Should You Buy the STG Guard?

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  1. Wrong title, isn’t it? And also why would anyone buy this if they can buy T54 mod1?

  2. D4nk m3m3?

  3. I sure hope we never find out about Lemming’s cleverly hidden World of Tanks cheats.

  4. nice tabs open

  5. STG…
    Bad armor; Bad mobility; Bad gun handling; Bad gun accuracy; Bad view range; Good damage; Bad everything else
    Total garbage
    Verdict: DO NOT BUY IT

  6. Sebastian Buengener

    You wont believe My snapshots with t-30 hahah ?

  7. 9:54

    did you say city map or shitty map?


  8. at least finally the premiums they make are balanced… even the new TD was ok.

  9. Dispersion is bad lol 0.28 when using vents and food is the same as the fv4202 when using same equipment

  10. Lol lemming you just wasted a perk Preventative Maintenance doesn’t do anything to fuel tank fires. It reduces engine fire chance which for this thing yeah you want that but it does nothing to the fuel tanks. Its why i dont run it on the 140 it doesn’t help at all. Only one that impacts fuel tanks is CO2 Equipment which increases the fuel tank HP by 50%
    Edit: You forgot T-44-100 man she is crying in my garage now because she wasn’t noticed

  11. Awww you spoiled the ending 🙁

  12. Lemming>>>>>>>quickyfaggot


  14. I recently got the T-54 and using your points of view on the battlefield has made the stock grind a LOT more bearable, Thanks Lemming! ^-^

  15. Hey LR, I ammo racked you in a tier 8 stronghold 😉

  16. Kharkov >> “Stalingrad”
    RIP Lemming is trash player

  17. Oh
    Aimbot confirmed

  18. Dang! Was your bladder full while you were narrating that? 

    You talked a little fast but you said a lot of interesting things.

    I certainly see what you mean when you talk about it’s not being a particularly fun tank; especially when you need to brawl in it. The whole, “Turret of Siberian granite” atop the “wet-rice-paper chassis seems like something that belongs in an undulating open plain filled with bushes and boulders and not at the mercy of rubble-pile placement in a map that looks like someone at WG HQ shouted: “More corridors or you’re *fired!!*”

    It was  good review in terms of your information and points. You sounded a little agro and defensive about your goal in matches towards the beginning but everything you said about tanks made sense, confirming things I’d already come to think from watching other videos that covered the same subject: it’s a thing but it’s not everyone’s thing and there are other premium mediums that most people would find better credit grinders that would happen to be easier (and thus more fun) to play.  

    You know, I don’t know if you actually care to know things like this with your being popular and all, but I feel I should tell you that your instance of minimap use—where you guess correctly that you can get shots in on a tank that is about to attack another tank on your team—is pushing me towards another bout of playing lights and mediums. 

    Right now, I specialize in TDs because I find them simple and their ideal situation (“You’re in my view effective view range and I’m not in yours”) makes sense to me because the game becomes less of a reflex-/connection-quality contest. If WOT were more popular, I’d consider getting a tattoo that said, “Born to lurk.” After that last bit of combat of map-reading, it occurs to me that using the kind of map-reading you display there would be hard(er) to exploit in a casemate TD and even harder in a glass cannon, and I’ve got a couple of premium mediums (M4 Rev and Panther M10) that I haven’t played a single game in yet. 

    Right now, I feel a strengthening desire to revisit them. 

    So.A last thought.

    I think, if I had your ability at playing the game and the patience needed to run the resultant channel, I would think about Zen. 

    This is a difficult topic for most people because it has multiple levels and multiple sides. People read about it and see it from only one or only a few of those sides and end up confusing themselves and others. If they stuck to a few “mysterious Asian fundamentals,” everyone would be happier. 

    One interesting fundamental is the idea of striving to do only one thing when you do it. When you do a thing exclusively, you are between everything else. You are doing it, writing, juggling, playing world of tanks, eating ice-cream because you are doing it and not because of the things around it like the benefits you will receive or the penalties you will avoid by doing it. 

    Thinking about this idea makes me think of your defense at the beginning of your review. I think, if I were you and had a channel, I might tell everyone something like:

    “Damage is the heart of the game. You can’t play the game without it. You might do damage to increase your stats, which is why I do it, or to destroy tanks, wipe out the enemy team, and collect a win. Damage for either reason is just two roads to the same place. No matter what you want at the end of the game, damage is not just a thing: It is the only thing.”

    Any thoughts?

  19. At the end of the day, if I have fun, and can do well in a tank, it was worth it
    I have really enjoyed my STG, and have pulled off many a great game so far

  20. do anyone know if any tier 8 light premiums are coming out soon?


  22. I watch all the YouTubers reviews on premium tanks and you saying that it’s not a credit grinding tank but a crew trainer was really helpful i have not had anyone I have seen use that comparison so thx. And I been watching your channel for about 2 weeks and that just convinced me to be a sub on your channel. I hope that helps your future tank reviews looking forward to New tank reviews.

  23. LR i like ur vids and i feel so sorry that NA is gonna be closed and hope meet u in EU xD cheers

  24. i think i love you

  25. The difference between auto-bounce sidescraping and brawling sidescraping is something I don’t hear often explained to me if at all. Thanks for telling me about these two important types.

  26. what should be my premium for credits ? I have T-34-3, but you can’t make credits with it, you have to gold a lot, i was thinking about superpeshing

  27. Wallhack confirmed 😉

  28. lol it’s harkov not stalingrad how can you speak of d5 e4 and etc? spots

  29. bs if you buy food cost you 20k, if you shoot premium 5k per shot, if you miss like you do in this replay and shoot gold you lose money or breakeven , dont say ammo cost is a minute, i dont shoot gold because of this ” minute”

    not everyone is unicum like you, buddy

  30. I don’t have a fire problem with this tank, I get ammo racked everytime.

  31. “The accuracy is good, but the aim time and dispersion are actually really really bad”? 0.3 Dispersion but the accuracy is bad…

  32. It’s a Defender, just better

  33. 13:15 I would’ve never thought of that! (I’m playing since May 2012 and bought my first real premium tank (tier VIII) a month ago together with a premium account for a month, for me, the F2P faggot, ammo cost was always a big deal. But now…) …You just opened my eyes

  34. Welp… why did I get my Mod. 1 just 1 week earlier? xD ;-;

  35. tier 10 mediums cant pen an e75 from the front????????

  36. 7:45 Saying that the Leopard 1 can do that is a bit situational, in that situation both the T34 and E 75 would overmatch the 35mm side armor and you’d be screwed. It would only work against lower tier tanks as the only tier 9’s and 10’s that would bounce are those with 105mm or smaller, meaning every tier 9/10 heavy and TD except the 103-0/103B will autopen. So essentially a vast majority of the tanks the Leopard 1 meets would screw it over.

  37. Βαγγέλης Δρίβας

    Yeah, keep buying expensive tier 8 premiums to be low tier in 9 out of 10 battles and shooting premium ammo … gg, wp

  38. The ap shell price of this tank is quite cheap 850 per shot so…

  39. That map is not Stalingrad, it is Kharkov.

  40. Its nearly impossible to play and make credits anymore ;-; (without prem)

  41. 0.3 accuracy is bad? u aight?

  42. inb4 it gets buffed to all hell blyat.

  43. Lemming what about T-44-100 as USSR crew trainer? You haven’t mentioned it.

  44. I want WG to add these new premiums to the tech tree!

  45. Judging by those crew names, I think lemming got some tips from TheRussianBadger

  46. i play this game to increase my stats. do u even know what real life is?

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