Should This Really Happen in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks adding the turbocharger has totally changed the for slow tanks… But also Swedish tank destroyers?!?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. UK internet is slower, because now that you’re brexited, it has to go through tax control lol

  2. Latency confirmed.

  3. its just so stupid to use vents on this tank instead of rammer…esp on a tank like this, just look at first game, with rammer he would have done more damage for sure, passing extra damage every time you sit in the back and there is a farming opportuinity just to make your tank overall better lol, make what better? camo by half percent, or accuracu by 0.01 its just stupid

  4. i play in Belgium and sometimes i have over 300 ping comming from 25-30 since the last two big updates

  5. If I could be as good as your bad games I would be happy.

  6. Turbo is overused and overvalued

  7. Complains about lag at the start. Has 1-40ms ping the rest of the game xD

  8. i also had performance issues in germany in primetime on EU1. guess it’s sticked to ranked, better should say, had performance issues always when some additional event was running. Dont get it why they keep mixing game modes instead of moving all special events to eu3.

    btw QB, dont suggest ppl to take vents across the board. You missed to highlight it only gains real advantages on good crews.

  9. This is a old thing!

  10. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    If Belle Delphine was a tank she’d be an Udes.

  11. Same problem in hungary too

  12. Quacky Babs!!! ty !! See you on twich Babsy

  13. in korea I have 90~100 ping in asia server but with mudfish it’s okay 40
    however these days WG’s internet service is shit I think
    hearing ping bouncing off from other servers and same in asia

  14. I would love 100ms ping, standard 155ms everyday on Asia server Hong Kong

  15. Lorentz von Czapiewski

    We as tankers in South Africa wish we could have your ping mate… even 100ms would be a massive improvement for us
    Connection to EU1 and EU2 servers average between 250 and 450ms on a good day…

  16. I don’t find UDES very precise at sharpshooting. Okay, I have hit ratio around 73%, which is pretty good, but many, way too many shells land not where desired, in too many cases I just ding from the target (few battles ago I have dinged skoda T25 twice in the row – why not?). Still, this is very good TD. Turbocharger… need to try it ;-). I’m using wents, net and binocs. Net gives some 66% camo, which is good when playing not on the red line 😉

  17. ive always gotten 200+ ping during the countdown, shoots down to like 30 once the battle starts.

  18. I using this for Stvr s1, it’s so mobility 🙂

  19. Asia server, super lag

  20. Thank you man…Beside turbocharger that POSITION is a mindblower…I love playing udes and never thought of trying that position…although usually it is occupied with light tanks but otherwise it is a great idea!

  21. From france and got horrible ping. But good ping in other games.

  22. gw too slow to move all the way across map so unreasonable to expect it.

  23. NA server has been high ping also…I usually set at 20 and lately it’s been hovering around 80-105

  24. Yeah the connection has screwed up the opportunity for me to get a good game with the daily doubles or the 5x xp

  25. My personnal though is that WOT those past years since 2014 this game went worse and worse
    Recently items in my inventory and on my tank disapeared, i complained making ticket, guess what, i got ban, and still no replacement, the only answer they gave me was
    “buy them again”
    This game became shit

  26. who cares about CZ or PL Players? they all hav bad connection, allways

  27. Im in asia server with 3000 ping everyday

  28. Yep asian servers also got some ping probs lmao..wasted my prem days

  29. 6:07: and here i thought that eminem was the fastest rapper in the world… Guess all that practice in rap god was wasted

  30. Everyone should go to my channel to see what i have done with this QB rap moment

  31. PLEASE cover the 113 Chinese heavy vs the 121!!!! I CANT CHOOSE AND THATS A LOT OF CREDITS AND XP

  32. Same ping from Italy U_U

  33. I was playing last night and I am on the American server and I hit ping 999 like three times in 1 battle

  34. Meatybaby

  35. su130 knew witch way u comeing becous he was useing cheats , u just break a fenc and hes come to ur way

  36. unbalanced and broken…SHAME ON YOU.

  37. How did he know you were there? Methinks he was watching you live :p

  38. The best meta now is turbocharger + 105 octane fuel on T26E4 superpershing so p/w goes to 15, and it makes it insane

  39. 3:29 yes here in italy too, my game just randomly lags from 40 to 999 then 40 again

  40. Live in Germany and having connection issues

  41. Having issuesbon na server as well!

  42. my ping is 150 and it used to be better 🙁

  43. 16:52 Left4Dead ZombieBaby 🙂

  44. My ping has been atrocious in the USA

  45. Is my light tank dead? he is. thats quite unfortunate, but thats okay though – quickybaby becoming bob ross for some reason

  46. I have in EU Problems on Server 3 only.

  47. A few years ago, we had boneless pizza. Now, we have turbocharged sneaky bois.

  48. Just looking at the UI HUD for a PC player just goes to show the massive advantage they have over console players. But turning off the cross play for console players causes next to no gameplay I waited 30 mins for a game with cross play off an gave up.

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