Sherman III Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Dream match in the Sherman III. You’ve got to feel sorry for the enemy team!

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  1. Dreadshells Gaming

    lol, bet you had to take a shower after this game :P

  2. Nice Vid And Good Commentary Too…Thank’s!

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the Sherman III but I do like the M4 and they seem to
    be nearly the same tank. The Pz4H is one of my favorite tanks but it really
    isn’t much different than the Shermans, except maybe turret traverse. I
    can’t explain why I seem to do better in the M4 over the Sherman III.

    Wow, that match making. However with my luck all the arty would target me
    and take me out in the first 5 minutes.

    I find the derp gun the best for the Shermans and the Pz4H. Even when you
    are low tier you can at least do something to wreck the enemy.

  4. Which Tier 8 premium is the best ? I would like to buy one but I don’t know
    which chose

    • +Acrylic Maple Difficult question. It depends on a lot of factors. Which
      lines you are focused on, how experienced you are, what tanks you like
      playing, whether or not you prefer being active or passive. Basically, if
      you haven’t got experience at tier 8, i don’t recommend buying a tier 8.
      Tier 5 and 6 premium tanks will make you credits and train crews too.
      However, if you are looking for the most forgiving, easy to play tier 8
      premium, then it’s probably the IS-6.

    • ok thanks for now im in the american and soviet lines

    • +Acrylic Maple Don’t know what server you’re on but in NA we just got T-54
      prototype (I heard it is not available on other servers yet) you may want
      to find out about it. I know Irish likes the Super P but I advise against
      it. T34 is another good choice.
      In any case the advice you got should be taken to hart, there is nothing
      more pathetic than a wallet worrier with a tier 8 premium and no tier 8
      tanks researched.
      Also there will be new Berlin specials coming soon, these will have gifted
      crews (like the female crews on missions) so you get first perk for free
      and subsequent perks faster….

    • Ok thank to you

  5. When you get there, I am sure you will enjoy the Firefly. Thanks for more
    great videos.

  6. I would use the 76mm, because the 105 is only good if you get a matchup
    like this, whereas you can still do well in tier seven games with the 76,
    because of it’s premium ammo and even it’s normal AP ammo pen.

    • +Archie Fulford I agree I use the 76mm on T67 (the artist formerly known as
      T49) and the tier VI Fury, serves me well.

  7. You are Shermanator :)

  8. I have same match making but just tier 5 Heavys 

  9. Am I the first to see this? Wow. That’s kind-of awesome.

  10. Jonatan Nordlander


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