SHERMAN ZERG RUSH VS Last Of The German Tanks (1945 Colorized)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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SHERMAN ZERG RUSH VS Last Of The German Tanks (1945 Colorized)

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  1. Björn Stahlfaust

    Very nice! One question, how do I quality to join the Phly squad, I am rank IV USA and almost rank V Germany!

  2. Björn Stahlfaust

    3:45 “I want every gun that we have to fire on that man…”

  3. He protecc area 51

    But where are the aliens???
    Gone? reduced to atoms?

  4. 0:21 why dont you love him? 🙁

  5. Hey phly why did you not love yourmomshouse back on 0:20

  6. Literally how Shermans were used IRL. Shitty armor and swarm tactics.

  7. To all those who are sleeping under a rock

    We are invading area 51 on the 20th of September 2019 for fun

  8. Kommander Phly, pls play the VFW into 10.0.
    (Side skirts down, get 5 kills, no APCR and bonus if done with squad)
    Attempt No 36.

  9. This is like Space Marines against Tyrannids

  10. Fury: “I’m a Tiger in a perfect ambush position, but what the hack let’s drive out so those brave americans can kill me!????”

  11. play the neckless sherman aka Firefly -5 gun depression

  12. how me and the boys gonna be storming area 51

  13. yeah I see features from the arcade in that “realist battle”

  14. How Wehraboos think WW2 happened

  15. Marf & barfs Channel

    (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━ 卐 shermans

  16. *laughs in E-100* E-100: pitiful

  17. Ha! See? This is a totally historically correct depiction of the superiority of German tanks! This is how it all went down during World War 2! Show THIS video during history class!

  18. im surprised, no jumbos, m4a2 76, not even a firefly.

  19. 16:08 whenever you zoom in just like target tracking for aircraft there is target tracking for tanks

  20. 6:33 man you have tiger 2 he have tiger 1

  21. ok real talk can we talk about how the maus was swarmed by the whole team a lived.

  22. Wehraboos: All we have to do is sit on a hill and kill the Shermans as they are in the open.

    Smoke ammo: Imma bout to ruin this mans whole career…




  24. omegaroblox gamer

    What was that stuart doiung there ?

  25. 7:48 “I just ricochetted off an M-22 don’t worry about me”

    ‘Merican tanks are so free that even God can’t take ’em

  26. 12:09 “OH IT’S HISTORICAL THE PHERDINAND IS ON PHIRE” I never laughed so hard in my life

  27. You guys should do a Reichstag defense. (If you haven’t already!) King Tigers vs. T-34’s.

  28. Now This is the wheraboo wet dream!

  29. U should have pulled out the Muas

  30. Then noone will be able to kill u

  31. Classic Girls und Panzer match with suanders and Koromorene

  32. Wait what a complete moron

  33. Flavius Stilicho

    This video made me understand how the Germans on the Eastern front must have felt.

  34. I think this would be more accurate with t34’s….

  35. Oh god the lockon setting reset bug that SUCKS

  36. LOL HIS AIMBOTS ANNOYING him LOL!!!!! i was never privy to ANY auto lock ANYthing in war thunder .. Funny how that scrub cheaters auto lock what EVER is bugging him, locking on to things he cant shoot lol cheaters.

  37. seal club thunder join today to be slaughtered by wallet warriors of the most elite variety.. lol Your the reason i dont touch war Cancer.

  38. Attempt #5 Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  39. Robo Iluma Javier

    Who thinks they should put WWI tanks and planes in this game?

  40. *”I’M SO SICK OF THIS ARCADE MODE!!! MUUUUUUU!!!”* lol phly! such a douche! XD

  41. Do this but with t-34 1940s attempt#1

  42. Should do a Battle Of Kursk game. Historical vehicles only. Yall like this so Phly can see it!!

  43. Phly do the M3 GMC with the M61 shot

  44. Wait whaaaaaaat?

  45. Phly vitner getting ganked by US forces circa 1944 August

  46. What game is this

  47. 1 like=1 prayer for that M22 charge

  48. Poor jack is trying his best ?

  49. Everything is more realistic than Fury.

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