Should you ALWAYS use a Gun Rammer in World of Tanks?

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Today I'm asking, and answering, the question “should you always use a rammer in World of Tanks?”



  1. I go with vents turbo and the other very stab that helps you turn and be more accurate.

  2. Gun rammers are for heavies.

  3. Absolutely agree!

    I like to think of dpm from two perspectives Raw DamageTrue Damage and from their Rate of Fire.

    What has a higher dpm, a gun with better Raw DPM, or a gun that is actually hitting shots? (True DPM)? This is even more true for tanks with high reloads, auto loaders, magazines where every shot is very important.

    Another concept that is important to think about DPM is the reload timerate of fire and whether or not having a rammer will allow you to shoot a second time creating a 1:2 ratio of trading. With a tank like the 122TM throwing a rammer on it does not allow you to realistically shoot any tank twice before it can shoot you once which makes it less useful (obviously not entirely useless, just less useful). Now a tank like the Object 264a, adding a rammer will allow your 320alpha gun to shoot most tanks twice and therefore has a higher value for the 264a.

  4. i think the turbo on the t95 is a waste. i have been behind zoom turtles in my none zoomed turtle and they dont really get there that much faster on small and medium sized maps. also, i play with the 120mm and fire gold. its pen is better than the standard round on the big gun. and the reload is half

  5. Rammer for arty only…a rammer is wasted unless u are shooting as soon as u are loaded…what good is a rammer if your reload goes from 9 seconds to 8 seconds when 90% of the time u aren’t shooting your next shell as soon as u r loaded. Quickly is right…there are 5 other equipment choices that give u more advantage than a rammer. Rammer is trash really

  6. I tend to play a lot of tanks with terrible accuracy so I like to run Vents, Vstabs and GLD. Not much point ramming shells in faster if you can’t hit shit 😛

  7. I feel like that in an average random battle, where you don’t know exactly what statistics you will need, vents are king.
    however, in something like ranked or clan battles, where either you have a set group or know what tanks you can expect to face, a gun rammer becomes more important

  8. While it’s not wrong to make what’s strong about your tank even stronger by slapping a Gun Rammer on a fast reloading tank, I would personally say that many tanks with long reloads benefit even more from it. RHM Borsig and BZ-176 come to mind.

  9. This guy …….I do not KNOW what to say about this guy ………..An average player with Moderated Skill at best. Vent up quick …………..Your a con man, Stop saying your good for the simple reason your average.

  10. You should be ashamed of yourself. Taking Russian money to make your ego good. Yeah , your done child.

  11. More often than not, I find myself taking vents over a gun rammer. To QB’s point though, it just depends on the tank. There are even some tanks where I take both, because I want the boost on all characteristics and the dpm to boot.

  12. You described a Tank destroyer.

  13. Yes, you should always.

  14. Namegoeshere Orhere

    After EQ2 I ditched a rammer on a lot of tanks, you rarely get to use the full dpm on most tanks anyway. Usually don’t bother with it on high RoF tanks UNLESS they are brawlers, most tanks with big alpha and long reloads I don’t bother because I boost gun handing and accuracy as much as possible, I’d rather land a big hit more often than miss more often. I’m a huge proponent of VR anyway, I always try to boost that to at least 445m if I can unless the tank is just so lacking somewhere else that I can’t.

  15. Overpowered is a far stretch let’s not throw that word on 122tm. With battles like now days with that reload time it’s underpowered while bourrasque and other autoloaders zooming around pumping damage. So nope it’s no where near “overpowered”

  16. DPM is very overrated. It’s great to have it, but kind of useless if you’re not getting your shots in consistently. And if you really look back at your battles, make sure to actually see how often you shoot right after you’re done reloading. The moment you wait after reloading beyond your buffed reload time, your rammer becomes useless.
    The game mainly revolves around trading shots. Usually after you shoot a target, they get despotted, get in cover or get killed.

    I’d say as a rule of thumb only take a rammer if the reload is about 7-8 seconds or lower, unless you have pretty bad alpha. Then you’ll probably need to compensate for that bad alpha, by putting in more shots as quickly as you can. But as long as you have good alpha, it won’t really matter if your bad reload becomes a bit less bad. It’s still gonna be bad, might as well just improve something else, since you’re mainly gonna be relying on trading regardless.
    I’d also make exceptions for very aggressive tank with good armor that can expose themselves a lot, and therefore brute force multiple shells at an enemy. A Tortoise being a very blatant example, but also something like a T32 imho.

  17. A gun rammer is only good with a gun like the Matilda’s two pounder in my opinion. If your reload time is over 4 seconds, don’t waste your resources on a gun rammer.

  18. As a newer player I love the 122 TM, it’s slow reload makes me play a slower paced game, which means I make mistakes less often as I’m thinking things through more.
    Also the fact that I play is as a support/sniper, again, it helps me from making mistakes.
    Love the gun as well, as QB said, its reliable.

  19. They took out gun rammers away on console

  20. lmao qb deleted the top comment that goes against his image of “skilled player”

  21. I rarely use a gun rammer unless it’s on one of my big alpha guns with long base reload. My goto for most vehicles is vents, then mostly optics. I’ve had some pretty epic spotting battles in the most unusual of tanks! Depending on the gun stats… accuracy, dispersion and aim time, I’ll mix it up between vstabs or accuracy device. And of course, turbo mostly reserved those dog slow tanks. A lot of my mediums now have CVS is second setup for those increasingly common battles devoid of lights.

  22. Well one option with the 122 is to rely on your allies for spot the other tanks and user vents + rammer so you get all the improvements. I’ve around 410 mts with a good crew so I’m happy with that.

  23. If you have a new crew with zero skills, is it worth it to take vents?

  24. my guys got a whole ass suit on for the video

  25. Kasanei401 este tipo usa mods ilegales

  26. I love rolling with Boosted Grousers on the 122TM over a Turbo. Granted it ends with a lower top but the acceleration just feels smoother. It’s nice.

  27. yes, vents are important. But i chose on my 122TM: vents, vstab and rammer. So i have vents and rammer. Yes…. no optics, view range not great: 415. But this is how i like to play it, i go in front as a support vehicle, not a sniper.

  28. This setup works only when the team works. If you need to do some heavy lifting the tank will fall on its face in any kind of fighting.
    A streak of 5 consecutive games instead of cherry picking a good one would show if your formula works or not.

    While it is ok to further increase a tank’s strong traits using equipment, in some cases, it is also better to use equipment to negate the larger drawbacks in other cases.
    For me, while the 122 TM has a great gun, it has poor mobility for a medium tank so if you want to play the long reload game and hide between shots, you need to improve its mobility. Not improving the mobility enough while also keeping a poor reloading time will get you a frustrating experience in the long run.

  29. dpm set up for clan wars

  30. Its great for players who can use DPM. However since turbo is a must have for me, and Vents are no brainer, and since i play like I want to, not profssional or planned, or slow- optics give me more advantage even in heavies, thanks to good crews. The support damage from spotting I get far outweighs the gun rqammer extra DPM.
    So as a noob, or even intermediate with no ambitions to become competative, I think no is the answer.

  31. there are also fast rate of fire guns that aim longer then they reload like T-34; you would hit more with better gun stats then 10% reload on them

  32. 1. Vent vs Rammer statistically: because Rammer cuts 10% of your reload after everything else got applied, so it is actual 10%. Vent on the other hand, if you have BiA + Food on already, that 6% crew skill is more like 2.5% increase or even less.
    For example: a commander with BiA + Food has 115% skill, a gunner with the same condition has 127% skill.
    So in reality, Vent does NOT improve everything 3%.
    I only use Vent for tanks that I feel like I want to have extra firepower when that tank has enough of everything else or that tank has super aweful ground resistances so the Vent does not only improve firepower but also mobility.
    Still, its bonuses are very minor and do not make any difference most of time.
    2. Rammer even though it can make a big difference, it depends on type of tank and situation very much.
    For example: I play my Skorpion and SU-130PM both at 100% MoE without Rammer. That’s because those 2 tanks rely very much on opportunity. Either you outspot your enemies at distance or you peek + snap from corners in city maps. To be able to do so, you of course need camo + viewrange, mobility and even gun handling so much more than 1 or 2s faster reload.
    There are no equipment in WoT that works all the time. They all are situational and most of time you want something that can really make a difference instead of having a little bit more of something that does not even matter like traverse speed, 1% camo or a few meters of viewrange.
    That’s why any LT prefer to the CVS + Exhaust + Optics more than any other set, or most HTs want to have Rammer + Hardening + Turbo if they have enough of gun handling to be able to drop the Vstab.

    • Sebastien van Tiggele

      Man, I wanted to make a comment about this! Adding vents on top of BIA and a consumable indeed doesnt increase the stats as much as QB thinks. I find it also interesting that you do not use the rammer on the Skorp and 130PM (i’m mainly f2p so I’m wondering if I have tanks that could benefit from another equipment piece that is not rammer). Good comment!

    • @Sebastien van Tiggele hey mate, no offense but if you’re not an at least 3k+ WN8 player, I suggest you not drop Rammer on TDs, even flexible ones like SU/Skorpion.
      My Skorpion has Bounty Rotation + Bounty Exhaust + Bond Optics and my SU has Bounty Aiming + Bounty Turbo + Bond Optics. Skorpion lacks gun stabilization and camo while SU doesn’t have enough mobility and accuracy.
      Because I play those 2 tanks like I’m playing with MTs, very aggressively, spot and shoot on my own, not relying on teammate’s sights.
      To be able to do so, you need to be a good LT player first, then you will have enough of game knowledge to abuse bush mechanics and everything else.
      If you feel like you don’t know what to do, where to go and how risky it can be and you still have to camp quite a lot in your games then you should have Rammer to avoid missing any possible opportunity.

  33. My personal opinion, I use vents only when I feel like there is no other equipment needed to the tank. When a tank has too many weaknesses theres just no place for vents.

  34. On my t-150 and my kv-3 I like to run a rotation device and an improved gun laying drive to improve the awful aiming time. Paired with either turbo or vents

  35. You should make a video about ”should you ALWAYS use vents”, but I guess your video would last 10s. with an asnwer ”Yes”

  36. My favorite is WZ-120-1G FT and I am using improved aiming, Coated optics and Bounty vents in that order and all the fieldmods too. So I have 0,30 dispersion and 472 meter viewrange, so 445 + some bonus for the bushes. I want to hit my shoots when I am far away from the tanks I shoot. But sometimes it is really hard, do to I am born with shaking hands.

  37. I’ve always used vents

  38. 200% agree with you

  39. no stab no rammer…only vent

  40. If the gun is dependable, then higher the DPM can be good. But in lower tiers it gets annoying if the shoots many are missining.

  41. In my view, rammer is only good if u can continue to pump lead into the targets. Which for me is a rare occurence

  42. Should add to this video a chart with base numbers a tank should have, to make a specific part a viable choice. Then a list of best equipment by benefit as a priority guide. If the 1st chart isn’t specific to a tank but rather specific to a preferred base number, then it should be viable as a chart for any tank by looking at its stats. Then you can identify upgrades for a tank by good base numbers on the 1st chart. Then use the priority on the 2nd chart to make the optimal upgrade choice.

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