Shilka Bias vs Planes & Tanks – War Thunder 1.63

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Shilka is awesome! Syrian Army still use it to kill some ISISUS forces!
    btw Paron! You barely played the Shilka, compared to gaypard and the Boxy
    thing with a machine gun on top.

  2. The way you say Gepard is so wrong!

  3. Fucking German Bia-

    Oh wait

  4. Baron do a custom battle with the 88mm flak trucks against big bombers once
    the update goes live

  5. that plane was tested near my hometown ratzeburg

  6. Baron help the whole elecrticy went of for the island Puerto Rico

  7. How do you xray mid battle on ps4

  8. Is the patch 1.63 released yet ?

  9. I am happy because I manage to enter my schools basketball team. I am 15

  10. yogurt would be nice right now

  11. Is this dev????

  12. i took a pill in Ibiza

  13. build the panzer 7 Löwe is men of war and complete the panzer series!

  14. THE FINAL STATION!!!!!!!

  15. how about adding the katyusha mounted on a gaz truck in wt. that’d be coo

  16. when is this out? Love this thing and would totally play war thunder to
    play it.

  17. JustPlay War Thunder

    hey Abonner me channel and 50 sub I give 5000 Golden urchins off 2 times

  18. Брайс Войлокхорошо

    DShK GAZ MM in the desert vs M163 authentic Insurgent experience. (Could
    one of you do this as a custom when 1.63 comes?!)

  19. When dose this update come out ??

  20. i came to shilka getting used and half the video is baron jerking off with
    another vehicle .Baron AdHD you said ?
    I seriously think to block your updates like i did with leafy

  21. Reads the title, watches the video, “face palm

  22. varsinainen spede,,

  23. There is NO such thing as a stoner!

  24. Do the M 56 tank next plez

  25. This is… Ruski wirbelwind !

  26. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    Now imagine you could switch to automatic radar assisted aiming mode… Oh

  27. Can you please play verdun?

  28. At this point they might be adding the B-29 any time now :/

  29. Barron why you no try su-6???

    its su-2 with 37mm taped on what can go wrong

  30. T10m/ Su 122-54 vs tier one swarm, but you can only use the 14.5’s

  31. The shilka doesn’t sound like the shilka, it sounds like the old mg 151
    sound from patches ago.

  32. whyd he kill teamates

  33. 20% Shilka footage, 80% GAZ. Common Baron 😛
    Also, why didn’t you include the footage of you and Phly?

  34. Finally, Russian AAA that can actually shoot down planes!

  35. What about this yogurt?

  36. Hey Baron try shooting down the BV-238 with the 88 truck

  37. It’s pronounced gay-pard not je-pard with a french accent :/

  38. Ah, the shilka… This brings back so many memories from operation
    flashpoint: elite… Ah, the memories… The Horrible memories of flying
    around on a patrol at night and forgetting i had an enemy ‘shilk in the
    nearby woods… Those were dark times… And dark woods… Come to think of
    it things do get fairly dark at night… then really bright, then really
    dark again… because you just got fivehundred bits of hot lead slammed
    into your face, and died… Ah, good times… Good, dark, horrible times…

  39. Shilka blyat.

  40. 3:45 toyota hype!

  41. What happened to WOW Wednesday?

  42. Christopher Yonemitsu

    “they really don’t love bombers”Tu-4 tho…

  43. that truck vs that plane on the ground gunshiping like 5 of the trucks =

  44. custom battle idea daka dakas vs shilkas

  45. my nigga listens to kanye dream come true

  46. How come everyone else use tier 1 tanks while u use tier v aa?????

  47. Ivan Grishin (IvanNsum)

    One thing i dont understand…Why does a Shitty DSHKa GAZ have an aiming
    reticle…But a freaking Tier 5 SPAA doesnt???…Is Shilka so much powerful
    it doesnt even needs it?…COMRADE SHILKA STRONK AA NO NEED FOR AIM JUST

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  49. nice manplz supbto my chanel i sup to you my name is ilias amich

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