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Source: SirCircon

Today we will see OverThrill go crazy in the HWK 12!
Upload your here: !


  1. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy! 😀

  2. bet the t10 was raging hard at the end.. lol

  3. T10 typical exemple of OP tank in noob hand. Still can be annoying as fk even if u’r braindead..

  4. Great video and commentary SirCornflakes.

  5. clearly its name is “homework 12”

  6. The fucking lorraine tried to drown himself, If arty players die respectably thats fine but fuck the drowners

  7. Great analysis of the game Circ! 🙂

  8. great review of game play

  9. Damn that T-10 is quick.

  10. 😮 wow that T-10 is sooooo quick.

  11. This tank is fantastic, i have special crew for it. Shell speed is horrific, but steroid speed is just nuts. Fantastic power/weight ration, nice view range….

  12. Brayden Lancaster

    Yo Circon

    The HWK 12 is overpowered for a tier 8 light tank. 410m base view range and pretty high base camo makes it a threat to all light tanks in the game for counter spotting. It also has pretty nice gun handling, the best power to weight of all tier 8 light tanks and excellent HEAT penetration for it’s tier.The only downside I see is the shell velocity for AP is relatively low but HEAT velocity is fine. Love your content man 🙂

  13. And after this *amazing* game – all comments are complaining about artillery. HAHAHAHHAA

  14. Great game, skill and luck is required in every game. GG

  15. There is something about the gun just like on the spice panzer. For some reason the gun just works. I dunno why I pen at will it seems even though I shouldn’t.

  16. WolfSpiderAirsoft

    The IS-3 and T-10 are bs, great armour, stupid fast, good gun, teeny weak spots
    Russian bias at it’s finest

  17. That was fun to watch. With your commentary just made it. Thanks for it.

  18. This IMO was a piss-poor outing. He made so many mistakes and the only reason he had such a results was due to pure luck. Result may be great, but the way he got there makes me puke.

  19. this kind of non perfect games with questionable decisions are quite educational, as circon the unicum explains what would he do instead etc.

  20. That was crazy….good job

  21. decently well played… but fun AS FUCK 😀 gg

  22. There are some mistakes, but his luck (and skill) holds out enough to see him through. And he’s in a not so popular tank, which is always interesting to see.

  23. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    RIP Autoloader on that line. my favorite part of em

  24. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    if that lorrane wasn’t trying to drown himself, I’d be shocked

  25. Hwk12 is awesome for SH with that view range and has gold that you can do the heavies dmg, in randoms its prob wz-132 but wonder why you dont see it in SH more often.

  26. How did he spot the T-10 when the T-10 was behind the hill?

  27. its a nice video but honestly I think it is poor playing for the LT. he was spotting in the east when the eastern tanks were already spotted, and spotting was needed in the north. he also was trying to snipe (while his team was capping) against the frontal armor of enemy tanks that were shooting back at him because he was westward, when he easily could have gone to the north red line and sniped them on their side or rear armor from a distance, plus hunted down the SPG earlier. a 1 on 1 LT vs enemy heavy tank, the LT has a HUGE advantage if the enemy HT is near a hill, which was shown at the end of the game when teh LT got 3 shots in. however, he could have done it earlier when the T10 was near the hills and the LT was running away eastward, he should have instead used the hill to get close to the T10 and assault the T10 away form where the gun was pointing. also, he should have fired at the WZ while he was approaching it, he could have killed it, and by the time he got to the WZ side armor, he would have been reloaded anyway.

  28. Replay casts are my favorite of the videos that you make. Of course they’re all great anyways. Love it and keep it up sir!

  29. Finally another tank ive been grinding for a long time

  30. This is why I have 3 marks on my T-10. Chasing down light tanks 🙂

  31. That T-10 mobility and turret traverse though, very stronk, very balance.

  32. As always great tutorial commentary!

  33. TROPIC Agario and more

    Btw u can’t 511 role with a 390 alpha gun

  34. T10 what a noob.

  35. I find those videos very interesting. 🙂
    If you show us the next replay could u switch on ur facecam and look educational into the cam and say something like ‘lets have a look at the post game statistics’ … but like: THEY REALLY REALLY MATTER TO YOU! XD @SirCircon

  36. I uploaded a pretty good game in the VK 4502A that I would love for you to feature 😀 I uploaded it to your site under the username of _Sptifire1911(underscore) (Had to do that otherwise weird formatting but its an actual underscore). It was the 2nd highest damage game ever uploaded, 11 kills, 2k base xp, and a 1v4 at the end. Thanks 😀

  37. 10:26 – here we see a wild artillery: cornered, realizing the end is near, tries to retreat to it’s natural habitat – the water. But the Hawk is swift, and ruthless 😉

  38. I think I have ulcers from that replay

  39. While the T-10 didnt do that much, he knew how to play in the end, even though he had a little brainfuck at the end when he failed to aim.

  40. Enjoyed that one, very exciting!
    Need a bit of luck sometimes.

  41. Capping on modes like these early on usually guarantees a loss because not only does your team not have enough tanks on the flanks that matter, the enemy can easily reset as well.
    Capping in the first 5 minutes on any encounter map is a waste of time and tanks.

  42. i was the wz 111 1-4 at the end… This guy was sooo incredible lucky

  43. Keep up the good work Circ, love the content man!

  44. For such a bad plays, quite lucky at the end.

  45. Great game.

  46. That was a fun one!

  47. One of the most heart-pounding games I’ve seen in a long time. That cat and mouse towards the end was crazy to watch. Thanks for sharing Circon!

  48. wow lovely game play

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