SHOULD I DROWN HIM?!? QuickyBaby Best Moments #8

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World Tanks.


  1. Lets go mate… I was there

  2. Thicc German bois getting rekt at the start

  3. Love your channel and love the work you do, keep it up bro! <3

  4. Richly Creamy Mayo

    I have arrived you beautiful human

  5. glad to be first watching (7sec) 😀

  6. عبد الحميد حيدر

    Quickybaby please make a obj. 705A review

  7. Good to see Quickybaby having fun 😀

  8. I live for these

  9. helloooooo, nice vid 🙂

  10. Hi qb what is your favourite tank?

  11. Notification Squad!!!!

  12. How did he chat with enemies

  13. Im 2 min late

  14. this game is so stupid

  15. 2 mins late

  16. you are one of the funniest you tubers i watch love the content keep it up

  17. 2:25 how did that heat shell go through the track?

  18. Lmao😂

  19. 0 views and 182 likes and 34 comments

  20. Dynamic Gameplay at the beginning of the video.

  21. Thank you another best moments

  22. His open comments and reviews about gaming are good. His reviews about tanks have helped me . Keep up the good work QB

  23. This moments are best. They are so good QuickyBaby. Keep going QuickyBaby you are good at this.

  24. wow im ealry lol

  25. that super hellcat was big brain

  26. 7 minutes Lets go.Sub2Vladyibaby


  28. best so far XD

  29. qb how many will u make

  30. SocialBounty Make Money App

    I really enjoy your content mt4n

  31. That laugh is terrifying!

  32. I have just started watching the streams 😂🔥

  33. Lmao i have a video on my channel of a dude saying hes the best player in the game and being absolutely salty about all 650 tanks he has. Then I kill him in the next round lololol its a great vid.

  34. 1:45
    Absolute definition of “better dead than red”

  35. Κωστας Μανης

    Philippopoulos is from greece right?

  36. QB: Laughing when playing the shitbarn
    Also QB: Raging when one highrolled against his progetto

  37. I was also one shotted in a progetto by a fv4005 🙂

  38. the lockdown has not been good for you has it get some help… 0:52 rather toxic dont you think. I played wot for a long time left dew to how toxic it became then played world of warships then left to how toxic it was WG games are just filled with the worst time of people these days and i have no regrets about quitting the games

  39. §ђðð†ïñ§†åя

    You can All Chat again? Since when?

  40. 4:15
    quackybaby was gangsta
    till the doombarn arrive

  41. At 13:15 I actually did the same thing in a t-10 lol (same map)

  42. We will now always refer to you as Jim.

  43. Jim, keep up the good videos. You made me laugh hard

  44. Great video.JIM!!

  45. This is the most ridiculous thing in WOT – arty can’t see you, it’s on the other side of the map, but it can see that you destroy a fence or overturn a tree. Magic.

  46. I’m only playing one artillery tier 8 Russian and it gets tons of damage
    It’s like the stun mechanic have been secretly nerfed

  47. I like that JBL Xtreme in the background

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