Shooting Range – Type 62

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Are we dancer or retards ?

  2. whats that gun mark mod?

  3. Take an F1 driver, select the first 29 drivers through the gate and tell them to race, when the inevitable winner surfaces he then procedes to tell everyone how totaly inept they are.
    The shere arrogance! and why MM in this game sucks.

  4. Now it’s completely 100% obvious that the other team was watching the stream & knew you were trying to 3-mark this little bad boy and just willy-dillied around like a bunch of retards…LMAO!!! 🙂

  5. Looks like someone was having a great time! 🙂

  6. those are the teams I get. stupid and retarded. it is bullshit

  7. It’s called seal clubbing?

  8. “What the fuck are people doing there” yup thats a common SEA saying :V also the random heavy always being where you go, even if you try drown yourself an enemy heavy is already there.

  9. how come circ gets all the cool games and i get fucked evritiem :((((

  10. Omg lol love it

  11. *I bounced a shot* WHAT IS THIS GAME – Me in M4 Ravioli

  12. Meanwhile I had to have a really tense game rto Ace my Type 62

  13. That looked like a PvE version of the game…lol.

  14. you’d be bored if all games were like that

  15. ROFL stomps in lower tiers unfortunately reinforce the belief that the game is Pay to Win.

  16. What server? Looks like a North American server from the game play…

  17. Since when did they add PVE in world of tanks?

  18. Germaine Westhiemer

    Welcome to to NA server. We do good things here.

  19. you were the only guy with monitor

  20. 4:13 Those two KV-2 staring lovingly into each others eyes.

  21. Take a shot every time Circon says “what is this game”

  22. If only i could get games like that

  23. ridiculous.

  24. why the MoE mod says 97,10% in the game live but when he check in the garage it was 95,01% ?

  25. “It felt like I was on console and I was the only one with a keyboard”

    Welcome to every game on wot console I play XD

  26. thats every game on NA server during daytime
    nothing but bots and tomatoes

  27. Circon was a shark amidst a group of tourists who can’t swim and they all had papercuts.

  28. Low tier gameplay can be so sad, sometimes -_-.

  29. This looks like the NA server to me…

  30. I thought videos of murder weren’t allowed.

  31. Holy shit, I met you today in a random battle ;D You were playing in the LTB on Airfield

  32. The Monday stream was amazing – this match in particular lol

  33. When they add PvE?

  34. Great laugh all the way through Circ, you had me in stitches and cheered my mid week hump right away

  35. Circon your reactions make me laugh so hard, I love you

  36. Seal clubbing

  37. So humble…the entire server came together to help you grind your gunmarks…cheers!
    How des that mod work tho? The small white number is your current rating i think? and the blue big number on top shows where you at if the game ends in that exact moment i thought? but how come then that it showed above 97% at the end and you said you only were at 95.01% total?

  38. Circonflexes was driving the WTFmobile.

  39. Seal clubber. Your team did a great job of spotting.

  40. This is a peak in the future of WoT when we will be playing PVE….

  41. Seal club much bro? Lol

  42. It is absolute madness out there circon…I think you discovered wargaming’s secret new PvE game mode, and while I can’t speak for anyone else’s weird shit, with a little help of an M12 arty piece, I outplayed an MT-25 light tank…in a Churchill Gun Carrier. I got one shot off, and he started to circle me, when the friendly M12 rolls along, shotguns him (without killing him because Russian “light” tank armor?), and then holds him down kicking and screaming while I maneuver my one shot CGC behind the arty, allowing him to take the shots for me, turning my gun, and execute the MT-25. Both the arty and my CGC survived…against a light tank…who should have absolutely murdered us both. I also inexplicably got TD-14 on the T-55A mission with honors and I have absolutely no idea how that happened. Churchill Game Carrier???

  43. What this game was can be termed as a typical game for me where I am on the Purple side lol. And I’m sitting there watching my team mates do WTF moves and actions as we get slaughtered.

  44. you were having a great Monday, everyone else was having the usual Monday problems.

  45. Hey Circon, You had nearly 100 million silver coins couple of days back, but now only 72 million. What were those big purchases that I miss?

  46. When Will This Tank Be Available Again For NA?!? I’ve wanted to buy it ever since I realized my 60% w/r in most of my lights.

  47. I guess these guys play wot on Nintendo 64 😉

  48. Holidays circon there are holidays 🙂 🙂

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