SHERMAN THUNDER | Jack of all TRADES (War Thunder)

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SHERMAN THUNDER | Jack of all TRADES (War Thunder)

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  1. he gave em that w i l l i a m p e t e r s o n

  2. Tetrahydrocannibinol

    Play the PhirePhly
    Play the PhirePhly
    Play the PhirePhly

    Eh, good enough

  3. The crazy guy who plays YT

    Do the M56 scorpion


  4. Don’t see it yet, and don’t remember the original commenters last count of attempts, but let’s see the M3 GMC!

  5. Everybody: see a Sherman
    Me: A toaster with tracts

  6. Unfortunately, it was the recent penetration changes that made the M61 shot more powerful than the M71 shot. not that I’m complaining, as it gives me a reason to use the M61 shot.


  8. KV 1 next please!

  9. Germansherman 383

    Ruse was my game back in the day loved it so much (guess what there is kinda a ruse 2 it’s called steel divisions check it out me and my friends enjoy it)

  10. I love that THICC beauty. She is always faithful and can ALWAYS be trusted. Don’t doubt her!! ❤️

  11. R.U.S.E. was hands down one of my favorite strategy games on the PS3 hundreds of hours well spent

    • Where were you when I was looking to play against someone??? it was so hard to find a game back then. severely under rated game.

  12. please please try the German kv1 premium tank I got it and I wanna know what you think. Good or bad?

  13. gabriel luiz da silva

    I really want to see any kv-1 !!!

  14. American APCBC does not fuck around

  15. Phly, why does your recent video is not as good as it used to be on 720p60 ?

  16. Can u give the SU 122 some attention? It has a 160mm pen HEAT round, that can destroy all the armor it faces…

  17. in b4 ‘Nerf Sherman Smoke’

  18. What the Sherman is master of: Stabilised at 3.3-4

  19. Cant believe you never aimed turret ring on any of those kvs, its pretty much a free pen

  20. Jennifer Parchman

    Yes do kv -1 lol plz

  21. 12:48

    When you try acid for the first time

  22. Why not do another sherman for the next day, try the italian M4 Tipo IC probably my favorite vehicle when i was grinding the italian tech tree.

  23. Play the kv1s
    Attempt #2, might work this time

  24. If only every Sherman played like you

  25. I absolutely love these Shermans. M4a3 105 and M4 are the best

  26. Yes kv 1 pleaze

  27. Pz IV F2 next?

  28. Just watched The Fury movie and…. they need to make more of those movies

  29. 4:41 RIP samguchin :c

  30. i tried getting into this game but i didnt get it. like when you die. you respawn? or what? when i played i only had 2 tanks so once i died i could use another but after thats it. so idk. im confused on how the game modes work

  31. Attempt #1 Phly should play R.U.S.E. for his next game series.

  32. “RTS games on the Xbox360 back in the day” *p l e a s e* tell me you trollin’


  33. Ltwin_weim santiago

    Well I hate playing against shermann it’s armor is super THICC

  34. LVL 100 RUSE player right here brother! Played the absolute flip outta that beauty!

  35. You triggered my nostalgia talking about ruse

  36. Yohan L.naraidoo

    I had over 3000hours on ruse Xbox… I’m happy it’s backward compatible but yeah I’ll really want a new one. Tbf you can always check out war game… It’s basically ruse 2

  37. Enthusiastic Amateur

    Do early T34’s, fun for all the family!

  38. buffalojoeinchico

    LOVED ruse!!! Made my Xbox near overheat everytime! Im not an rts fan at all but I spent many an hour playing that game. Had so much fun with the tactical nukes on final mission:)

  39. Matias de la Fuente

    Yeeees!!! KV-1’s next plz!!! 😀

  40. I say yes play the kv1 or any of the low br vehicles. Sense the ammo change they are different now ,plus its been awhile sense your last vids on them . Most importantly, low br is fun br . Great vid.


  42. If your playing the Sherman’s don’t forget to play the British Sherman II !!!!!!

  43. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    Yes, KV-1 for win

  44. KV1 next!

  45. DA_KING-_-COBRA _

    Attempt #37
    Phly the p38 g/e

  46. KV 1 please

  47. black hand ghost

    Yea do some kv1 gameplay

  48. Attempt #9 play the AMX-10RC plz 😀

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