^^| Short Bonus Clip: Arty is hard to play.

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Source: SirCircon

Girlfriend who does not play , showcasing hard to play and completely fair!


  1. circon is that ur gf?

  2. Arty so nerfed its pleasing to hit… would be nice if your average round
    would last long enough to fire more than 4/6/8 shells tho :)

  3. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Circon…wheres ur beard ?

  4. It’s the grille!

    Got him!

  5. And here I thought she was going to follow up by 1 shotting the jp E100 as
    well lol

  6. Louis-Philippe Nault


  7. *Triggering Intensifies*

  8. Take away arty then might as well take out light spotters and put in fukkin
    drones instead.well screw it take out everything and only have heavy tanks
    and city maps…

  9. well if you chose the wrong target then your team die, if you chose the
    good target then you help your team . I dont see enything wrong in that
    short video he vas shooting a tank , i dont see eny suprise that he
    oneshoted that T29.

  10. If arty is so easy then try and 3 mark the 53/55 please. Not saying it’s
    hard to play, but it’s still a challenge to 3 mark a high tier arty.

  11. That was disgusting! Do you have more?

  12. Cancer.

  13. thumb up just cus ur girl is willing to try

  14. Jaws, you utter scumbag.. :-D

  15. So Circon + Foch are now finally a thing, huh? GG, boys!

  16. Jedi is looking very pretty in this video, did he have makup on or

  17. Xx_mlg_noscope_pro_xX

    You hit 1 shot out of 5 most of the time, so dont complain. This was just a
    lucky shot you took

  18. #SirCircon Sorry m8t I can’t buy one of your T shirts, they don’t come in
    fat cunt sizes I need at the least 4xL

  19. is this jawsum?

  20. well, that ending tho…

  21. I recently had an arty player on my team tell me he played artillery cuz he
    “couldn’t drive tanks.”
    If that doesn’t completely sum up how busted/broken/damaged artillery is, I
    don’t know what does… fuck arty

  22. *heavy breathing*

  23. Circon looks different today

  24. Thats why they should remove arty tier for tier…

  25. this is proof that arty takes zero skills to play.

  26. As long as WG is keeping it in game … DEAL WITH IT!

  27. Arty is all RNG, with zero skill required to it. Wargaming should look to
    lower the alpha damage thus removing one shot capability, but increase
    accuracy bringing an element of skill back, and also remove direct fire
    ability which would remove the entire total B.S derp factor.

  28. When are going to be many-hour streams with her ??? <3

  29. haha that’s hilarious

  30. Absolutely disgusting! I hope she washed her hands after :^)

  31. Beardless Circoness :D

  32. Hehe thanks for uploading the highlight 🙂 I don’t always catch your

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