SHOOTING FLYING TANKS!!! QuickyBaby Best Moments #10

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks.


“Batty McFaddin”, “Wholesome”, “Lost Frontier”, “Amazing Plan”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. It would be better if you feature Phil sometime. 🙂

  2. kylewilfred C. solteral

    It this moment that he new

  3. Maybe the Freudian term “schadenfreude” is your middle name….not to mention “nemesis”. But I still love all your vids !

  4. Quickybaby best moments are my favorite videos

  5. Great vid 😀

  6. Alternate title: QB flexes on us with his aim

  7. Its comforting to see RNG bites it does..the rest of us..GG..QB

  8. Yay Best Moments is back!

  9. i loved this one, omg fucking genious

  10. Don’t do this please. Not good entertainment.

  11. Brilliant job Phil.

  12. Hey Quickybaby
    If you have seen a blitz video you know what is smasher?
    what is the smasher in wot pc

  13. The louder the tank shots are, the worst the swear is.

  14. 10 out of 10

  15. OMG realy get adult and work

  16. We want to see more of you platooning with Phil, Ike and Jingles. Miss that so much.

  17. Good stuff QuackyB.

  18. This is so good!

  19. I´m german and i never heard that word before, even I don´t know how to pronounce it, dude 😀

  20. Phil is the best.

  21. Yes best moment i love it

  22. FV4005 vs WT auf E100?

  23. disabling AdBlock just for Phil 😉

  24. 1:30 typical QuickyBaby – blame all other players except himself 🙁

  25. Just perfect i laughed so much like every stream i follow from you really thanks for this insane moments 🤣

  26. MORE MORE MORE!!!!! Phil

  27. Finally

  28. I was hoping you were going include the EBR ghost shell moment 😂

  29. GW Conqueror GC? The new hybrid sky shitter.

  30. F for the poor TOG

  31. Poor Tog,he just wanted to be your friend XD

  32. You think it’s annoying bouncing a Sturer with an A-44? Happened to me earlier when I shot it with my T30. When I had APCR loaded >.<

  33. Me: german
    7:46 : the language of gods xd

  34. Gunnar Dresler Photography

    Best moments rulezzz 🙂 pls more!

  35. EBRs flying are easier to hit than driving.

  36. Hi QB the longest german word on the video in text please, i have a german gamer friend 🙂

  37. T%his is good stuff 🙂

  38. Finally! This is all we’ve been waiting for!

  39. Hell yeah wanna see more

  40. I just heard a scary new arty the GW CONQUEROR GC


  42. Polish people: Polish language is the hardest.
    Germans: *7:43** hold my beer*

  43. ‘‘ This bloody pancake tank’’ -Quickybaby 2020

  44. I would like to see a comparison on the middle grade bond tanks. I have been saving for one for months and want to get the best value that I can get now that I have enough.

  45. Quickybaby the type of guy that if I dropped a tenner he would pick it up and give it back to me.

  46. I can relate to the ikv 90 B clip, in fact that is how most my games in that rusted out shitbox goes.

  47. I’m looking forward to Turbo Doom Turtle!

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