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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

The Shooting Range 368. In this episode:

00:00 — Introduction
00:26 — Metal Beasts: Battle Pass Bomber-Fighter
03:21 — Pages of History: Shershing Origins
06:55 — Triathlon: Earliest HE Slingers
11:16 — Hotline

Subtitles are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, .



  1. Sherming is a better name, Just saying…

  2. Q:When will you free basement guy?

  3. DONT PAY CAMPAIGN dont pay to gaijin lies DONT BE id^&%^&ot GAIJIN lies to players ona rigged game, DONT PAY CAMPAIGN DO IT!!!!

  4. rain entertainment

    Gaijin make the grind less sufferable even by a little please lol

  5. Does the range finder radar of the F86 work? In sim and or RB?

  6. when sherman commander said: “it’s shershing time!” and then sherman’d all over the tigers i felt that

  7. Écoute gaijin

    Explique moi pourquoi le délai de protection chez l’ennemi au spawn est plus long que mon délai de protection

    Pourquoi le mode tank contient des avions ? C’est contradictoire

    Revoyez votre jeu bande de tdc

  8. Matheus Arruda santos

    do you guys plan to add the “FV101 Scorpion”, or it’s variant with 90mm cannon, the “Scorpion 90”, or will you guys add any other british high rank light tanks.

  9. When will kv 1 be less op

  10. Stop giving Germany FULL UP TIERS IT’S NOT FUN

  11. Gaming balkan Croatia

    8:39 thats not how you pronaunce lancia 💀

  12. Is there anyway to send the clips to your guys off of xbox

  13. I just down two aircrafts using my vk 3002 in a span of 4 minutes 😮
    First one I didn’t aimed lazily and the second on I just aimed

  14. Why are the pages of history sections usually so dark? Please ease off on this effect so we get more than moving dark shapes. The other sections are better done.

  15. When are you going to stop changing history just to spite britain

  16. 90 and 76mm are over tiered.

  17. Videos like these are awesome. I’m a start the Sweden tank tree. But since I leveled up air Japan should I also stick with Japan tanks?

  18. Q: can i be in the hotline please?

  19. America always developing weapons for the last war instead of the future war.

  20. Still waiting for a literal tank on ground mode with no aircraft.

  21. Self-promoter Remover

    I like Cheese

  22. hell nah that shershing ruined my research i was halfway to the next one and this one comes out of nowhere

  23. Q: are there any plans for updating the Israeli ground test drive? Currently even the TCM 20 at 4.3 meets the same Coldwar vehicles that top tier Israeli MBTs do, unlike every other nation

  24. Q:When will you add an new Chinese IFV?

  25. sherman: hey m26 wanna come to my house and netflix n chill
    m26: sure
    9 months later:

  26. Epicstormchaser SWF

    Q: Will the Skyray (F4D-1) ever get its bomb payload (2x 1000lb) ?

  27. Why is the Mi-24 leaning to one side?

  28. can yall show how to takeoff the lagg 3-35 cause i kinda forgot

  29. Should the APFSDS be spinning in the intro?

  30. СкибидиТоалет123

    Q: Are you planning to add Northrop YB-49 to the game?

  31. Wil you release tanks that can drop mines on the bettlefield?.

  32. I dont know what you did but I had no spawn protection just now while getting spawn camped, WHY gaijin?

  33. Q: Is there a game balancing reason behind the Starstreak missile not travelling at the speed it should in game?

  34. Q: Is there any chance we’ll see South Korean vehicles in War Thunder, maybe in the Japanese tech tree?

  35. Can you make a video on china aircraft?

  36. Q: are we ever gonna get more test flight maps or customizable ones?

  37. Q: are you guys plannig to implement intel XESS to the game? And if you already are working on that when do it Will be realeased?

  38. Query
    We see the air inlet opening in planes like mig 15 and f86 sabre right at the place of nose cone. Its a good idea to use the air causing drag as a way to operate the jet engine but this design must have some downside that’s why we don’t see those designs anymore. So what are the flaws of such designs?

  39. q: when will we get the 122mm yugo we want it

  40. Is there a way to quick add all controls on the ps5? Just being lazy and trawl through and add the ones I want

  41. Swedish BT? Seriously? The lack of attention is just mind boggling lmfao

  42. idk what to say

  43. Q: When will be the next world war (event I think), I just got all countries up to rank 3 but it tells me there are none right now

  44. Q: Hey, if a user made camo on Live War Thunder is picked and featured on Thunder Show than its going to be a part of the game and will be sold on marketplace / in the trophy right?

  45. Used to be ryan Poop now normal

    Is a German Sherman a German or a Sherman

  46. You mean the Perman.

  47. what are the types of sherman and sheridan?????? example: M4A1

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