SHERMAN INVASION – 60 Shermans Vs 4 Mäuse ( War Thunder Gameplay)

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SHERMAN INVASION – 60 Shermans Vs 4 Mäuse ( )


  1. Sherman rush

  2. Nice game play Phly alway great to watch.Great indoor weather in QLD OZ Rainning cats and dogs for the last few days Cheers.

  3. Phly, have a Locusts vs. Tigers custom battle, guaranteed fun!

  4. If this really happened in WW2, it would be legendary. 😀

  5. What’re your comp specs Phlee?

  6. Allied Tank production in full play (1944,colorized)

  7. The correct vernacular is Mauses. Take it from a person who knows when to say fish and fishes as plural.

  8. Hey phly the challenger could use some love because i sure hate it, the challenger is pure and utter garbage. Have fun.

  9. PLAY THE E100


    Take a ZiS-30 into battle… at BR 6.0. Survive long enough to score three kills.
    (Attempt number 2)

  11. play the flakpaner 1

  12. how do i lock my turet?

  13. 4 shermans versus 60 maus

  14. Randomly sings o Canada XD


  15. Could they unnerf the armor and give the 75 real ammo? Maybe that would help without dropping to 7.3.

  16. With 500k subs maybe you can afford a top of the line rig

  17. why not the ASU-57-2 vs sherman?

  18. You need to review the new the BMP-1

  19. Whelp, this reminds me of edge of tomorrow now. The machine gun fire, the smoke, the hoards of faster moving enemies

  20. try a 64 server with a fleet of bombers vs enemy attackers and bomber hunters. remember to stay in formation!

  21. Lol. 30FPS’s. Frames per second’s

  22. How do you get into these games with phly??

  23. Sad I couldn’t get in on this match. Was so close.. Damn you fast handed password typers.

  24. First

    To say first

  25. World war two after d day in a nutshell

  26. Phly it’s time for some payback to those Americans, use the German m47 and take out as many as you can

  27. Hearts of iron 4 is hard. I bought it today and I think I need to watch some tutorials.

  28. CHALLENGE: Kill 64 players in one bombing run!

  29. this is what every bloody game is like for me on tanks…. 25-30 FPS min Graphics… not fun but its great when i go to max on a mates computer 90 FPS and am so used to the quick reactions i can get tank ace easy XD

  30. How are you only getting 30fps

  31. All I’m seeing is an army of “ants” shermans attacking 4 “foot” maus

  32. Phly could you try an Arado formation? I think It’d be hilarious to see you guys try to stick together!

  33. Get an ace with the Object 120 firing HE shells only

  34. Pre ordered french plane with your link love u lots – me

  35. I think you guys got into french maus’s. You were running more then you were pushing.

  36. If phly uses the firefly Sherman, does it become a FirePhly Sherman?

  37. Shoutout to the like two players who realized that shooting a Maus in the side of the turret is about the exact opposite of what you want to be doing in order to pen.

  38. 128mm heat shot on sherman tank commander, RIP

  39. Upvote for the correct use of the plural of Maus.

  40. 5:10 best bullet bounce in world

  41. Дмитрий Кузнецов

    PhlyDaily maybe 1-4 b29 vs 60 gaz aaa?)

  42. i still dont understand why i got kicked ;-;

  43. do pe-8 vs 63 asu 57
    or simmilar size vehicals

  44. “Now when you guys can spawn, spawn on the spawn” -Phly 2k17

    sounded funny don’t hate me

  45. Challenge: Land a bomber on the ground and taxi around shooting tanks with your turrets. Alternatively: Land a fighter on the ground and shoot tanks. Attempt #5

  46. Im confused

    Why cant my M18 APCR cant penetrate an IS Russian tank, and here a Maus gets penetrated by a shermans APCR???

  47. Товарищи Ангелы

    This was awesome m8

  48. americans using Cyka Rush B erlin style

  49. JamesBondOO7_R JamesOO7_R

    No, never a tier 1 tank can kill maus tanks from the back so Sherman’s with smart tactik can easily kill 4 mauses

  50. Looks like that one episode in GuP where they are attacked by m4 sherman

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