SHOCKING Interview with a World of Tanks Developer

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Check out this Developer leaking out all WG Secrets!!!
maybe you can return the favor…

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●And Thug Life moments

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  1. My boss asked me why was I crying and laughing at the same time!!! Almost
    pissed myself at work!!! But all true what he said!

  2. Outstanding Pete! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The laugh hurts in more than one way.. Truth hurts, delivery is
    exceptionally perfect.

  4. it’s already funny seeing the laughter. it gets even funnier looking at the
    truth of what had been said :)

  5. Still clicked to make sure this was not what I think it is.
    Glad it’s not. xD

  6. lol this is so fun

  7. Chris_The_Autotech

    SirHavoc, WICKEDLY funny! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! HA

  8. DarkMaster's Replays

    Epic … :)

  9. just ROFL

  10. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    So damn true haha???

  11. Radostin Georgiev

    hadn’t had such a laugh for a while 😀 thanks S.H., you made my day o7

  12. Exellent!!!

  13. Hahahaha! This is amazing and a very “true” scenario also… ;)

  14. TheGeneralKirov

    so true it hurts,but still pissed my self loughing 🙂 Briliant SirH

  15. Damn…epic true. I’s not’s horrible true.

  16. sound like a donkey, don’t you think

  17. Your disclaimer is a lie….there is no fiction contained in this parody.

  18. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    Ive seen this video so many times. With different subtitles.
    I really want to know, what he is REALLY talking about.

    But all in all. Nice subtitles. Its exactly how WoT works.

  19. This. this is so true. LMAO!

  20. those who hit dislike are propably wargaming employees lol 😉
    nice vid

  21. Being Spanish myself makes it difficult to not pay attention to what he is
    really saying XD.

  22. loooooove it 😀
    make wot great again xD

  23. Billionaire in 5 years on a free to play game. Best line

  24. loved it!!

  25. funny as hell

  26. That quiet simply is f***ing epic PSML 😀 Good job SirHavok

  27. SuperMasterofdragons

    4:14 you misspelled “weak spots” (it says “week spots”)

  28. Well done pete. 5/5 would snuggle with

  29. SirHavocTV GamingVideos

    its funny people mentioning the diclaimer ruining the surprise did they
    honestly look at that dude on the front picture of this video and think he
    was from WG? come on guys lighten up :)

  30. freakin LOVE IT!!! :)(sadly its not that far from the truth 🙁 )

  31. So much truth in this video

  32. 4/5 because of bad grammar

  33. Brilliant keep laughing every time I think of this vid

  34. You know it’s funny, because it’s all true :)))

  35. Alen Martinovic

    I cried… well done Mr.Havoc :)

  36. that was a good laugh, makes sense too!

  37. its so sad we need disclaimer for this, but nice vid

  38. YoungSirPhoenix / NightPhoenix652

    now I feel guilty of giving 100 dollars to this mess

  39. i just died at his laughter :D

  40. At first I was like, damn you Havoc for teasing me with the title, as it
    turns out to be fiction, but after about 40 seconds I had laughed my balls
    off and out the door! Amazing stuff, well played Sir!

  41. May watch this again when I have stopped crying. Thanks Pete.

  42. lol ^^
    (I do understand your next to a minute long disclaimer – you’re to close to
    the truth!)

  43. This was brilliant Sir Havoc. :)

  44. Harlequin Scarecrow

    So true lol

  45. Awesome! Very true!

  46. Sander Wieringa

    omfg funniest video ive ever watched! xD it was hilarious great job!!!

  47. Not sure weather to laugh or cry. Managed both for different reasons.

  48. I wonder if that ever has actually heard himself laugh

  49. Aleksandr Bazilevich

    first to like it ))

  50. This was amazing! Was literally laughing my tits off the whole way through!
    Well played Sir Havoc!

  51. fffirst

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