Should You Buy the FCM 50T??

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Source: LemmingRush

An FCM 50T


  1. Hey lemmming have you ever tried to record with quickybaby or do a colab with other wot youtubers?

  2. I heard this is a better Panther 8,8 with premium match making, which kind of discourages me from buying the Panther 8,8, but at the same time I can’t buy the FCM 50 T since it’s a lot more costly.

  3. Another amazing video from the legend himself, I love Lemming

  4. Should I buy​this or Liberte?

  5. nice vid

  6. It's what you think

    Hey cunt is the type 5 worth the O-Ho pain?

  7. Yeah, the 50 t is a pretty good tank if you know how to play it, takes a bit of skill but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty competitive

  8. Hey Lemmingrush, sweet review, can you review the American T34 heavy pls. I play on Console and I love your content. Keep it up dude 🙂

  9. shit tank

  10. Fun fact: that FV207 is a 51%-ish player with a 49%-ish, pea-green recent. Goes to show you should never count out an ally by stats alone.

  11. I was expecting a very normal and useful review and right at the beginning you tip something over and i quote “well shit i didnt mean to do that” xD

  12. By the way, the black bar at the top and bottom of your vids are blocking the tank list and team scores at the top. It’s not that important, but I just wanted to point that out.

  13. The “grenade tubes” on the T26E4 are coil springs that stabilize the gun 🙂

    Nice vid/review

  14. Came for the memes, left with some knowledge

  15. rip tiger p

  16. yes you should buy lol

  17. the best way i like to see this tank is like this
    Its a heavy tank, thats not a heavy tank because it has speed, nor is it a medium since it has heavy tank HP, not to mention its un light tank like mobility either, or its un-TD like camo. So what should we call it? Vote now on your phones.
    But it has a heavy tank icon meaning scrubs will try to play it like a heavy at first.
    Thank you Yuro for the inspiration for that joke (How to Scharnhorst)

  18. Do you think,in terms of gold cost and abilities,the FCM is better than the SP?I intend to buy the SP when it’s on sale,initialy I would get the FCM but I don’t play French heavies that much,so it’s not so important.
    BTW,the things you shoot at on the top are the counterweights for the spaced armor added to the turret front,and they’re not a hitbox,but the cupola behind them is 😀
    Keep up the good content sir!

  19. Hmm if that super Pershing actually pushed you do you think he would have won?

  20. Alexander Addison

    I still quite enjoy the 50T, although a lot of the contributors on EU generally now have the opinion that the game has moved on and left tanks like this and the Type 59 behind (a tank I never bought as I was newish when it was removed and didn’t want to be your typical 1k game Loewe driver; punished for doing the right thing, FML)

    anyway another intricate question (after the one about vents/gld on the defender vid) You advocate running large repair kits on this tank, generally I only run them on tanks until I have a good repair crew but I have recently moved to running only large med kits, again primarily for the passive bonus and as you don’t use them everygame or even most games it’s not that credit intensive especially if you grind the credits upfront and buy in bulk when on sale. Thoughts?

  21. Great job by you and the Arty player. Well done.

  22. Looks like the gun handling is worse then I expected it to be. It seems better when I face people playing it. Nice vid and cool teamplay!

  23. *Video still loading*


  24. Nice. wont be buying that tank.

  25. Huh Im glad I haven bought this…

  26. do the Revalorise

  27. I bought the FCM 50 t thinking it would be fantastic and all but in reality your right LemmingRush it should be played like a medium but cant. It doesnt have much of a gap between the hull and turret armour thickness which means that getting hull down doesnt do much, however good the slopeing is and how big the gun mantlet is, people just seem to pen you anyway. It gets hammered by artillery thanks to the HUGE lightly armoured engine deck and cant effectively sidescrape as the side armour above the tracks will be over matched by 91mm guns and over. It has pretty much the same gun as the CDC but worse gun depression which may make it difficult over the ridgelines, HOWEVER it can pull off some amazing ricochets off the upper and lower plate. The gun handling is good with a decent DPM statistic but overall, if you easily get frustrated then dont buy this as the armour isn’t very cooprative.

  28. and lack of post processing triggers me

  29. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    16:40 I saw you writing with the cyrilic alphabet.Do you know any slavic language?

  30. that super p was really indecisive and that what cost him the the game but really good play by the arty player usually those player are so unaware of their surrounding

  31. Awesome gameplay at the end, well done.

  32. What i have found that fcm armor is good as long as it doesnt get shot to front plate or turret… sides 120 armor so.. tracks eat so much damage so its good sidescraping with that amount of mobility and dpm…

  33. And i it feels good that im not alone where i think fcm is not accurate.

  34. The “grenade launchers” dont actually have a hit box. You’re actually aiming for the cupola behind them which is lower in height and hence many people think they’re missing the “grenade launchers” when they’re actually shooting at thin air.

  35. Wow you are good

  36. Amazing big mistakes again from all the sides.
    Why don’t you use HE when he has 6hp left?
    Why didn’t he rush the arty after it fired?

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