Should you Buy the Super Pershing after its BUFF??

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Source: LemmingRush

My super pershing 🙂


  1. I really enjoy the T26E5 and have always debated the T26E4. Think this just
    decided my next prem. Thank you.

  2. I thought this video was very well done, I can’t think of anything to
    critique. I was thinking about buying this recently so i’m very happy you
    uploaded this. I suppose the one thing that would be awesome, if it
    wouldn’t make the video to long for you, would be if you could squeeze in
    two shorter replays just to give a little comparison of different
    situations on different maps, or one being top tier and one being bottom
    tier. Sorry for the essay, lol. Thanks friend!

  3. i think about the STB1 or the M48 Patton. what should i grind?

  4. the 8.86 is not reload time but rounds/min, therefore it’s 6.77s reload

  5. They give the SuperPershing 22mm of pen buff, which already gets SMM but
    they give T-54 mod. 1 8mm pen buff that doesn’t get SMM and can meet tier
    10 tanks. Such great logic WG, да!

    P.S WG are fucking idiots.

  6. Awesome video, as always. Love watching your vids LemmingRush. You’ve got
    the attitude and the confidence and skill to back it up. Keep it up. You
    deserve to be in the spotlight!

  7. My reload is 6.92 secs ^_^ without brothers in arms :/

  8. Yup I am loving my new and improve SP since the buff :). I have been making
    on avg. 90k-100k profit sometimes even more. I don’t play as aggressively
    as you do lemming but pretty close to it. Hey lemming if you want I can
    send you some of the SP games I have had and you can feature them on your
    channel and then go through them and tell me what I could have done better.
    Your call. I could always use advice from a player that is better then me.
    Also wow I thought you had more tier 10’s unlocked man.

  9. Hi Lem! Thank you for the informational video, I find it helpful and strive
    to get it! I love contents youre posting, keep it up. If you have time,
    maybe we can platoon again like old times :P

  10. FCM 50t is just better and it easily worth the additional money and who
    hasnt got the superpershing? i mean it was the easiest mission in wot
    history and even tough its been buffed its super slow and if the enemies
    are not lemmings then they will pen you every single time, the fact that in
    this match you owned them doesnt change anything its like when
    quickybaby(dont get me wrong he is an awesome player) uploads a video and
    you can see that every single enemy has red WN8, no wonder he can single
    handedly kill the whole team(again he is an absolutely amazing player dont
    get me wrong)

  11. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    Thank you. I run my Super P and people constantly ask me why I play such a
    “crap tank” and have 3 marks on it. Now I can link this and save time :)

  12. Cheers LR, personally I think you did a good clip – keep em coming mate :)

  13. ty for the help

  14. you didnt take advantage of the year of premium for $45?

  15. GreaseMonkey Supreme

    Thank you for the video. I learn a fair amount from all your videos, except
    the music ones. Not there is anything wrong with music videos.

  16. My most played tier 8 premium, and the only one I’ve earned more then 200K
    in one game in “when I ran premium”. Cheap as chips to run, and with the
    pen buff it’s more reliable. I’m down to 5 APRC rounds on it now tbh. I’m
    glad I did not sell it back when WG offered gold for nerfing it.

  17. Good insight, keep up with the vids, enjoy your play, watch your streaming
    also. Happy new year Lem.

  18. hey you were playing with my boi mitchell :D

  19. Bought it before the buff, and it was good back then.

  20. I guess a more comparative (but no too much) against other Tier VIII prems,
    i.e. the CDC, M46KR, etc could help me at least, but it’s ok the info and
    the talk about playstyle. And Thank you as always.

  21. I dont know if you’re a fan of historical corectness or information and
    stuff but i would realy like to hear some background info. Escpecialy to
    the SPershing because its actually more than just a blueprint-tank 🙂
    And whats about an comparsion? obviously it was buffed to compete with the
    – for me personally – slight op T26E5 and the french Libertè tanks who do
    stuff very similar to the SPershing. Maybe you can do a similar video to
    the M4A1 Ravioli? Because its got also buffed and quite a joy to olay
    currently :)

  22. Looking forward to your 1 hour video running the SP.

  23. Yaaay lemming is talking again <3
    I never get to see your streams

  24. great video keep up the good work

  25. NetGamer SK (Gam3rSK)

    I think there are still better tanks to buy. This tank is same case as KV5.
    It works till you face retards and tomatoes. Everyone penns you easily. The
    cupolas are super weak combined with extra bad side armor….if I want to
    play premium heavy patriot is there. Medium = M46 KR. Nothing more nothing

  26. William Taylor Payne

    I got this while on sale on Christmas eve. And it is fantastic. While the
    armor isn’t as OP as I had hoped the gun and the newly buffed pen along
    with the surprisingly livable speed make this tank a solid buy imo.

  27. What do you think about the m4a1 rev? It has very good alpha and pen, and
    its pretty mobile with its recent buff? Opinions?

  28. Why dont you are in Wot life or your clan?

  29. Got both, cdc and SP and atm my cdc gets me way more credits than SP. I
    feel like i play SP wrong, any tips to new SP player?

  30. Love this tank. You can absolutely bully lower tiers and most tier 8’s with
    the frontal armor. I do run in to a lot of premium spam from opponents
    which is annoying though

  31. The APCR pen of 258 is outstanding as well. I just bought an IS-6 and I
    love it, but that 175 pen and 217 gold pen means you flat out can’t beat an
    e75. He’ll pen you everytime and you can’t even pen lower plate unless he’s
    dumb so you are stuck aiming at the tiny cupola from below it.

    Also, I watched your CS:GO video before you took it down you nub. I’ve been
    playing CS for a long, long time. My reaction time sux these days but let
    me know if you want to queue. I still have the strats just not the reaction
    time to be good anymore. Too old :)

  32. top Battle Lemm ???

  33. Maxime Doval-L'Heureux

    What happened to your CS:GO video?

  34. I always enjoy watching you play. I learn a lot, regardless of the specific
    tank. The point about looking around during reloads is a very good one.
    Even after 24k battles, situational awareness is a huge problem for me. I
    tend to zoom way in and tunnel on whatever weak spot I’m aiming at, so I’m
    ready as soon as the next shot is loaded. Of course I’m also a pretty bad

  35. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t spend any money on the game yet after playing
    for 4 years off & on. But you might have sold me the SP.

  36. What are your thoughts on the Patriot? Seems like it could give this thing
    a run for its money, better pen, more mobile, arguably better armour

  37. what about the fv4202 (P)? is the superpershing a better credit maker than
    that one?
    because the fv4202(P) does have better pen and almost the same alpha, and
    it got a buff from 10% profitability or something

  38. would be interesting to hear your thoughts about “superpershing” or “ripper
    patton”. both are american mediums T8, the one with pref matchmaking and
    doesnt play like a med,..while the other no pref matchmaking and plays like
    a med. you basicly just said “its good for making money” but making money
    is not everything. tanks should also make fun while making money 🙂 dunno
    if superpershing is fun, seems kinda sluggish to me. while ripper patton is
    basicly a pershing that makes money.

  39. Great Vid! Could you do one about the Revalorise? I’m on the fence about
    that one…

  40. UDES has something like 286 pen and 390 alpha

  41. Not finished the video, but any tips on three marking the SP if it is not
    in the review, just got two the other day and I want to improve my play
    style for three.

  42. Is this tank the 28 euros or more worth?

  43. How could this video have been more informative to you? More talk about
    setup? More talk about playstyle? Thanks for the help

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