Should you Get the Object 140?

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks for watching xd

I’m currently offering sessions for those of you who are looking to get better at WoT.
Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on ( early game, reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go to base, how to carries) are all types of things I can help you with, of course, much more)
-And your timezone/server.



  1. is this line worth spending girls on???

  2. Is it better than T62A?

  3. It it right behind the front lights. I’ve set a 140 on fire twice by shoot it in the same place, right behind the lights

  4. I like to carry about 5 HE for rhms, waffles, scouts etc

  5. isnt the 907 after buff just better than the other ru meds?

  6. ((((ShockWave))))

    what do you do in mts when there is a huuuuge imbalance in how many hts the teams have?

    as in you have 1 top tier heavy and 2 bottom tier heavies, but they have 5 top tier heavies and 2 mid tier heavies, and its a map like ruinberg?

  7. I noticed that you have a 430 in the garage can you do a video on that one and give your thoughts if you have time, the bastard brother that no one likes but I do better in that one then the 140… Thanks LemmingRush

  8. I really like your ‘to the point way’ of making your video’s. no bullshit, just telling what makes sense!

    I played the Russian med-line and really enjoyed it.. until I got on the T-54 and started to get only shit teams combined with not being able to deal with the bad gun depression. Weird thing is, that I don’t struggle with it that much in my T-10, which I kept and love to play. Thanks for the nice vids with Russian meds. I learned some stuff and though I don’t win much more, my gameplay has improved so at least I get more xp out of it.

    I wonder why you did not take the 430 into the comparison =) I played it on Sandbox and I really enjoyed it.

  9. You’re a mind reader. I recently unlocked the T-54 & was trying to figure out which tier 10 to get. They are so similar in their stats but your recommendation sealed the deal. I will unlock the T-62A first. Thanks for the great info! – SteelGutsInTN

  10. The Obj. 140 is pretty much the “standard” or “average” tank you get on tier 10. Nothing good or bad, ecept for the gun. I found people will give a fuck about his alphadamage when they have an autoloader or big hitting gun, trying to do good trades. Thats why i realy dont like it. Having good DPM only comes into play when you can flank or snipe them in safety. Otherwise i personally had much better experience when i drove my 121, or E 50 M. Noone wants to take a 440 shot. Thats why more people are scared of those. My playstyle is focusing on this fact 😛

  11. Can you do an E 50 M worth getting? I you have can you revisit?

  12. no question. buy this tank.

  13. Lol come on lemming quit stealing my ideas :P. Jokes aside not pushing past 445 in this tank is a waste since the vents only give you .11 on your reload. Thats it, no jokes. So putting optics for vents for 480 view range helps alot with negating camo and for free spotting damage. your dpm only goes down by 20 something thats it, its so small its barely noticeable.
    Also the fuel tanks thing its on both sides. its a pain to deal with but its something you can play around since this thing, like the 62A, doesnt like getting shot in the hull.
    One more thing the 140 has better OTM actually, though its higher base speed negates this. Performance wise its the same.

  14. Henri Liimatainen

    nice ads

  15. Neptunesplayground0

    hey lemming, when you ground out the 140, which line did you go down? i currently am at the t43 and absolutely hate the thing, just want your input 😀 keep up the good work!

  16. Thibault Giesbertz

    can you do a Centurion AX worth getting? would apreciate it. srr for bad english

  17. Heyyy LR, I know where this game comes from!!!

  18. Lemming got any tips for the WZ-120? I only have fully stock except 2nd engine and finding it difficult to do very well or pulling my weight in most battles

  19. What about 121?

  20. So many other reviewers chicken out and say ‘depends on your play style’.  Thanks for actually picking a tank at the end.  I have just gotten over the xp hump on my t-54 and about to pull the trigger on the 140/t62.  Played both a tiny bit on the frontline sandbox.  I did like the speed and gun depression of the 140, but you called it, its a paper tiger.  The modules were constantly being destroyed.  While driving the t62 (frontline, so sometimes back to back in the same battle), it does feel sluggish, and I do notice the 5 degrees of gun depression.  But man, it can take a hit.  Leaning t62, leaning t62 a little more after this vid…  Thanks…

  21. No reason to go past 445…. completely disagree there. You definitely want at least 10-20 more, to at least burn through *some* of the enemy camo and still reaching 445 spotting cap.

  22. Lemming why is my WN8 so high but my win rate sucks also my clan faced your’s and you won by 1 hp… because low damage rolls… Also Lemming for training sessions do you accept gift cards instead? like Amazon gift cards?

  23. T-62a or 140? Wanting to grind to one of the Soviet mediums.

  24. i’m just a green noob on my way to the obj. 140/T-62A which one of them should i go for? T-62A more forgiving?

  25. god damn dude, u are making me Want to Play This game again :p

  26. Great video Lemming! I saw it live 🙂

  27. Lemming, if you actually do the math the 140 has better gun handling other than minimum avg dispersion. The way aim time works is that it’s the time it takes for the aiming circle to shrink to 1/3 it’s former size repeating this process until it reaches min dispersion. The 140 dispersion on the move and turning the tracks are about 23% better and the aim time is less than 5% worse than the 62a, turning the turret doesn’t really add enough to the dispersion to matter.

    The dispersion of the 140 moving at full speed or turning tracks at full speed is better than the 62A by more than 5% thus leading to better aim time anytime you move the tank’s hull and better accuracy on the move. Basically if you move your hull at all the 140 will aim faster, if you only turn your turrett the 62a aims faster.

    To each their own, but thought I should clear it up with math.

  28. Robert Pfuetzenreuter

    What the hell? “Counting skills”?

  29. the better question is this silly game or pussy and liquor. ok you kids have fun the real world isnt for you.

  30. Hi Lemming Rush, just wondering what’s your opinion on the 430? I’m currently on the 416 and deciding which tier 9 to get first and which tier 10 Russian med to get first. Can you give a brief comment on the 430? thanks and o7 MAHOU 🙂

  31. Awesome as always, have both 62a and 140..
    Bags2247 NA

  32. Wouldn’t preventative maintenance solve the fire issue though? Or is it not worth getting the skill?

  33. why would you say there is no reason to get more view range than 445m?

  34. This is why I like LemmingRush “because I’m a stat padder”. Honesty, it means a lot

  35. Hey lemming, I’ve noticed in many of your videos that you don’t have smooth ride and snapshot on your tanks. Why is that?

  36. Can u do a review or Worth it video about the T110E5 ?? now that it is supposedly nerfed !

  37. Pyrotechnic archer tv

    huh when you just get the object 140 2 weeks ago after reading it’s superior, darn

  38. Is it just me or your ‘”s’es” have a bit of a whistle to it. A bit like mathew mcconaughey 😀

  39. yo lem fam, u dont do replay casts do you?

  40. Lemming can you do like a video of your in game set up like settings and stuff?

  41. Lem got them ‘counting skills’.

  42. I liked this, thanks.
    You know, I have been thinking about when I asked about swamp, and you kind of touch on that idea here, its just if you don’t know where to go, go to where the action is, and then redirect as the game develops, and I think that is pretty much solid advice for even there, but at the same time, you seem to go to weak flanks a bit, and generally the mediums go north on swamp, so, is the south a strong play to assure they win and fast there, or should you spend time making sure your mediums stay alive?
    I hate going to the very northwest corner, as it isolates you from the base TD support, but that seems to be where most go, I like to stay down toward the bottom at this point.
    I have had some nice times coming back to WOT and getting 70% WR in my tier 7 Leo flat out dominating at times, and your content always gets me in the mindset to push myself to be better, so thanks for that, lemmi.

  43. I have 468m of ViewRange in my E-75 ._.

  44. Thanks for the video
    If you were too reroll what would be the first 3 meds /2 heavies you would go for?

  45. +LemmingRush 1:36 LoL you metioned me 😮 // jelspeed

  46. Abdürezzak Ebubekir

    jack of all trades is useless now after 9.18 multi use of first aid is enough

  47. 5 years of Wot and highest tank i have is tier 9 T54. I have exp and unlocked both mediums… problem is credits… i unlocked them but cant buy them… Impossible to have fun without premium in this game… I have almost 9k games at 2k wn8… but this days i just lose credits ar tier 9 without premium…

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