Should You Get The Object 907?

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  1. Yesssssss fiening for another vid

  2. yes that means you won it.

  3. i have an exam after like 4hrs didnt study

  4. Great video and would love to see the video you were discussing why T54’s spam heat

  5. “Striker is a piece of shit”

    This is hilarious in context, considering not 5 minutes later he pulled a 10k damage, 10 kill game out of his ass and carried so hard it isn’t even funny. Watching that on stream was spectacular.

  6. You should find a way to platoon with circon. That would be interesting

  7. I saw you platooned w this guy and you guys were playing on fjords n I had a good game hoping I’d make it in a video of yours but I don’t think you were in the 907 🙁

  8. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    12:00 what do you expect from a retarded CABR4 player

  9. Anfield did a top 5 video on the best tier x meds and he put the 907 as number one. I always thought he was trolling but it added to the pubbie hysteria.

  10. Not OP at all, now let’s look at me seal clubing in a t8 game without light tanks. I call bullshit.

  11. You made the right play at the end vs the mice and t57 you just had a shit team. Happens to me way to often. GG thanks for the videos man!

  12. Алексей Сафронов

    Well, fuck, too bad my clan is absolutely useless. And I doubt that a decent clan will let me hang out with them just to get the tank from the campaign, I’m not unicum or anything. Feelsbadman.

  13. firefighting… lul

  14. Hey lemming I have a question, how the fuck did suss get into mahou?

  15. It's not what you think

    Carry me to it and I;ll tell you if your guide helped.

  16. Tomás Turbando Pinto

    Assuming I could ever get one. 😛

  17. Obj 907 = heavily armored medium light tank

  18. Thats a nice wallpaper you got there.

  19. How to get this crosshair?

  20. How do i get it?

    • ralfy22 is it ez 4 newB´s?

    • tako090 8 Nop it depend how many battle do you have ? And WN8 ? How many T10 ? Have you got a clan who plays a lot of CW in T8 and T10 ?

    • ralfy22 8400battle 1300wn8 0T10 0cw

    • tako090 8 You have good stats for 8K dude if you don’t do pedobear in low tier. But no way you can get the 907 in campaign sorry. You really need to have T10 and to play CW in even an average clan. Grind T10 like WZ-111-5A, 140, 113, Maus, Type 5 maybe, bat 25t, TVP perhaps, etc. for next year and you can get it in november 2018 in the campaign 🙂
      PS : get in priority good tanks for CW.

    • If you are in EU server, I can help you to play, I’m not the best but I guess I’m great. (Almost 18k and 2100 WN8 with 3100-3700 WN8 recent).

  21. type 59 is good now after the buffs tho

  22. I just don’t understand why they buffed the hull armor and the ammorack. I’ve bounce 3/5 bat chat shots fully aimed on the 907 hull because it’s just retarded. It used to be that high caliber shots into the ammorack would 1 shot the tank but now it’s signigicantly stronger.

  23. What the hell lemming!? You cut out the ram kill…… your no fun dude!

  24. Lemming you claim every tank is not op. I’m starting to feel this is just you being contrarian.

  25. I really like your videos… Thumbs up!
    But seriously dude, pronouncing “Löwe” as low for the millionth time really upsets me.

  26. Lemming is quite the individual to watch play/spectate. He is extremely good at the game and highly analytical about everything he does but at the same time somehow he makes the game seem so unfun, almost like a chore :’D Regardless a great player

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