SHIELD OF AMERICA – T-95 Super Heavy Tank (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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SHIELD OF AMERICA – T-95 Super (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. what about ” Yankee Survivor”

  2. Deathking015 Gaming

    Captain Phly

  3. RandomSpaceManInSpace


  4. call yourself mister tank :v

  5. CHALLENGE VIDEO: take out the brummbär and shoot down planes by shooting
    the ground as they pass over… its possible, both me and my friend got
    killed by the same guy using this tactic

  6. Plz su 100y and pe8 nuke

  7. can you nex time play : T26E1-1 and B-29

  8. MikierHotTuber Videos

    Poly you can call yourself phlynoris

  9. PlyNaily

  10. phly what is bukkake?

    Kill a enemy Tank with the 4M GAZ AAA ?

  12. phly have you heard that the t95 is also the doom turtle. that’s it’s
    nickname on world of tanks

  13. intro sounded like you were gargling

  14. German Extreme Size Difference Challenge try #2. The smallest tank (I’m not
    familiar with the German tanks) with the bv238 FLYING BATTLESHIP

  15. Hey guys, My name is Jeff and welcome back to War Thunder

  16. When Phly is happy I’m happy.


  18. HectorBravo “Hector14Fatman” JC

    The return of the emperor, Type 74 + R2Y2…Bring honor to your family!
    Attempt #5

  19. They are pronounced “Q-pah-low”. The two things on top of the doom turtle.

  20. M103 and P61C

  21. Attempt #25: won’t stop this time
    Land the HS-129 B2 or ME-410 in a tank RB game and kill one enemy tank(no
    spaa doesn’t count) with the highest caliber gun.

    Bonus challenge:
    Do the same thing but with the ME 262 with the 50mm derp gun

  22. Do the American Loser Combo: GO all American and USE ONLY TIER ONE of Tanks
    and Planes (You choose)

  23. Drive hourly

  24. Attempt #7 Take out StuG III f with Hs 129 b3 derp as back up!!

  25. I will subscribe to everyone who subscribes to me!Just reply “Done”

  26. добавь русские субтитры!

  27. how about the M60 Patton?

  28. How about a cat battle.

    Fly the F6F-5 Hellcat and drive the M18 Hellcat?

  29. Please name your self FlappyDaily

  30. Hello random person scrolling through the comments!

  31. Loved this, these fat Americans are two of my favorite in game to use.

  32. hey guys my name is( insert random name here like a celebritie or youtuber)

  33. take out the Leo A1A1 and Arado with 20mm show that beer is more bias then
    vodka! attempt 4

  34. Phly can you play again heroes and generals maybr

  35. Марио Петров

    I dont like games that straight up copy from world of tanks ….

  36. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville (Vratrix)

    Take out the miaow hell squad!!! M18 super hellcat and F6F hellcat!!

  37. Call urself The DarkNight

  38. Phly comrad you need some serious firepower, roll out the Su100y with its
    130mm vodka bottle and shred those germans.
    for air cover phly out the vodka powered super bomber pe8. MAKE STALIN
    PROUD ????

  39. use teh Sgerman Firefly and beaufighter MK X and get a kill ricocheting
    from one tank to another

  40. Dear Phly,
    Play BT-5 In Tier 5
    Go Get Some Capture Point, Then Go To IL-28
    Rekt Those Fasisct
    Run Like Champion
    And Use The Russian Bias

  41. play the tiger

  42. Morgandrogyny (Dehuman)

    Steve’s Deli

  43. T26E4Super Pershing and B17E

  44. Fredy Phly

    Kindly take out the Dicker Max and the Buzzing German wooden wonder
    Focke-Wulf Ta 154.


  45. I wanna see American Slim fit any combo

  46. Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

    Even with that lackluster performance in the P61, this is one of the most
    exciting videos of Phly’s to ever grace my YouTube feed. :D

  47. go for russian plane and tank plssss

  48. Phly must be fighting newbs

  49. trás videos com o M10GMC ou o M18GMC americano.

  50. wellinstead of phly..maybe walk

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