SHERMAN TANK BEACH ASSAULT | IWO JIMA (Battlefield V War In The Pacific)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Battlefield 5 : 20mm Auto Cannons Are Disgusting (Battlefield V War In The Pacific)

Phellas in the vid!


  1. I don’t know if people know this but if you’re top Gunner on a tank you could duck press O

  2. you should play arma 2 or operation flashpoint cold war crisis(arma cold war assault)

  3. Play some more post scriptum or hell let loose please.

  4. idk who …but someone was trying to give the king of tanks…mr tankdaily himself…advice on tanking…lulllzzz…I love it..

  5. Psycophath

  6. Oh my god 3 of my favorite youtubers in the same squad. Level, nicca, and phlip phlop

  7. “Can you not shoot” lvlcaps way of saying he wants to hog the kills

  8. I swear westie in this squad great video


  10. The saltiest Aussie

    105mm gun with co axe phlamethrower please use it phly

  11. Can the Sherman turn into a calliope

  12. 21:33 ah, the classic Battlefield experience

  13. if you havent already, check out a game called battlegound europe I think you’ll like it

  14. LVT(A) stands for Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored). There were several variations.
    As the name implies, it was an ordinary LVT with extra armor and a cannon on top.

  15. You mean to tell me you didn’t use the calliope?

  16. Dattebayo!!!

  17. Love your content ?

  18. Future update: Transvestite African American Woman with Prosthetic Arm Skin unlocked through premium pass or microtransactions.

  19. It sounds like it’s still loaded with hackers. Is it worth it?

  20. can we talk about how that shermans gun sight seems to be from the loader’s position

  21. uwu a line from an ecchi anime for the intro

  22. Dressel come out i know you are heavy breathing with your marine corps

  23. Thanks to 1.91, the R3 T20 FA-HS, FIAT6613, AUBL/74 can apparently float now 😀

  24. fuzzytroller5742 red_sage01

    “This is so therapeutic” *guns down Japanese soldier in a Sherman*

  25. Is that ravic?

  26. Imperial Shocktrooper

    When the LVTs charge the beach: URAAAAA!

  27. This is awesome all you guys play some battlefield this is going to be entertaining ???

  28. *Warning dont use emotes during live streams, you may get banned on google and youtube*

  29. Was honored to visit Iwo Jima. Unbelievable to think of storming those beaches when you can see everything from Mount Suribachi. Semper Fidelis. Happy birthday Marines

  30. depression and opsession

    Chelenge time! Tiger H1 with only HEAT

  31. Shermans be like “Im you but better”

  32. The sherman has “US ARMY” on its hull and that makes me physically ill

  33. Is it just me, or that second sector on Iwo Jima waaaay to difficult to capture?

  34. Benny’s laugh is so hysterically maniacal

  35. Reason american teams lose so much. Vehicles. Everyone wants to jump in one and never fight for the objective. The vehicles are support, the foot soldier is the most important player to win the match.

  36. Do you play Hell let loose ? Great tank plays in my opinion.

  37. 9:30 Opel Blitz on Iwo Jima??? This is not Iwo Jima, this is stupid asset flip, Normandy map with some color changes…

  38. Phly and niccaman..?

    *the prophecy is true*

  39. Playing with H2ODelirious now

  40. Me: * wants to play this map *
    Pacific storm: *”no”*

  41. Scientist at Chernobyl: our reactor’s fine!
    The reactor: 10:48

  42. Krzysztof Minakowski

    Play witch japanese tanks

  43. Esse foi o melhor video ???????

  44. This game. It’s really not me, just arcade 🙁

  45. litteraly paper tank

  46. phly! challenge take t72a with HE and snip the new Abrams from the same distance as my dad was when i came into the world…
    e.g as far as possible. re-instate the sweet sweet soviet bias.
    p.s aim for commander cupola.

  47. The snort at the beginning just made my day

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