SHERMANS ON THE BEACH – D-DAY EVENT ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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SHERMANS ON BEACH – D-DAY EVENT ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. First

  2. love ur videos keep making more, love u dudee !!

  3. three person

  4. Why do i have Birth Day on the 6th please explain

  5. is it d-day? i totally forgot

  6. Federico Mattei

    156 units seems a bit underwhelming lol

  7. *But the Russians died more! generic comment*

  8. michael tremblay

    only 156? damn got to give them credit for taking on the Atlantic wall

  9. I will forever remember the bravery on Omaha. Both American and Germans.

  10. In the speech at the beginning you can here him wanting to cry but Phly
    JUST DO IT we all do it ?

  11. Respect man for the emotion.

  12. 5:00 SHOTS FIRED :D

  13. Jesus del Castillo Rodriguez

    T-T you made me cry.

  14. God bless those soldiers who sacrifice their lives to save the world and
    the future generations ahead of them.

  15. :'( that’s deep..

  16. I think my great great grandfather was in ww1-2 an d-day god bless all the
    Americans an us Canadains an the British god bless

  17. #Deep

  18. I said 156, i meant 156K no disrespect

  19. Well said

    And nice kill on that 109

  20. say amen in rememberence of are fallen brothers and sister amen

  21. awesome speech at the begining

  22. Tiger Tank Gaming

    They did it because they had to. If they didn’t fight the world would be
    over so they had to push forward

  23. Check out the youtube video “death traps” and you’ll get a good idea!

  24. bill Cosby won WW2

  25. Dario SantaCruz

    Today is my birthday as well

  26. Mackenzie Braden

    For your comment in the beginning, the generation who fought in World War
    II were the bravest, generation and the greatest generation because they
    knew they should serve their country regardless of what they thought of the
    war. They knew that great evil would come upon the world if they didnt
    serve. If that same thing happened today, my generation and the coming up
    generations wouldnt do the same thing. Its a sad truth but its the one we
    are stuck with. Ive made it a priority to always write on my calendar and
    remember each year the anniversary of D-Day, as well as Pearl Harbor. I
    hate to see the kids nowadays complain about having it all so hard and
    fight for free stuff and be all around whiners when a generation 72 years
    ago had it 10 times worse.

  27. Ace Michael Wittmann

    ‘D’ DAY = DEVIL’S DAY?
    6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month

  28. phly is a phagg

  29. How about we show the fellows across the pond some love?
    The Vc Master Race.
    Take out the Sherman Vc Firefly and the Spitfire Vc :)

  30. TransformersNerd

    The m41 walker bulldog with the p80 as a Korean combo

  31. Apart from TheMightyJingles (check out his Chanel) Phly is the only
    YouTuber who has payed tribute to D-Day but Phly just like TheMightyJingles
    could you pay tribute like this for The Battle Of Midway

  32. Mr Poisonousnake

    Phly do you need a hug

  33. On the sixth of June , on the shores of western Europe ninteen-fourty-four
    . Primo Vicotria !

  34. wow. wut a great speech. I almost teared up

  35. Mr. Spaceturtle

    that was deep rip warriors

  36. They added the markers because it’s a tournament and they didn’t want any
    possibility of cheating.
    I wonder how that happened.


  37. Calm Koala Nightcore™ (CalmKoalaArmy)

    i have a lot of with the shermans…

  38. Bryann Van Der Voort

    good talk phly

  39. Rodney Buckland

    phly sounded like he was…crying

  40. 1+ to that mate.

  41. Don’t cry, then I’ll cry. lol

  42. Xavier Saavedra

    Today is June 6, 2016 that’s 666 omg

  43. That beginning gave me chills Phly, well spoken!

  44. Anyone wanting some information on D-day I’m board so I am here to give

    June 5th the path finders drop along with the first paratroopers and glider
    troops. these men were tasked with capturing strategic locations along the
    coast line including coastal battery’s and the one and only Pegasus bridge.
    the British paratroopers were dropped to the east while the Americans to
    the west.

    while this was going on allied bombing raids were taking place over Calais
    and on strategic coastal locations note these were to ill effect as the
    bombers were told to drop later than they usually would.

    4:00 June the 6th allied ships start there bombardment of the beaches this
    was had more of an effect on the Germans state of mind as the naval ships
    were inaccurate and often missed there target’s

    6:00 am the landings go ahead with the British landing on sword,gold the
    Canadians on Juno with the help of the royal marines. the Americans attack
    Utah but miss the designated landing zone and land in a less heavily
    defended area which was a blessing in disguise as the assault on Omaha
    wasn’t going to plan.

    later that day us British would try to launch a assault on caun and that
    would fail down to German bunkers and stiff resistance.

    I hope this was interesting
    Jordan hard
    ww2 historian(I’m 16)

  45. respect for the begin

  46. mees woudenberg

    more shermans

  47. phly a lot of them was forced into the army even if they didnt want to go
    so a lot of them was forced not actually wanting to go

  48. That intro was deep bro…

  49. my papaw went into Normandy on D-Day +6. he said there were still bodies
    everywhere and the beach smelled like a meat plant. he said he knew that he
    wouldnt have a problem killing germans. Thats the first and last time he
    ever talked about the war and he has never been back to a beach since.

  50. the battle of midway was there too on june 6

  51. Ricashoter gamer

    That into was true and accurate and beautifully said about a horrible time
    and that is sad to say as my grandfather at the age of 31 got blown up by a
    German tank on D-day apparently as he just got of the crafts and ran to a
    trench and got hit by a tank shell it’s sad but that’s what happened in
    wars but one thing how I know what happened is one of the other of
    thousands of men came to my house he gave me his tag and told me what
    happened to him this was very recent though and it was 72-73 years ago

  52. Lt.gavin squadron 21

    do you want to now how to make smoke come out of your wingd

  53. Lt.gavin squadron 21


  54. “In a war like this, there are no civilians…”

  55. Rip ww2 soldiers thank you

  56. that first 2 and a half mins was a great introduction and you defiantly
    poured your soul and your Gratitude for the men who died that day and shone
    a new perspective of the Normandy Landings. I respect that.

  57. I am German and glad it did the Americans to liberate Europe

    R.I.P Heros of War

  58. Boris van Nooten

    Damn, cry daily

  59. Well said.

  60. how did you see them…


  61. Wyatt Szulewski

    Well said

  62. That intro. That dogfight. Beauty video, Phly.

  63. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Phly the intro is a bit heavy man .

  64. It comes to my mind whenever i’m playing games like these depicting war and
    fighting, like “this is based on real life fucked up events or scenarios.”

  65. That aerial dog fight was really nice. gg.
    – Eddy

  66. Those brave men died, so that the Jews could make the offspring of those
    soldiers into manbabies who cry on line for money. #thewrongsidewon #zogbots

  67. Håvard Madland

    American, British, Candian and Norwegian forces*

  68. Notascarymonster The king of gnome,s

    Wow Jesus he was getting all teary eyed shit

  69. OsamaBinWeavel The3rd

    So many people were saying this event is unfair. I was like shut up war
    isn’t fair you daft cunts you’re playing a video game imagine being in
    their situation.

  70. if just someone wake up hitler and hitler said give me blood of murican
    people (becous he was stupid to not know what people are there) they would
    do that tigers would slaughter muricans, brits and candians like cows

  71. That dog-fight was beautiful, both you and the enemy pilot were great but
    in the end you were the better man. but judging how the enemy plane crashed
    it looks like the pilot could walk away from that.

  72. Deep Thought Gaming

    That was so beautiful and deep Phly…

  73. “I wonder how that happened” phly u lowkey savage ??

  74. I really enjoy the first minutes of the video. It was awesome. All your
    intros are very good as well but this one was perfecto, for me

  75. Phly you almost cried

  76. So many people died on June 4th, in either Europe or Asia. (Dark Joke

  77. Killergripblood With Friends

    American Captured Bf-109 F-4 M/C… Make the Nazis pay for what they did!!

  78. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    Today I went to the RAF museum in London walking distance (for the 50th
    time :P) and there were some veterans under the Lancaster, while I was
    taking a picture they called me out and asked me if I knew what plane that
    was and when I answered correctly they smiled and it was the coolest thing.
    Then when I went out through the gift shop, the younger RAF officer that
    was taking care of them was talking to a staff member saying how he wanted
    to go home but the vets didn’t want to leave the plane so he couldn’t xD It
    made my day

  79. kill 1 person its a tragedy kill 1000 and its a stastic

  80. ok take a m3 stuart and go kill a maus

  81. PRIMO VICTORIA-Sabatin listen to that

  82. Please what keyboard do you use?

  83. conner hartline

    Because America and Her great people had balls of steel. They crushed the
    evil, so remember them.

  84. Intro got real.

  85. I thought he was going to cry

  86. This “tournament” is bs. None of those Shermans were used on D-day. It was
    mostly filled out by the regular M4s with their 75s. The Brits had some
    Cromwell’s, Churchill’s, and a few Centaurs, also of course
    Hobart’s Funnies… M10s, a few M18s (regular, not that bs Super
    Hellcat), and some Achilles were used as well. Light tanks like the Stuarts
    were even used. What War Thunder gives the Allies in the event is a joke,
    and is disgraceful in the way that it is basically saying heavier tanks are
    needed to fight the (in game) lower tier Germans. The Germans in fact had
    access to not only StuG IIIs and Panzer IVs… but also Tigers, a few
    Jagdpanthers, a few of elephant TDs, StuG IVs, Panthers, and even Bengal
    Tigers (King Tiger / Tiger II). Though the Germans didn’t have them in
    outrageously large numbers, they were there. The fact that America gets
    the 76 Shermans for the event, and Germany doesn’t even get the first Tiger
    is just absurd. For the realistic event, the use of the markers also takes
    a lot out of it, as does the fact that the allies don’t even main spawn on
    the beach. All in all, very disrespectful set up… but I guess history
    is written by the victors, isn’t it -_-

  87. Today was also the Falador Massacre


  89. ooh the feels bro

  90. I wished the German M4 got apcr like the American one. Would make it a lot
    better since I always have to face Churchill and such all the time.
    Haven’t played it for a long time and decided to take it out only to find a
    horrible time.

  91. glenneth kenneth

    Shit phly, I can tell u can appreciate those who have enlisted; I’ve been
    watching dday stories and interviews all day. Youre a very empathetic
    individual, don’t apologize for getting choked up.


  93. Captain John Luke Picard Of The USS Enterprise

    Like for the intro damm

  94. i had 8 kills in this event

  95. very strong intro and words

  96. y didnt u play the jumbo best gun of the shermans and best armour

  97. Wow! The first 2,5 min. #respect

  98. What platform is this?

  99. Well said phly today is definitely to be remembered for brave sacrifices

  100. Im always saying this, Phly a different youtuber! You’re a real man, real
    human! I love you man! (Im not a gay!)

  101. i have the most upmost respect for the soldiers of ww2, June 6th 1944 will
    never be forgotten. god bless and may you rest in piece too all those
    heroes that fought on the beaches of Normandy and died at the beaches of
    Normandy. same goes too the airborne divisions that dropped further in
    behind enemy lines in Normandy in the early hours of the 6th June 1944.

  102. 7:17 I think that you should Be able to start of as a fighter at the start
    of a round not as a bomber otherwhise like you pointed out people would
    bomb the oposing spawn

  103. I had 6 relatives who fought in both wars all of them came back fine. But
    as they say “when I look at the work today what did I fight for”

  104. it almost sounded like you started crying Phly.. right in the feels man

  105. it seems crazy that the average age of a WW2 GI was 26, even crazier that
    it was 19 for Vietnam

  106. First thing first, I do respect all the veterans and those who lost their
    lives on D-Day. Now, WT event has to be one of the most unrealistic events
    that sponsors D-Day.

  107. I know that sometimes you can be a cunt to other respectable you-tubers
    *cough* orange *cough* *cough*. But what you said at the beginning was
    pretty deep (I’m pretty sure everyone noticed you were on the verge of
    crying). Good for you man!! ;)

  108. tinatpasselepoivre

    I always think of the german soldiers seing that huge force… They must
    thinked “oh dear fuck we are toast”

  109. Ğємнєαят

    ‘realistic’ with nametags above you…. VERY ‘realistic’

  110. That was a good. God damn speach.

  111. Mr. PhlyDaily as a combat veteran glad you took the time to remember those
    who gave all. Blood Makes the Grass Grow!!!

  112. Jew did Nazi it Thrumping

    Hitler was right and he was to one to win

  113. Gamer300 “Gamer3000”

    1953 started lithuanian redemption to siberia

  114. realli enjoyed the video phly nicely done actually tho it was 175,000
    allied troops stormed the beaches and only 150,000 made it off the beach.
    every year on june 6th i poor a glass of whiskey and just stair at the
    canadian flag on my wall and think about not just our canadian boys but all
    allied troops who risked there lives for peace and for our futures i will
    never forget them for there selfless bravery,honor,and pride and so i drink
    to them in there honor.

  115. Thousands died but for what cause.War didn’t need to happen.You lose your
    father,mother,grandfather,grandmother,a brother,a sister,a uncle,a
    aunt,your cousins,and your lover.Millions have died and millions have
    suffered.One man can cause this and leave you to suffer.

  116. Screensaving Gamer

    either you’re the best actor of the whole bloody Hollywood business or you
    actually got emotional. Keep it up bro, they gave us the chance to spend
    our time killing fake tanks and planes, and damn we are gonna use it.

  117. Hey phly today 2 years befor d-day was the battle of midway too you know

  118. Hate when people forget about other countries present in D-Day. What about
    Free French, Australia, New Zealand and others?

  119. I wish they made the Americans spawn on the water line and had to advance
    up the beach.

  120. What about German soldiers?

  121. When you were bringing the BF 109 down it looked like an airshow
    performance and the music choice perfect i enjoyed watching you two mingle

  122. Its my birthday :)

  123. Btw, phly, don’t forget that, during Operation Overlord, the following
    countries also helped:
    – Free French Forces
    – Polish Forces
    – Australia
    – Free Belgian Forces
    – Free Czechoslovak Forces
    – Free Greek Forces
    – Free Luxembourgish Forces
    – Free Dutch Forces
    – New Zealand
    – Free Norwegian Forces

    But most are forgotten/ignored because they did not provide enough numbers,
    which is a shame. Some fought via the UK (Dutch Forces, for example).
    Anyway, I’m nitpicking

  124. handsomejack1994

    Well said phly, respect my war thunda brotha!

  125. You can physically hear the grief, terror, and sadness in Phly’s voice.
    This kinda feeling is what proves all sides and all casualties where not
    vained. Rest In Peace, Soldiers of uncountable Armies, we hold every
    sacrifice in honour, no matter the banner.

  126. cried 10/10

  127. i want to take a sec and o7 all those who gave their lives for us not just
    day but the whole war and also currently serving members of armed forces
    who continue to risk their lives so we can be at peace. o7 brothers and
    sisters!!! and a o7 to all of u too!

  128. best low ALT pilots right there

  129. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Someone talked about D-Day without exclusively talking about the US troops.
    Thank you for being better than the “American Heroes Channel”, Phly. Thank
    you for not only acknowledging the other allied troops that landed on the
    beaches, but also acknowledging the lives of those Germans who fought for
    their country, not for the ideas of a dictator.

  130. Giampiero Serra

    That is why no one wins in a war.

  131. were you about to cry phly?

  132. R3alism R3alism

    This video expresses your passion for those who gave there lives and an in
    depth understanding
    I salute you phly

  133. As the son of an American soldier who was killed fighting for US in
    Afghanistan, what you said at the start of the video, although it was
    primarily about WW2, still hit me hard and was absolutely spot on. Thinking
    of my fathers sacrifice, and all others sacrifices is hard, and what you
    said was extremely touching.
    Well said phly.
    well said

  134. But still WW2 win Soviet Union

  135. They pushed forward because they had to. Because it was the right thing to
    do. Because it was the only thing they could do. My grandfather fought in
    the pacific and told me stories about his time there and he was part of the
    Iwo Jima invasion. Yes they were terrified, shaking, and homesick. But they
    knew this was the only course they could take. Not because they wanted to
    but because it was the right, and the only thing to do. Bravery doesn’t
    come from not being scared or not crying or not wishing you were anywhere
    else. Bravery is when you are all of those things, and you still press on.
    Lets not wish the soldiers a happy anniversary, there was nothing happy
    about this day. Today we honor bravery, not with flags and parades, but
    with memories. Today, learn what happened on d-day and all the other days
    of the war, because this is a day for memories.

    (May i recommend the documentary “World War II in Colour” on Netflix, it is
    one of the best and easily accessible and in depth documentaries about ww2
    I have ever seen and I have seen 100s.)

  136. Rtas 'Vadummee (cobalT)

    Rangers lead the way!

  137. Swedish national day!

  138. Phly I love your videos man. I’m actually gonna be going into the Marines I
    might be leaving for bootcamp next week actually. But, I appreciate you
    getting emotional man. Don’t feel bad about just sitting at a computer
    playing video games brother. Keep making your videos, they’ve helped me a
    lot when I was down in life. But I appreciate you and your videos. ?

  139. Fernando Espinoza


  140. Am i the only one who heard Phly’s emotion during his speech?

  141. F-86 RB or sim?

  142. Lol at least hes playing 76mm the 75mms are the worst

  143. I wonder how that happend 5:13 yeah phly ughm war thunder had a chat with
    you xd

  144. Zac MothaEffinP

    Thumbs up, Phly. . Much respect for you, dude. Thanks.

  145. Brett Goldsmith

    That dogfight was awesome

  146. David “madindie” Dew

    GG mate

  147. Je tiens à rendre un immense hommage à tout les soldats alliés qui ont
    sauvé la France ! La faite de penser que ce jour des milliers de soldats
    sont morts pour nous sauver me fais fondre en larmes… J’ai eu le cœur
    serré comme Phly au début de sa vidéo, je me suis dis la même chose : on
    est la à jouer à un jeu vidéo du jour ou ils nous ont sauvé et le jour ou
    ils nous ont sauvé. Je suis vraiment heureux que ces hommes soient venus
    nous sauver. Merci et ils ont toute ma reconnaissance

  148. Phly take out the T-95 and show them who’s a real tank! For MURICA!

  149. you know….the russian have it far worst than anyone

  150. I’m German so…

  151. Your speech was very motivational.

  152. 10:37 when the EPIC shit start !!!
    good jop man !!

  153. Good intro, o7

  154. Alejandro “Sasha” Aghayan

    Your heart is in the right place. Eisenhower made America proud.

  155. god dam it fly stop makeing me cry…… baka…and i dont know it for sure
    but think that some of my family fought on d-day and survived when i think
    deeply into it maybe my pastlife fought in ww2and on d day….. it may be
    the reason y i fking love ww2 stuff and phly i swear that i will build and
    time machine and me and u will go back in time and fight on that day…. if
    ur up for it

  156. man… best intro…

  157. Christopher Chu

    Does anyone know when 1.59 comes out

  158. well….that beginning was……..dark?

  159. xXButterSlabsXx

    feels with phly. Pheels

  160. In WW2 the soldiers are real men!

  161. you know shit got real when the music kicked in

  162. Out of the 156 British, Canadian and American forces the British
    contributed 5 good men. There was Richard, Charles, John, Gareth and who
    can forget Bobby “Blitzt” Brown.

  163. this makes me want to watch fury

  164. TheFlyingAussie


  165. Don’t forget the battle of midway.

  166. Monica Aguilera

    This is Monica’s little brother and I got to say that all your videos are
    really cool!!!

  167. themushroom man 56

    gotem lol 9:30

  168. you almost made me cry there phly damn…

  169. Trevor Hutcherson

    Deep intro man.

  170. EpicSmileyMan64

    So guys, i am going to be making a cardboard Tiger 1 over the summer and i
    want your guys suggestions on what i should make the barrel out of because
    i can guarantee you that if i made the barrel outta thin cardboard, it’d be
    saggier then my grampas dong. Plus i plan on making this thing covered on
    fake shrubbery and foliage and the barrel would be even saggier if i put
    anything on it. Thinking of using a metal rod but i don’t know how well
    that’d hold out with cardboard supporting it. Any suggestions would be
    appreciated. P.S. i have experience with cardboard modeling, made two card
    board warbirds, a BF 109 E-3 and P-40 Kitthawk about 5 months ago.

  171. You need a giant ferris wheel to help scatter the enemy.

  172. I heard his voice faltering, like he was on the edge of tears. What ban
    emotional speech

  173. That intro hit a few strings Phly well said:) keep up the vids bro. I
    appreciate you as a Youtuber as you appear to be down to earth:)

  174. midway has a more interesting

  175. Your beginning made me cry 🙁 but it’s the truth!!! This is why i am
    subscribed to you!

  176. honestly d-day is interesting and well heart breaking but if I have to say
    the battle at midway is kind of more interesting to me

  177. If you don’t understand the impact of June 6th, 1944, then watch the
    beginning of Saving Private Ryan and feel what true horror was on the
    beaches. I love what phly said in the beginning of this video. It’s a shame
    not too many people understand the impact of this day. Hell usually Google
    has something on their main page and I didn’t see shit today, which is

  178. Ericson Senobin

    Marines will only understand

  179. Phly said the word cheating inb4 copyright strike.

  180. Agreed

  181. phly amazing you made me tear up man keep on going

  182. I got allot more respect for ya now phly

  183. Lollercoaster119

    Phly did you hear about the Blue Angel pilot who died in a plane crash

  184. damn phly best video so far man.

  185. The intro almost made me cry

  186. He sounds very sad

  187. I hate to see, that I tried to talk to people at school about D-Day and the
    courage it took to do and the lives that were lost, everybody was talking
    about a stupid snap chat of a senior prank. Sometimes I see that people
    don’t care about sacrifices that people do in life, even if they said to
    them at their faces.

  188. Phly you’re the coolest dude I’ve ever watched on YouTube thanks for all
    the vids you make and for that speech you made in the beginning of the
    video! Thank you! 2 more years and I’ll be joining the U.S army or marines.

  189. The first open scene you taking abut today really got me thinking. You
    playing War Thunder isn’t you just playing a WW2 MMO, you are reminding us
    about the terrors of WW2 and I thank you for your beginning comment and
    your gameplay and this channel.

  190. lochlen schaedel (llcoolschaedel)

    like a movie

  191. Well said.

  192. I`m crying right now

  193. OverSized Chicken


  194. I started to tear up in that intro.

  195. Connor Eirschele

    Thank you phly for your speech. My grandpa was a medic on the beaches and
    arrived on the second day. Was shot in both knees and can barley walk. He
    was 20 when he was on the beach. How the fuck can a government do that to
    young people. I know it was their choice. But how can someone hate this
    video. And the speech was great. Hats off to phly. Thank you.

  196. i feel u bro

  197. That dogfight was so cool to watch. That low altitude tree dodging, wish I
    could see more fun engagements like that in the game.

  198. this is the entire reason why i like phly hes funny as hell and can be
    serious when he needs it

  199. Whats your intro song called Phly?

  200. I want phly to do the Japanese zero

  201. alot of wierd aircraft in this event dont no why typhoon was in there and
    american a20 cause they played major parts in the battle

  202. Why no SB its so fun and makes you feel like you are an actual tanker.

  203. Stalinium Stronk


  204. If Donald trump voted for president, world war 3 is coming

  205. Dakota and Carmelo classified

    Cool intro

  206. Respect to you Phly. Remember The Fallen!

  207. Shaunjr Grossnickle

    D-day was a day we proved the Nazis that the super fortress is not
    impenetrable well any way phly great speech

  208. Very Classy Phly! I like it!

  209. I wonder if on July 10th they will do an invasion of Sicily event and yes
    ik there is already a Sicily map in war thunder but it would be nice if
    they did something for July 10th

  210. uᴉʇɹɐW llɐɥsɹɐW

    well said fella. that dogfight was epic!

  211. Jonas Van den Broeck

    Excellent flying, i think that Both players did a good Job, but i m not an
    expert ;-)

  212. Holy fuck that speech was good

  213. o7 great speech man

  214. dead on phly back in the 1940s 16 year olds were fearlessly running to
    there deaths but today we need shelters for kids because words hurt too. I
    have a shit load of respect for ww2 and ww1 veterans because they didnt
    have all this electronic warfare it was just raw fighting for your life.

  215. HellStormGaming

    That beginning was deep phly

  216. “boom”

  217. beautiful speech at the beginning. i’ve been to normandy last year, and i
    have to say, it was truly insane to attack those heavy fortifications with
    basically only handguns and men… but they had to do this for peace. and
    i’m lucky they did. there is no winner in war…

  218. i know it strange but if you like tank i advise you to see an anime girls
    and panzer

  219. why the epic music you missed like 60% of your shots bro haha

  220. 300’000 subs hype!

  221. some epic music)

  222. alexander currie

    you forgot Anzac solders Australian newzelend also under control of Brits
    but not brits
    disrspetfal ow and the African campan was one by the the Anzac as well
    under there own control.

  223. Well said, Phly. The entire period is sobering. And the number of unnamed
    and unknown heros will never be known. Even to call them the “greatest
    generation” may not be enough. We owe our entire lives to them.

  224. amen phly that was an amazing speech.

  225. Phly, wanna see more Brit prop fighter love. Spitfires, typhoons, etc.
    Wanna see FriedDeli fight some Dora’s in a Spitfire.

  226. Michael Angelo M. Arabe

    I understand you Phly :(

  227. Gameplay starts at 4:05. Thank me later.

  228. dogfight 2 V 1 to be technical

  229. Thats what i hate about people on this world… thinking, every third reich
    soldier is a nazi. no, SOLDIERS. the biggest third reich heros, like
    Rommel, Stigler etc were against the anti-jew policy. its way more complex
    than people think.

  230. I’m already subscribed… but I might have to unsubscribe just so I can
    subscribe again…

  231. Feel train ;-; I still remember my grandpa. He’s one of the Allied Airborne
    unit who landed beyond the enemy lines. He gave me his Allied Airborne

  232. Americans tanks nice

  233. dunno why but that start made my eyes a bit wet lmao btw great vid

  234. Nice speech in the intro

  235. Lukáš Podloucký

    Amazing speech Phly, huge respect who died.

  236. The M18 is best for a,b,c games, not much Germans have to counter the speed
    of the capping. Just prevent them from recapping, not too hard. Then pop in
    a late bomber and it’s game over. One game I had was down to the wire… me
    and 1 other guy but I was in the M18 and we both headed for the cap… This
    was in Battle, not Domination though. So after we both capped there was
    like 1:30 sec left and since I capped first, auto win… was SCARY being
    that the sole victory was up to me at one point facing 3 tanks. I had to
    kill a TD and P4 and I think I bombed 2 guys at the start of the mission.
    So 4 kills… being number 1 in that mode is really not hard if you play
    your cards right. Since it’s arcade/RB mode the guys that rely only on
    seeing you first mostly play arcade so they can’t aim that well. If you are
    used to RB more, you’ll do much better because that’s how everything
    handles. I seen guys in the Sunderland go in balls deep trying to race a
    few kills only to shred the plane on entry and say WTF…??? I’m like…
    hey… this isn’t arcade mode man. Or they spawn in the Sunderland and I
    tell them, there are 3 enemy airplanes head back to the base and just wait
    it out… they don’t. Then say this bomber sucks. LOL.

  237. Salute to America!

    Greeting from germany @PhlyDaily ;)

  238. phly u sounded like a baby *.*

  239. Damn, why you do video on the last day of the event.
    I thought it’s just another stupid event but turns out it’s tank RB that
    you can insta take planes. I would play it alot if I knew it :-(.

  240. phly that speech was extremely moving and I hope that more people
    understand that playing war games of any kind (even child’s play) is a way
    of processing fear, horror, anxiety, grief and many more complex
    emotions… play on in memory of All the casualties of War.

  241. I didn’t really like this mode for RB. There is a few changes which kinda
    mess up the way it plays like the spotting on map. also I noticed one guy
    bombed me and then he came and bombed me again at spawn then bombed someone
    else, he only has 2 bombs so do they rearm in mid air like arcade battles?
    Germany don’t stand a chance in this mode.

  242. Greetings from Germany. Things we did, things Hitler ordered werent right.
    I lost my grandfather because of WW2.
    I hope something like WW2 never happens again.

  243. Well spoken Phly, remembering the horrors of the past is a good lesson for
    the future! Greetings from the Netherlands (close to Arnhem if that rings a
    WW2-bell 😉 )

  244. Šarūnas Benaitis

    ;( very good intro!

    LOST MY GRANDPA IN D-DAY [im a man if you question yourself for the pic of
    my profile im using my moms account and im a full grown man and she is old

  246. I salute to you. My father is in the army. And you are very respectful
    thank you. ?

  247. That air battle was so awesome

  248. beautiful aérien combat

  249. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    I had a dogfight too… I was with my M4A3E2 75mm vs a TigerE

  250. Siripong Achariyasilp

    Where is Phan Mail????? I want it back…

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