yeah my girlfriend thinks i’m

  10. 3e and not last

  11. “Trzyniec” on the side. It’s a matafackin Polish tank! 1st Squadron, 4th
    panzer Devision.

  12. Second like and second comment keep up the great work baron

  13. is this a premium tank?? really want to know

  14. the 17pounder was the most effective anti tank gun of the alliesbduring ww2

  15. im going to gamer hell for saying this… but i dont like the allout
    series. dont hit me, dont scream at me plez

  16. Gve up on this game, good to watch but total shit to play

  17. Fallout 4? nty :/

  18. The British but that plate on the left side of the turret mantlet to
    protect the tank commander it seems.

  19. check on x-ray maybe protect ammo or commander

  20. Baron I’m going to say it again, STOP SKIPPING YOUR KILL CAM!! PLZ!! Lol.
    Loved the video btw.

  21. Really hoping that you’ll stream today :c

  22. The plate is there, like on the Sherman it’s based on, to give some added
    protection to your gunner/aimer.

  23. Meh, fallout has never interested me much. However hope you enjoy it.

  24. Speaking of being fond of armored warfare in general, u may like games like
    Titanfall and MechWarrior (I think that’s the name), and other games like
    those. They have the armor, but deviate away from the tanks…

  25. Baron pleaz show the hellcat some love

  26. This Is Baronvontitty from twitch

  27. I believe that 88mm plate was on the regular Shermans too… But I think
    it’s to protect the commander.

  28. Shamelessly ramming groundtargets… Seriously?

  29. One shot a T34? Forum will be alive with armchair experts very soon.

  30. please do the black Prince again

  31. E-100!

  32. Fuck you baron you spoiler scum.

  33. caleb wortz (total bro)

    The spoilers baron, why?

  34. well if you to check in the x-ray what’s behind it most likely the gun or
    the loader

  35. my highest BR tank is a 6.7 and now i can’t use it after they reduced the
    max battle rating. It was such a bad idea. Please change it back to max BR
    8.0 gaijin.

  36. The firefly was an America made tank gun baron

  37. you use so much shots that are just for piercing Armour not for killing
    crew that’s why you get so many assists

  38. Did no one else notice the KV-2 Guns breach was black?

  39. what happened to the assistant driver

  40. Have you ever read some warhammer 40k with space Marine terminators? that’s
    some real power armour

  41. I heard that the extra plate on the turret was to protect the gunner

  42. Paplo die Pöpel Eule

    Die Beste Kanone im 2WK war die 88mm !!!!

  43. Where is the live stream for Fallout 4?

  44. I really wanted to watch your stream and see your fallout 4 gameplays but
    Im waiting to get it. Prob today

  45. Hey Baron, this is about the extra turret plate on the firefly
    if you look at the crew placement in the turret, the side with the one
    member hasn’t got the plate, but the side with two members has the plate to
    reduce chance of two men killed with one shell. Oh and I love the vids,
    keep up the good work!

  46. I quit this actually amazing game because of bombers. so pissed. like
    really. it sometimes get to your nerves.

  47. What you were describing are mech fighting games Baron. And they exist,
    just not very popular

  48. Awesome video Baron

  49. I was disappointed by Fallout New Vegas so I have no hope for the New one

  50. Jaw Jaw xFasterKillx

    hello guys you new video again maus and T-10M

  51. So I can only assume that soon we’ll get Japanese tanks?

  52. Keep up the awesome work, Baron. I look forward to your videos everyday. As
    The Engler said below, a lot of your fans love you. BTW….I’m a 42 year
    old man and I giggle every time you say ‘Its a trap!’. Don’t tell my Army
    buddies. Old crusty Infantrymen aren’t supposed to giggle.

  53. yeah any way on the Sherman firefly that piece of spaced armor baron that
    was used to peak corners witch the British usually peeked from the right

  54. Ay yo Baron. Are you a fan of Warhammer 40k?

  55. QF 17 is basically the equivalent of a British 88mm.

  56. Could we get some JPZ 4-5 action plz?

  57. I got fallout 4 yesterday too, because it was released yesterday

  58. I remember trying to get abducted in FO3

  59. only one day and ive already had the whole fallout 4 story spoiled for me

  60. Does the firefly have APCBC? If so baron should really be using it

  61. Your son in fallout is the……
    Nah I won’t spoil it for you :)

  62. Use. Kv1

  63. Best gun of WW2

    This is why i subed you cuz u know how to make me lol

  64. Kv1 l11 please or any other kv1

  65. this british line is shit where is free?

  66. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    Polish Sherman Firefly

  67. The Totalitarian Cheesecake

    man, I hate the new maps right now because it gives me 2-11 fps average on
    low quality

  68. The 17pdr is probably the best gun the allies had in WW2 (except for some
    prototypes maybe)

    But its not the best gun of the war

    The 75mm KwK on the Panther is better
    The 88mm of the Tiger 1 does more damage but has slightly less penetration
    (so kind of equal )
    The 88mm of the Tiger 2 is far superior with much higher penetration and
    higher damage (as well as better accuracy due to higher muzzle velocity)
    The 128mm of the jagdtiger is superior as well but was produced in small

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