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  2. Hey Phly, i know this has nothing to do with ur vid but i just though i should tell you, check out the PT-76-57 tank (the reward tank from the battle pass) as an AA, i think it works really well in that role, even though that’s not its original intent, i think you should check it out, it could make a good Vid

  3. Why don’t you use binocular sniping

  4. Phly, you should make a jump for an r3 and sent it to the moon!

  5. Such clutch gameplay!

  6. One of the best videos I have watched that was some main character stuff there lol

  7. Hello from russia

  8. Wow – Dat killzone.

  9. Try the terraforming with the STRV 103C

  10. 7:04 God damn Dune reference

  11. It really was’nt good update,thats a gaijin: leaving bugs and cheats and go for digging

  12. Blade still doesn’t deploy properly, the top is supposed to be up. [it should unfold and lock in place]

  13. Can’t believe this is what minecraft looks like in 2021

  14. HAhhahahah @ Groot Piel in EBR @5:30 Lekker man!

  15. Ah yes, the modern sturmtiger

  16. Alessandro Piccinini

    phly you should check out the new t26e5 in the protection testing there is a place on the side of the turret near the mantlet the reach 1750mm of armour

  17. Mon cousin a just voler un policier il y a 13ans +- interdi de revenir dans un secteur sous dans lest ses qui pourie aujourdhui telperetelfilsdeputin enh

  18. Christopher Reitan

    Day 2 asking phly to drop a nuke in the b29

  19. “We’ll add new stuff”
    But Gaijin, ghost shell… ?
    “Yeah nobody saw that happen”

  20. God this video is hilarious. This bulldozing mechanic is such silly fun, much needed for WT. Absolutely hilarious.

  21. hey phly when you going to do some more streaming not seen you live in a while

  22. make a longer trench on each stroke so you start deeper

  23. The into was disqusting

  24. Would be cool to make sandcastles because thats the only thing that it seems to be good for. It seems pretty useless. By the time you make a mound to shoot behind, your already dead lol.jmo

  25. this update acutally was one of the most overrated in a long time, it feels like noting changed! compared to what they said!

  26. finally i have been waiting for this now i can build sand castles

  27. day 73: can you play “Gunner, Heat, PC!!!”

  28. What if 4 bulldozing tanks were behind each other… Can you make a trench??


    this mechanic is pointless…

  30. 20:40 is that the odd bawz music ? xD

  31. This was one of the most exciting and engaging WT matches I’ve seen in a long time. Possibly even better that that Matilda Slugfest you posted as your Intro years back. The fact that all your team mates were using your position as a rally point proves that this mechanic works, when used appropriately.

  32. Hello how are you phly have a good day

  33. I think that the reason why this ground moving stuff isn’t working so well, is because you can only dig around 1.5 meters down, and build 1.5 meters up. And even then you’re only gonna get around .7 – 1 Meters of actual height. I think they should make these mechanics more forgiving and increase the building limits. This is a video game after all

  34. and update for the 3-4 tanks with a blade?

  35. Wiesel video when?`:>

  36. Since theyve added terrain modification now they need to add Marvin Heemeyers Killdozer to the American line

  37. Day 179(little late): Of asking phly the play the dicker max because it’s 105 is basically cheating at is br and it can survive and they also recently moved it down to 3.7

  38. Is this actually the update? Or the dev server?

  39. It would be fun if they made some interesting PVE event, but im sure when they have free time to do anything they are either going to create more premiums or overhaul the real money store page to be even more user friendly. In the meantime the hangar UI will continue looking like it was made as a group assignment by students where only one of them was doing actual work and even he was drunk most of the time, way back in the far 1990s.

  40. Time to re-interduce trench warfare…. But with tanks!

  41. Anyone got a pic for a pe8 crater ingame??

  42. what a cool game at the end

  43. it doesnt move enough dirt. you have to go back in forth like 10 times just to get a good hole

  44. You weren’t giving yourself enough space to pick up sand

  45. the 1 game when he create3s really big shooting place is really cool moment

  46. Other than # 237 – Take the duck to the pond. (Hs.129 b-3 in naval battles), I think we’d all like to see some huge bombing runs and the resulting craters!

  47. can you play the weisel/ozelot next?

  48. Watching the Swingfire jump into your excavated hole reminded me of the nature show where the Fish moves into the shrimp’s home to protect each other.

  49. The Black Mesa Research Facility

    He’s a dirty boy that’s for sure

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