Should you be a META SLAVE in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

The AMX 54 was massively in World of Tanks now there's very little point playing anything else; so should you join the dark side?



  1. rustedniddleslinger

    The M V Y has awful accuracy even though it says it has 0.3

  2. Instead meta slave, you should be a tough customer and demand WoT to bring Auf e-100 back into regular tank tech tree.

  3. Andreas Apostolidis

    I do not have fun by playing with the best tanks out there,i don’t have fun using golden ammo,or premium consumables.I have a lot of fun,when i can have a decent game against the meta players with something like my IS 5,my STA 2 or my Centurion Mk 5/1.And i feel good with my 50% WR

  4. Games as a whole are far more enjoyable when you treat them as such. When in game performance becomes a source of stress and toxicity it’s time to take a step back. Be a video game enjoyer, not a Gamer.

  5. My highest block on my amx M4 54 was 12k

  6. Too bad the m4 54 frontal plate is abysmal and penned by tier 8s

  7. on one hand yeah they are unbalanced af. On the other, the tier 7 and 8… yeah

  8. I always loved playing my M4 51 when I had a more stable connection. It saddens and brightens my day knowing that one of my all time favorites is finally top dog. Just hope I don’t come back to it being butchered

  9. Do you want sweat tank like Obj 907, Chieftain ?
    If you do then META, then go get Obj 260, Obj 279e, then find a top tier clan, then go get tank.
    Else, just do anything you find fun.

  10. Could you make a video about the obj 277

  11. Think its extremely boring playing meta tanks, so i mostly dont do it…

  12. Syahareen Sha Rani

    AMX M4 51 really makes the E 75 look bad …

    • lol what? E75 is crazy good, even amx cant make it look bad

    • Syahareen Sha Rani

      @Janis Karklins both tanks are compete who’s is the best brawling heavy tank

      E 75: I have claimed the best brawler heavy tank in the game

      AMX M4 51: Was

      E 75: What did you say ?

      AMX M4 51: I said WAS a brawler now I claim that title

    • @Syahareen Sha Rani well depends on how do you look at things, while amx is for sure better tank to farm tomatoes, but in a 1 vs 1 brawl, E75 shouldnt have any problems winning against amx

  13. Problem is the “meta” is being used against us now. They make a good tank, then nerf/balance it later when they put another shiny thing in front of us. Not to mention i’m noticing our “content creators” are trying to embellish or create false meta to juice up sales for crappy tanks or seasons. I just don’t think things have to be so under handed.

  14. Sure thing, dominating the enemies with a strong tank is good fun, but if i think a bit about it, beside the many frustrating matches in “bad” tanks, if you stomp your enemies with an type-5-heavy, it’s somehow sweeter than ruling with an op tank ^-^

    But that goes for random queue, in ranked and onslaught you gotta be meta or wont achieve anything and that’s ok too, these gamemodes exist exactly for that purpose (:

  15. bruh in blitz that tank is a tier X collector whats going on WG????

  16. I play sparsely, but I play whatever I please, meta or not, does not influence me.

  17. I managed to get to gold while using the pesky rental is 4 and i wasnt spamming gold or having food..

  18. Nah! Don’t have to.. I’m a casual gamer. I have only the tanks that I like. I play to enjoy. Stats don’t matter to me. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like to win.

  19. my grinds were for the e100 and jageroo, but ive now haulted them and im going for the 60tp, badger, skoda tvp meds etc, its just frustrating for a meet these in game so why not join them, my t110e5 and action x are good but not meta

  20. The Amx is definitely strong both tier 9 and 10 but the way I think about it is I would much rather have it in the position of a top heavy tank because it has weak spots and is by no means unkillable rather than a Cheiftain or 279e type tank that just gets to a spot and is not able to be penned.

  21. CC mentality (except qb) nowadays
    playing meta and having 3.5k+ wn8 : ok
    playing non meta tanks and having less wn8 because, i mean obviously… : you are trash
    playing low tier fun tanks: seal clubber, stat padder
    wish they shut the hell up and people can have fun as they want

  22. Is there anybody who got the Object 283 for good ? (had it twice for 5 battles) .

  23. I don’t really play the meta, but I love the M4 51.

  24. On wg’s webside the chance of getting the obj 283 for rent or forever is 11%

  25. lucky bastard. payed wg doll. if i try go sameway i got raped under 2minut

  26. Have never been interested in meta tanks at any point. I just like playing my Centurions and actually enjoy the game instead of stressing out about events and competitive game modes.

  27. 1:11 You killed your own teammate, the IS-6 wanted to push the 122 TM forward so those enemy tanks on a ridge couldn’t shoot him. You tracked the 122 TM *twice*, causing your teammates death

  28. cmon bro, in 2022 you re still on 1080p…I used to love your channel but I cant watch these blurry videos anymore. bring it at least to 1440p please

  29. QB i already got two rental obj. 283 in 8 tokens

  30. Looks like he took them out effectively on the battlefield.

  31. I used to play all sorts of tank types and nations while grinding missions for the Obj 279e. Now I only play 279e and Skoda T56 for credits. 2 beast tanks. I definitely feel very influential in the battles with these vehicles

  32. I don’t really care about meta. I’m a masochist…so I play for fun the of it with what I find appealing.

  33. I mostly enjoy non meta tanks, like k91, is4, e5 etc. Never liked the kranvagn even before it was nerfed. Theres just something so satisfying when u have a great game in these tanks, knowing your result was because of you playing great in an underpowered tank, not the tank being super meta.

  34. I have kept my AMX M4 51 and bought the M4 54 with a new crew. I play it with simple repair kit, medikit and fire extinguisher. 10 premium rounds. and that is all. I absolutely love it. IF the team is decent, winning is simple. At the end of the day, the team matters most, not the tank

  35. Pleaase compare Object 283 with the Object 430 II. in my opinion 430 better but not sure about the effective armour

  36. Imagine playing tanks that you don`t like, coz someone else told you you should…

  37. I’ve nearly got this tank fully researched. So time for a nerf is it?

  38. I’ve always been a casual player and following the meta is exhausting. I stopped following the meta because I can’t keep up with the game changing constantly where this tank is prime and then 3 months later it’s garbage. Then I’m spending 3 months of all that free time I had to grind to a tank that’s been nerf. This doesn’t mean it’s terrible but not as cool as it once was. I just wish they just make the game balanced enough that it’s a niche roll and you’ll have fun playing it if you like that roll

  39. Give it some waek points in the front!!

  40. I always thought meta in world of tanks is G-Fuel + a object-907

  41. its a pretty nice tank, with 5x missions it took me 50 games to get to AMX 54, but my winrate wasnt even good 46%

  42. the real problem you have is people with 2000+ battles played murdering you in t3-4 spamming gold at you

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