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    Also how much was your swear jar?!

  2. You dropped (darn,crap, and hell)

  3. Lol ply having paternal feeling now

  4. I love how G.91s can just shit on this vehicle. They can just stay away from shilkas range and fire a bullpup and kill him. Even if G.91 was in range he would have good half a second to fire the missile and dodge the bullets. Its so fucking funny. Same goes for gepard and other radar spaa too. G.91 spam needs to be stopped.

  5. Windmill of friendship time 🤡

  6. me: watching the intro until Phly makes a amogus out of tracers.

    seriously i have to rewatch that like 20 times before continuing

  7. Shika is a CIWS but on a tank

  8. You Say, I’ma be a certain way, I’ma dad now…
    I hear, Ima be somewhat fake for the sake of supposed properness, in the name of setting an example for the baby.
    I think, isn’t setting an example, being the best you, you can be, as opposed to going out of your way to be a certain you because of perceived societal norms…?

    Wouldn’t the lesson be better to be that it’s brave and better for everyone to be yourself IN SPITE of perceived societal norms… instead of the lesson being to be fearful of your self for a lifetime because there might be ppl, or groups of people, or Google backed apps that don’t agree.

    As your ppl brain reads this, your knee-jerk reaction, and first instinct is to say I’m taking it too serious, must be having a bad day, it’s just a video game, hey that’s my family ur talking about or other desperate hope for a blanket of positivity to shroud you from a reality that is realer than ppl prefer…blah, blah, blah…

    ~Ultimately, that is what you are teaching your son.
    How to be like You. A “ppl”.
    Someone who has a million subscribers, from playing a video game…sooner than others…
    How being a person that OTHER ppl like, and can feel better about being ppl themselves can turn out to be…
    🤔…well, to put it bluntly, empty and hollow.

    As Proof of My Sound Logic and ultimate rightness….i leave you with this…

    This is why no one wants to hear about your family, this why the gamer you, and the iRL you should be separated.
    If you want to vlog about your life/fam, show some intelligence, and make a second channel, Duh.
    Accept that you’re just a dude that plays video games. Which is fine, but boundaries, and limitations….um, duh.
    And you can disagree, but you can’t claim that this topic is unwarranted, inappropriate or unrelated, because…

    *You brought it Up.*
    Multiple times across multiple videos.
    To get to the three game tank formula, we all have to suckle baby formula, we practically had to give birth to the kid as an audience…

    I think you see my point, and I hope you see that this comment had to be made in this tone, because as my implications have proven in a backdoor way…this is YT, and tho entertaining and fun to visit, it’s not a good thing, and you wouldn’t want to teach your children to be like that.

    I’m always right. So I appreciate the no response in advance. Mahalo.

  9. Eh, you get over it soon…and then you become more childish than ever before once they can be an accomplice in debauchery!

  10. Finaly you reached shilka

  11. NO ONE touch the dislike button. It’s already pefect.

  12. 11:34 that’s what I say after I finish while my parents are at church on Sundays

  13. How is he killing things in that tank without doing anything?

  14. Only didn’t realize his opponent wasn’t aiming to kill him but to see if he could hit the 🎯 which was the radar dish at the end and it was accomplished lol

  15. Today I start respecting people hahahahaha

  16. Uhmmmmmmmmmm, very sus

  17. Its not economical for me to have a swear jar Phly…..

  18. the shilka’s firerate is only 25% higher than the GAZ-AAA 4M

  19. Welcome to art class

  20. Phly: oh crap it’s you again

    T32: oh crap it’s you again

  21. Tunguska when

  22. C10wiremantaw Wallace

    My dad put the sware jar on the top of the fridge. I slipped off the chair trying to get money for the ice cream man in a hurry, smacked my head on the kitchen table and that is my story on the first time I said SHIT that hurts. It was the 1960’s

  23. No its not you curse،war thunder just put the players vs bots,thats all

  24. What are these cursed tanks

  25. day 43: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  26. Day 31:
    Hey Phly! Please play the Tiger 1(P) again 🙂

  27. You know what that Hori said when it blew up?

    Ok bad joke but I had to say it 😂

  28. saw the mini map on first battle, thats a good formation

  29. what’s your facebook account so we a can be friends
    i will wait for your answer in 2 days either thru here or email me

  30. I’m in a wind tunnel (don’t ask questions) and I just realized I’ve been hallucinating the intro song for like 6 minutes after it stopped playing.

    Conclusion: хардбасс + War Thunder = inseparable combo

    I’m not even mad I was hallucinating, I play the BMP series and Object series TD’s blasting hardbass or listening to history documentaries/audio books/YT videos. At this point, I can’t even call what I just experienced an audio hallucination, those notes I heard were more like echoes from the 600 hours of the BMP-hardbass Soviet storm lifestyle, thousands of deaths…for thousands of objective captures <>_<> 10 years of battlefield taught me well, 4 years of RS2: Vietnam taught me better; Verdun and Tannenberg…

    Taught me the futility of it all 🤺

    F*ck everything I just said, I’ve actively been using the Shilka for 3 months and am just learning it has target lock ;-;

  31. Strategy And Simulation

    Shilka Heart for your little boy.

  32. haha, 69. Śmieszne (funny)

  33. Can anyone explain to me what is going on??? for about 3 weeks my average kill count was 6 and for 2 days now I have been getting spawn killed about 40% of the time and there are never enemies around wherever I go, the majority of my shots at M18’s either bounce, hit the spot I never aimed at or it’s a ghost shell, I’ve tried everything and it really doesn’t change a thing and this happened ever since I got a really good game achieving for the first time 12 kills in my tiger 2 and 4 kills splitting between 2 of my panthers… and now I’m losing sanity trying to get 1 kill, I’m confused I thought grinding the new tank would be no problem but now I’ve had about enough.

  34. Average Tiger H1 Enjoyer

    So, how’s the little Phlycomrade going?

  35. Shilkas were plentiful in every mission when I was young and playing Gunship 2000 on my brother’s Amiga.
    That box-turret is so memorable.

  36. 0:56 “Sharting today we’re being respectful–“


    radio operator: АРТИЛЛЕРИЯ! ОГОНЬ ПО КВАДРАТУ!

  38. 1:17 my swear jar will be full in a second if i play air battles because *i suck at dog fighting*

  39. You Are my legend bro you mąkę my chidhood (sory for my english)

  40. Haha tank goes BRTTTTTTTTTTTT

  41. shilka vs me 262…… this game is completly ruined!!!! why not panzer 2 vs abrahams? fuck you GAYjin

  42. What if the marines try that too is it really gonna do that?

  43. Hetzer_264 (Gestapo)

    Art In the sky

  44. So play that game on ps4 and can’t play simulation games because my planes just kill themselves. Does anyone know why?


  46. Я несу тортик

    Like for AMOGUS

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